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I'm Officially a Unique and Special Snowflake · 3:36am Tuesday

And this is a very bad thing. You really don't want to be special and "interesting" when it comes to medicine or taxes.

I've been in the hospital for over a week now. I was transferred from my local facility in Central California, down to Henry Mayo in LA (which is a big-deal sort of place), because they have all the really smart specialists and gigantic scary medical equipment.

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'tangentially related' is still related, and I'm looking forward to reading both of them! Though a big draw for me is how well you write Twilight as a POV character, I'm looking forward to seeing how you do Daring Do. I saw your blog post about the health issues - I hope they get that figured out for you, unknown issues are terrifying.

I'm glad you like the series! There is one other book I've outlined: The Sunset Substitute.

But the next one on the launchpad is Daring Do and the Bloodcrystal Dagger, which is only tangentially related to the series.

Unfortunately, my work and health situation is conspiring to steal all the time I have for writing, so I may not get anything started until the end of the year.

Is there any chance that you will write any more Alicorn Mystery books? I just re-read the entire series and I thirst for more!

Thank you for the kind words! :twilightsmile:

My advice is to keep writing! Nobody's good right out of the gate; it takes practice. Maybe go back to things you've already written and ask yourself why you think they aren't good enough... and fix them! If you can get someone good to pre-read your stuff, that is very helpful. Some folk here on FiMFic will do it for free or a reasonable fee.

But keep writing! :pinkiehappy:

I'm not sure if this is how, or what exactly i want to say, but, you're probably one of the best world builders ive had the pleasure to find. There's maybe 2 or 3 others on this site that could match you. Maybe a few others who no longer write for us. World building like what you do is something I really aspire for in all my writing. But i haven't published anything ive written because i fear its not good enough, or doesnt convey the feels i try and put into them... any advice ?

  • Viewing 377 - 381 of 381
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