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You, sir, have excellent taste :V

I don't respond to solicitation on principle (ok, I kinda did with gearsofsolitude, but he was doing science). BUT I also can't tear your eyes out until at least after you finish "Winter Clap Up", and I doubt that would make me any more likely to do so, so you're basically good.

Ooh, man, finding that again... what is with me and tails?

1825466 But that birdy isn't coming in for a kill, he's coming in for a Follow! roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/excite.gif

(I can dream)

1825463 Partly! It is an ancient [citation needed] name shrouded in mystery [clarification needed]. But yeah, my razor-sharp talons hitting you at fractional-rainboom velocities ain't for making everyone feel cuddly.

You can't spell "Pterrorgrine" without "Terror"
Maybe that's the point? :rainbowhuh:

1695268 Holy shit, nine weeks? Sorry for the snub, I took an unplanned pony break. Fortunately, I'm fully recovered; I still (!) haven't seen Rainbow Rocks or read most of Fiendship is Magic but other than that I caught up to everything within a weekend.

Anyways, yes, the shelf is more-or-less coherent at this point. It seems to draw relatively a lot of interest, so at some point I might do a blog post.

[626 notifications.]

Mm, to some extent, yes. Also quite a bit of "here is this old thing which is cool which I found. Me!". I am not sure how to say this without sounding smug, but when I found True Colors it had six comments, and then I promoted it and now it has more at least two of which are a direct result of my promoting it plus unknown indirects and in retrospect I regret not commenting on it when I read it in the first place but that's mainly because then I'd have harder stats on my hipsterness.

But I also apply the same sense of "hipsterish" to The Colour You Bleed, which I found at the same time (literally, under 30min of each other) as True Colors and also really enjoyed. It dates from the same time period, completed about the same time, and is a decent-sized ponynovel with substantial worldbuilding, a redemption arc, and most of the action in a foreign country. It has more views than GhostOfHeraclitus's least popular work, but fewer than all his others--I checked for the sake of rationalizing my numbers. I estimate it far less popular than its quality deserves and have recommended it also whenever the opportunity presents.

So yeah. Hipsterish. Not just low views.

I have read Curse of Ahuizotl, but I recognize like a dozen stories currently displaying on the "Pennydroppers" shelf. You seem to have a very cognizant idea of whatever the hell genre you have discovered/are defining there, and I'm probably going to end up chewing through all of it at some point.

(Waitaminute, True Colors was still on Bradel's frontpage? Zoundsabounds.)

Shipinterest and econinterest? SWEET CELESTIA I HAVE OPENED MY FOOL MOUTH AND NOW THIS IS INEVITABLE. You're getting a PM in 3... 2...

I actually find the science of color really cool! The rest of it sounds dope too, so I'll have to at least bump it up in the read order, but I am very arbitrary about these things. And man, why you gotta mention HR2? I already got updates to Salvation and Asylum today, don't be making me think of all the other awesome longer fics I could see revive (well, Asylum isn't really "reviving", it's been shambling at a zombie-like update pace for a long time) or I'll start bugging Ponydora about Abyssal Forge, or even hoping for more Upon a Falling Feather. Let's keep our hopes reined in to the realm of the probable, y'know?

By "hipsterishness" you mean little-viewed, yeah? I checked, and my least-viewed favorite is by Horizon of HR2 fame: "Daring Do and the Curse of Ahuizotl". You've probably read it, but if you haven't and you recognize any of the other stories in the shelf I keep under the comments, it's an excellent example of the genre. Second is "Her Blood Ran in Hollows of the Floor", which I think even TD likes (I actually still haven't read the published version; I helped edit, but if HoofBiting's changed more than typos before publishing I might be recommending you something totally different than what I think I am).

Since you asked, I've got a story kicking around my head where Luna's return has economic fallout--maritime shipping, in fact. This leads to character conflict and a reveal about some of the causes of the NightMare Wars. Of course, it turns out this would be applied economics...

What, like, celestial navigation? And maritime trade and sailing, and the Nightmare Wars, and maybe a scene where a greedy asshole pony gets Sorkin-monologued at by one of our heroes about how lame mercantilism is? I want to read this. Very much. And consult on it in any way possible. My dad likes tall-ship books and that book about the invention of the chronometer, so I could bounce some stuff off him as long as I don't mention hooves. Definitely ask me whatever and I'll answer as best I can.

Pony sailors, unlike human sailors but like many other humans, would tie up to a post using a clove hitch, because if you can drop it over whatever you're hitching to you could tie it with hooves alone, and I'm pretty sure you could tie a bowline with one hoof and a mouth if you have Equestrian-level dexterity FIRST HIT'S FREE LET'S WRITE SOME HEADCANON

D'oh! Fixed.

