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A darkness stirs in the Kingdom of Solenis. Bandits roam the open fields and monsters rise against the smaller towns. Within the city walls of the capital, mysterious figures known as the seven work in secret to bring down an empire that has lasted a millennium.

A dragon shaman with a shame filled past. An eccentric Zebra travelling the world. A fast talking griffon, a reserved changeling, and a pegasus looking to prove herself. Their paths cross one fateful evening in a small town tavern. Will they be able to overcome their differences and rise to face the shadows, or will they fall to obscurity, crushed beneath the weight of the challenges ahead?

This is a "Ponies play Dungeons and Dragons" Fic taking place in the Discordant AU, but will hopefully be enjoyable by readers who have never read my other stories and who have never played D&D. There will be mentions of game mechanics, as the story will jump between the ponies playing the game and the narrative they weave together, but I'll keep the technical details short and simple when they're mentioned at all. This story takes place ten years after the events of the show, between the stories Harmonics and Overgrowth, but again, neither story is necessary to understand this one.

This story will include occasional reader input, such as voting on player actions ("Should we go with Scootaloo's plan of sneaking in, Apple Bloom's plan of shock and awe, or Sweetie Belle's plan of diplomacy? Vote now!") as well as occasional decisions made with dice ("Will Apple Bloom's character make it into the tunnel before it collapses, or be separated from the group? Let's see what the dice say.")

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This story is a sequel to Harmonics

One year has passed since the ancient spirits Discord and Nocturne returned to the world. Life has returned to normal for Thistleroot and his new friends, or at least as normal as it ever gets in Equestria. After receiving a job offer from Princess Celestia to research new kinds of fauna, he, Scootaloo, and Mimic, return to Greenhaven Grotto, and the newly unsealed Libiris.

What should have been a simple research assignment turns into more than any of them bargained for: ancient spirits, forgotten species, and a war between immortals that once threatened the entire world.

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Rarity's family name is in shambles, and her fortune is nonexistent. To return what her father squandered, she and her good friend Pinkie Pie turn to piracy, commandeering a magical airship and kidnapping the princess's personal student.

When Princess Celestia learns of Twilight and Applejack's abduction, she doesn't agree to pay the ransom. No, she hires the sky's greatest tactical mind, the Daring Swordspony Rainbow Dash, and her sidekick, Fluttershy. As the two groups engage in a game of cat and mouse, more dangerous threats hang on the horizon. Aztec Curses, angry gods, and a mysterious figure known only as the Derp Pirate Roberts.

Will the six Elements of Harmony be able to gather the seven pieces of eight, or will the world fall to utter chaos, and rise up as an empire of anarchy and piracy?

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This story is a sequel to Discordant

Almost ten years have passed since Scootaloo helped free Discord. She’s learned to live with the consequences, but it’s never easy. After being fired from the local weather control team, she receives a letter from Princess Celestia, offering her a job as an assistant flight instructor for gifted pegasi. With no better options, she reluctantly accepts. But why her, what game is Celestia playing, and what exactly is going on in Canterlot?

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Hearth's Warming Eve has come once again, which means fun in the snow, warm food, and spending time with family. At least, that's what it means for most ponies. For Scootaloo it means a day off from crusading, loneliness, and the coldest night of the year. When Discord begins to whisper to her from his stone prison, she questions the beliefs held by many. What was so great about Harmony? What could be so bad about a world where chocolate milk fell from the sky?

Thanks to The Band Brony, Gsppcrocks10, Inkscrawler, TheBuggiest, and minjask6572 for help with editing. Thanks to SStwins for the awesome cover art.

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