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In Rome! · 8:15pm Yesterday

Fortunately, this royal is physically incapable of giving a thumbs-down! Not that she would...

BTW, this is extremely tedious to do on a kindle, so don't expect many more pics until I get back.

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Author Interviewer

I got the thing! :D

I just saw your tracking my fic. :twilightblush:
You are definitly in my top 5 FIM fiction writers, actually top 4.
Your right up there with Penstroke, Chengar Quardath, and Godzillawolf. :rainbowkiss:

Yep, all the others will take place before Skyla.

I will take a look at your fic when I can: 400+ stories on my to-be-read list!

Well your just that great, so if you could maybe give my fic a read? Also I fully embrace Skyla as a great headcannon for Flurry.

So will these new fics be prequels?(Technically everything is a prequel to the Skyla book.) :trollestia:

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