You have not read True Colors?! DAHH! That's, like, one of my top five stories on the site. (Top three? Top five? I'm not entirely sure. It's way up there. Admittedly, some of that may be hipsterishness. There's a worthwhile discussion in the followon from that BUT.) It's this intricate little slice-of-life thing with wonderful worldbuilding, a well-developed all-OC cast, no sign of any characters from the show anywhere and a just-right lite-fantasy setting and they do science.

I have no idea whatsoever if you'd like it. I don't know your interests well enough. But I've never not recommended it when recommendations come up.

Since you asked, I've got a story kicking around my head where Luna's return has economic fallout--maritime shipping, in fact. This leads to character conflict and a reveal about some of the causes of the NightMare Wars. Of course, it turns out this would be applied economics...

Titanium Dragon, yah.

I was going to suggest HR2 based on seeing Hard Reset on your library page, but I see you're already on top of that :ajsmug:

If you're trying to explain why you followed me, you forgot to actually click the little eye.

I like and generally agree with the Bad Horse Principle of Stalking. Part of the reason I haven't turned off the "followers" part of the module is because, when it comes to "rolodex" follows like that, it's actually a matter of indifference who follows who. (I use the userpage module to get to my followers' and follow-ee's pages, rather than the dedicated lists, because they all fit on one page; that's why it's at the top of my page.)

Alligator Fists is an illustration of the "costs me nothing" principle, too, since they've quit. I actually never have gotten around to reading "True Colors", but being pimped on Bradel Broadcasting (specifically his under-appreciated stories list, right there on the front page) seemed like high enough praise that I added AF anyways. (That was when I was first getting used to the site; now that my following list is already so long, I might only RiL such a thing.)

What did you want to ask MLE about? I follow him because I am interested in economics, although in kind of an abstract way. I even have a shelf of stories about money (although of course money and economics are very different).

I assume you were reading my comments in the titanium dragon's blog post on canon? I briefly confused your avatar with Snowy, the guy who brought up the "not everyone is all that familiar with canon, actually" point that lead to me mentioning MLE.

(ETA: Thanks for thinking I'm cool.)


I misremembered/misinterpreted one of your comments and thought you were /u/mylittleeconomy. While contemplating the consequences of that misapprehension I figured you would be a good person to ask for help on a particular story idea. Being based on misinformation, well, so much for that.

But I realized afterwards that you stuck in my mind pretty thoroughly anyways. And you seem a cool enough person. You are marked as "hey, remember this person? This person exists." (Or as Bad Horse has observed, "it costs me nothing to follow someone who produces no content.") And anyone who knows about Alligator Fists without my telling them is worth paying attention to anyways.

You're aware you can turn off parts of the follow[ers|ing] module, right? You can put up just people you follow, should you so choose.

That actually sounds right up my alley. I turned the Mature filter off for Eakin's "The Reign of Queen Twilight Sparkle" and kept it off in no small part because of Bad Horse's "Pony Play", so obviously I don't mind sex or cruel gut-punches. Hurt me, baby.

Hey, thanks for the watch :twilightsmile:

If you don't mind reading Mature, I have another story in the works that has similarities to Big Mac Goes to Therapy, which I'm hoping to finish sometime in the not too distant future. It's about Cadance, and it is a punch in the gut :rainbowderp:

1625360 I... think that answers my question.

Also wow my comments just get bigger and bigger names, huh?

1597267 I'll have to check it out, I always liked the dude's stuff.

And you do know that the webpage is evolving
soon it will own our minds

1597122 Y'know... you might like MW, another Tezuka joint. The villain is a completely conscience-less psycho who rapes and murders and never seems to get caught, and the hero is his boyfriend, a Catholic priest who can't turn him in because he learns of his crimes in confession (why yes, he is guilt-ridden and morally conflicted, whatever made you ask?). It's totally fucked, and, not coincidentally, awesome. (Although the people I really wanna recommend it to are those unsuspecting souls going "hehe, Astro Boy is so cute! MOAR TEZUKA" -- but then, here I am going "hehe, ponies are so cute! MOAR HOERSES", and you see what I'm reading.)

Also, Internet Fact: Google does not correct the word "hoers".

1596983 Eh, I've sort of come use to it
I feel flattered that people find little things in comments I write that they want to connect with, honestly

1596970 yeah, it never really lost the cartoony feel
also the self inserts made it especially hilarious
that medical knowledge though

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