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My name is Thomas Cross, and let it be known that the world did not break me.


It's been years since Rainbow Dash talked to her father. He never really approved of some of her life decisions, and in return, she never really did anything in an effort to make him proud. The relationship was... cold, for lack of a better term. She never even bothered to tell the former Wonderbolts Colonel about her joining the Marine Corps. She never told him about Suez.

Now, under heavy siege, Dash has an opportunity to finally address some lingering issues before the night takes her from her brothers.

Turns out, the two had more to talk about than she'd thought.

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A collection of 500-1500 word short stories centered around the TwiFire ship. Each chapter is titled after the prompt used. The next prompt will be decided by the readers of each chapter.

Most, if not all fics will be self-edited. I apologize for any distress this causes you.

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Lullay (verb): To calm, to make peace. Military (command): to stay arms, to disarm.

1,000 years ago, Princess Celestia had to make the single hardest decision of her life: harmony or family? Luna was given every chance to listen to reason, but still she persisted, forcing her sister to unleash the Elements against her to preserve their kingdom. Luna now wears black spots on her cutie mark, a stain left on her soul from the spirit of the Nightmare. But what was Celestia's penance?

Having to live with what she'd done. The brunt of that force came at the worst possible time: the first night after Luna left.

This is a pretty simple "Celestia struggles with banishing Luna" fic I found sitting in my GDocs that seemed alright, so I rolled with it. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Preread and edited by iisaw. Comments are worth more to me than anything, though I certainly appreciate favorites and likes as well. Have at me, friends!

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Nopony ever really knew much about the alicorns that came before Celestia and Luna. Without any prior knowledge, they just assumed that the sisters were immortal due to their age. Thing is, they weren't.

After their four thousand years were up, Celestia and Luna were taken from their mortal bodies to join their fellow passed in the Manaveil. This left behind two more, of course- such is the way of things.

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, niece of the sun goddess, who now raises and sets the sun in honor of her dear aunt, Celestia.

And Princess Twilight Sparkle, who raises and sets the moon and stars in memory of her loving wife, Luna.

Now, one hundred years after Luna's death, she joins her dear Twilight to make one last memory until daylight comes.

My first, and likely only, one-shot (because I despise the things). Just a (hopefully) cute/heartbreaking story I thought of while sitting in the car and driving from Iowa to New Mexico. It was hell, but I got a lot of stuff done.

If you didn't like it, you could be kind enough to tell me why- that will really help improve my writing in the future. Or, if you really are that one person who just really wants to be a jackass, screw off and don't read it.

Credit for the cover art goes to lionel23 of deviantart.com.

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One, go to the spa with Rarity and Fluttershy.
Two, return to castle.
Three, stay up until the wee hours of the morning reading that book on ancient Equestrian history Princess Cadence sent her.
Typical Twilight Sparkle daily schedule. At least, whenever she can get her schedule to cooperate these days. Seems like there's always some kind of problem- a god of chaos with his antics, or two friends bickering about nothing, or a love letter that... wait, a love letter?

Flagged "teen" just to be safe. Comments are open, so tell me what you think and/or what I'm doing wrong!

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It has been three months since Rainbow Dash passed away into Elysium, joining Pinkie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity. Meanwhile, Twilight's body has been frozen in time, unable to join her former friends. As she considers the meaning of loss, strange nightmares come over her, forcing her to turn to Luna for help. As they spend more time together, though, just one question arises- will either ever find any happiness that doesn't need to end?

Back from the dead by 09242014! On 09082014, updated description and tags. Removed "OC" and "Alternate Universe", added "Dark" and changed rating to "Teen", just to be safe. On 09222014, deleted the first seven or eight chapters. That's why the view count is so low, but comments and responses are much much higher.

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Rainbow Dash never understood love. She just didn't get it- until Twilight Sparkle. Now, with an upcoming trip to Canterlot, Dash has decided that she has one week to make our newest princess fall in love with her, too.

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