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I got super excited because I read the prompt for The Most Dangerous Game and I really think I could do something with this idea, but it seems the contest was... four years ago? Is that correct?

This is very interesting. Is it a yearly thing? If so, I might try it next year. Or maybe the one after that. Actually, I'll wait til my storytelling improves in a few decades. I like this though, seems like it would be fun.

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Heheh, yeah, I know the feeling too. Got ~500 words written back when it was first announced, changed my fic idea to something different and got that up to ~700 words, and then didn't write anything more until the 27th, where I wrote like cray-cray until I had 3,223 words written, then submitted it on my phone because the deadline was upon me. :rainbowlaugh:

365984 Up to 57 now. That's impressive. :pinkiegasp:

I went to the beach, came back, 48 fics. Doubled in one day.

Good. Good. No, I'm glad- I'm glad.

365964 You're welcome, you have like six more minutes to submit it, so make sure you do so now!

Thank you for the Advice!

365962 Send the link to him through a pm, make sure there is no password to view it

How can I send it in without publishing it?

OK, mine's in. So what a fair person would do after submitting to a contest is read everyone else's stories, right?

Eh, maybe tomorrow. Good luck, all of you!

365093 Good luck, yeah normally happens to me too, do your best and have fun :pinkiehappy:

365173 glad I'm not the only one in that boat lol

365093 Know the feeling, I known of it for quite some time but just been my usual lazy ass self, so time to get cracking if I want to make it.

365093 Yo.

Good luck.

I just found out about this contest and now I'm rushing to finish my story by the 27th. Wish me luck. :fluttercry:

We're at 12 now.

Honestly, really liked Outlier and The Young Filly and the Sea.

Anyone else have any opinions on what stories are rad cool?


Yeah, I guess you're right. The PM to Obs will have to wait till it's done.


364733 I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to contact him once you finish, not halfway through.

My story involves of one of my many OC's and Luna, along with a not-so-happy Celestia. But she's not a tyrant in this story, just a worried big sister. I'll be getting it published pretty soon, hopefully today or tomorrow, and it will be finished by then too. Yay~


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