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There are rumours in Equestria of a long-forgotten civilization, hidden deep within the wild jungle known as Everfree: A once great city, now in ruins, built into the mountain side high above the ground. On the edge of the jungle is a cave, and inside that cave sleeps a dragon. It's said he's been there for tens of thousands of years, and that he is the only being that remains of the ancient civilization. Sometimes, if awoken from his eternal slumber, he will share with you his story.

After hearing his tale, two ponies braved the mighty Everfree to find the truth. What hides deep within the overgrown depths is something even the dragon couldn't have imagined.

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Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by Alamandir deleted Aug 19th, 2014

You did as promised when you said you would flesh it out, I dont have a word count of when I pre-read it but it feels like another 1000 words. Other wise it's still good, didn't loose any quality and I couldn't see any grammatical or spelling mistakes. In short it's a great chapter to what will hopefully be a great story, and if things continue like this it definitely will be. Can't wait for more.


one editor being too busy to edit and the other dropping off the map

mean I win?

Oh, this one was just amazing.
I realy love the characters thought I'm not a fan of OC; i love the idea, which is, by the way, spread out widely in my brain and give a few of a sprouts (one of the times, I'm realy sad about being unable to write anything:pinkiesmile:).
Just a lovely story, nothing more to be said:raritystarry:
Looking forward to the moment, when your Muse decide to come back to this and wish you all the best:twilightsmile:

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