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My name is Thomas Cross, and let it be known that the world did not break me.

Services provided:

Service slot one: Possibly Cancelled Marks of History, Kodeake
Service slot two: Open
Service slot three: Open
Service slot four: Open
Service slot five: Open

Ongoing translations: None

Goods and Services

I've put together this list of all services I can provide to all you FIMFic authors out there.

I am an proofreader. I'd be more than happy to make your story, stories, or specific chapter(s) of a story as free from grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and capatalization errors as I can.

I am a editor. I'd be more than happy to patch up plot holes, advise on story arcs, and make sure your story flows smoothly.

I am a translator. I speak 5 languages that aren't English. They are, in order of fluency: Spanish, Cato, French, German, and Russian. Those last three are rusty, but passable. For stories <65,000 words, this is free of charge. For stories >65,000 words, we need to talk.

I am a military advisor. I would be more than happy to make your story as tactically and strategically sound as militarily possible. Ask iisaw. He knows.

I could see myself as a story reviewer. If you've written something that you think needs more attention, I'd be happy to publish a full-length review of that story.

I am a self-studied situational amorologist. If you have a story idea that puts two characters in a romantic situation, I can both advise on how that plays out, or which two characters would have it play out in a specified fashion. This applies to M6xM6, M6xSide, and Side x Side, so long as they have a canonically established personality.

And, certainly not least, I'm a pretty decent friend.

I can tackle about 5 stories at a time for editing, prereading, and military advise, and a theoretically infinite (let's not test it) number of translations. I'm always open as an amorological advisor and as a friend.

Heart... Why do you feel so?

And they flowed through the sky
Like wind on the water
Spinning and turning through sunset and stars
And they remembered the day when they knew their desires
The day when their ‘mine’ transformed into ‘ours’
Though the morning began with their teardrops and sorrow
They saw their affections were one and the same
And they soared through the clouds
Like spring wrens on a voyage
Dancing through torrents of slow-falling rain
~Stereo_Sub, Torrents of Slow-Falling Rain

Stories I've commissioned by authors better than myself

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It's certainly a lot more exciting than the old one, isn't it?

I just want to say, good sir, that I fucking love your username

2418711 it's just the two I've gotten around to reading. I'll be sure to check more out in... 7 or so months, when I've finished Mass Effect Andromeda.


Congratulations then! This makes you the first one who follows me for writing about a particular ship. :scootangel:

2418525 Twinyl has never been an "option". It has always been, and will always be, a requirement.

Thank you for following me! :scootangel:

thanks for the fav. Means a lot and I hope you continue to read!

1987017 At least I get some attention. Feels nice.

Thanks for the fave on The Twilight Enigma! :twilightsmile:

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