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Luna has always been the mistress of Dreams. That much survived the long years of her absence. No pony, perhaps no being on Earth is as knowledgeable as the world beyond the material as Luna is...

And so when she becomes lost in the aether, who would know better than she how to free her? That's Twilight's answer, anyway, and so she gathers a team together to rescue the Princess of the Night.

Chapters (2)
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Description could use some revision.

is as knowledgeable as

And so when she becomes lost in the aether, who would know better than she how to free her?

two different "she" in the sentence, unless you mean Luna is the best for... rescuing Luna.

yes. That was the point.

This isn't going to be simple, is it. Or easy.

It's here! I couldn't have brought this to life in a better way!

I like it, but why the huge gaps between paragraphs?

No Starlight here?

You do so love tormenting Luna and Twilight. And I do so love reading about it.

>Luna lost in dreams
>Twilight gathers a party to save her

Bruh, stay off my turf. :rainbowwild:

I like where this is going, though. What's your release schedule?

I'm going to do the Night is Passing pace again-- one chapter for every 15 day interval. So there would be another within the next 10-15 days. I may shorten it to 10.

Yay, Frolicsome Meadowlark shows up!

This looks like it's going to be very interesting indeed.

Oh, this is going to be good. Eagerly looking forward to a very strange mission.

Frolicsome sounds so familiar and yet I can't remember where from or why and it's frustrating

Also don't think I don't notice that twiluna group >:(


I added it to Friendshipping silly

Frolicsome is a reference to Moonstuck, a wonoderful comic about Filly Luna on the Moon and her strange adventures

... I never actually read it. Oops.

And grr friendshipping grr

And another curious journey begins.

I wonder if this situation might have anything to do with that seemingly random reference to Luna having previously lost somepony in the dreamscape....

You know me and twiluna though


I always love the vivid imagery in these stories. Super curious about what's going on, but it looks like Twilight's got ideas of how to make progress.

Love to see Twilight and AJ paired on an adventure. Those two work so well together!

Go to Mordor
Go directly to Mordor. You shall not pass Go. You shall not collect 200 gold.

In all seriousness, wonderful balance of suspense, action, and mysterious symbolism. Eagerly looking forward to more.

Haven't seen much Twijack (shippy or non) from you, it's an interesting change of pace.

Coincidence that Luna's... dream entryway?... was reminiscent of Sombra's pit in the Crystal Empire (albeit orders of magnitude larger)?

Too bad there isn't more of this.

Sigh ...

Rainbow Dash lounged, but her voice was hardly light. “So. No real plan, no intel, no back-up plans. Just dive in there.”

And one more thing... I have nothing left to lose! (Insert Time Turner emoji)

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