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Bat Tag - Thistleroot · 3:12am Oct 27th, 2018

Decided to do that bat tag event on Equestria Daily, though I'm not a great artist and I used a base. It probably doesn't count, since it wasn't drawn from scratch, but meh, I had fun. Base was created by Immagoddampony on deviantart.

Alternate Title: I'm being adorable and you can't stop me!

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Discordant and its sequels now have a TV Tropes page. · 2:17pm Sep 22nd, 2018

Because I was bored one day.

Find it here!

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Harmonics has a sequel, but I forgot to add a tag it to my last blog post, sorry for the second post. · 5:55am Aug 8th, 2018

So, apologies to people who follow me for making another blog post about it, but I realized I didn't tag Harmonics when I announced its sequel, Overgrowth. So, just gonna tag it real quick for people who have it book-shelved and might be interested, but aren't following me.

Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if sequels automatically notify people who have the original tracked. Does anybody know?

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New stories are up! · 4:38pm Jul 19th, 2018

So, as of today the first chapters of both my new ongoing stories are posted. The continuation of Harmonics can be found here: Overgrowth, and the side story I mentioned can be found here: Ogres and Oubliettes, Rise of the Shadow Empire. As a note on that second one, I'm trying something new with reader input, in theory the way a dungeon

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Future Plans and a note about Falling Feather · 5:24am Jul 8th, 2018

Hi again, everyone. So, it's been a fun few weeks finally finishing Harmonics. It definitely took me long enough, but I'm glad I finally came back to it. I'm doing some more writing, and wanted to let you guys know I'll have some new stuff in a bit. I want to get ahead a little before I start posting.

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Harmonics and Princess Twilight · 8:56am Apr 23rd, 2018

So, hi again everyone.

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Happy New Year · 2:07am Jan 1st, 2017

Happy New Year everyone.

I guess I should go ahead and do a blog post for any followers who don't have Harmonics tracked, just letting them know I'm back at least long enough to finish it and Falling Feather.

So yeah, hi!

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Yes, I know, I haven't updated stories in forever · 11:59pm Mar 8th, 2014

I've gotten a couple messages from people, so I'm just gonna put my reply here for everyone. I want to finish these stories, and I will. But at the moment, I have senior level math and programming courses, I'm hunting for an internship so I can get a job when I graduate, I have to pay for college, and what free time I do have goes toward writing D&D adventures for my group of friends to play on weekends. I will write the next chapters when I can, but I don't know when that'll be.

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A few notes on my stories and recent projects · 4:21am Oct 13th, 2013

Evening everyone.

First, As Twilight Fades IS NOT DEAD. I've gotten a lot of messages asking about it, and I have every intention of continuing it. It's just not top priority with Harmonics entering its endgame. Expect a possible chapter on both sometime tonight or this week.

Upon a Falling Feather is my next highest priority, though I need to step back a bit and make sure I keep it how I meant for it to be, a lighthearted adventure. I'm looking forward to the next bit though.

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School's Out · 2:43pm May 11th, 2013

Well, finally home for the summer and all my finals are done. Expect chapters and Ask Thistleroot posts later today.

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