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I am a purple alicorn, with magenta eyes. I live in the everfree. And my story truly is unique.

That random biography of mine.

Hello hello! I am Bumble Flow, a purple alicorn that prefers to live in isolation, because I can.

I have grown up in PonyVille with my parents until I watched them, and my other loved ones, such as my friends and special somepony, so since I didn't want to see my family come and go, along with my friends any longer, I decided to live deep in the everfree.


I got my cutie mark in art, it is a scroll being drawn upon by a feather. Because that's how we used to do things before technology came in.

Umm... I have died... Twice, but, I have been ressurected both of those times. Which is great. So now I am part Kirin pony too!

Yeah, I surely am... Different. Then again, everypony is.
I have a few secrets, some I may never tell, and others shall be told through my wonderful writing that I really need to work on. Seriously.

Remember, For the Lunar Republic, and against the Celestial Democracy!



I Recommend... · 4:48pm Jul 13th, 2014

Another one of my little blogs just to annoy you further more. I have read a story as of recent known as Dinky Doo's Father Revealed http://www.fimfiction.net/story/203309/dinky-doos-father-revealed
That is the link to the story, and it may be just a tad fast paced, but it's great all in all! I do so recommend it to my little and big followers.

Have a stupendous day, and a great life.


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1295511 no problem. I did love the story after all.


Thanks fore the fave on When Daylight Comes!

Maybe if I make the picture, save it on my pgone, email it to myself, maybe I can post it onto the site via a computer.... Once I get access to one that is.. I'll find a way.


Either that they should make the site mobile friendly as well so my phone doesn't have a spazz attack whenever it comes on here.


1255170 yeah,I'd love that :3(noob face) but y'know,the website isn't optimized for phone use....it sucks....

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