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Im still here guys o3o · 4:21pm Jan 7th, 2014

Hey guys its been a while(again). I'm sorry that I'm pretty much never here... I'm not gonna go into details but the point is, I've had a bit of a rough time and I'm finally settling in now. I am also temporarily not going to school right now. So I was thinking; why not start doing requests again? Anyone interested? Well if you are, here some details:

I will take only 3 requests at a time.
If I don't want to do your request, I will politely decline it.

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Twilove, I would just like to chat with you. :(

Twilove, you still there? :unsuresweetie:

120043 Alright, I'l try to post more blogs every day or so. And don't worry, we'll stay friends :pinkiehappy:

119960 Okay then. But every day or so, show me some indication that this account is still alive. If you leave, then I lose another friend on my lost friend list which has only two friends on it. But to me that's A LOT!!:pinkiesad2:

118466 I'm busy with my new school. It takes a lot of time with traveling and homework and such, sorry :ajsleepy:

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