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It's pronounced "E-saw," and it's the Hopi word for "coyote."


Pony Life · 9:05pm Wednesday

It seems my worst fears are justified.

As one of the (apparently) few people around here who enjoyed and watched the series until the end, I was hopeful about what Gen 5 might be like. But any "property" that becomes hugely popular is at high risk for generating an executive-micromanaged, focus-group-driven, cash-grab sequel... and with today's press release from Hasbro, those red flags are flying high.

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I'll have to make that happen!

That would be lovely! If you have a car and it’s not too much hassle, you could come visit my music studio in Orange County as well!

Y'know, I've never actually played Connect Four! But yeah, that would be cool. We ought to hang out some time when I'm in LA... if I ever get a non-insane schedule!

If you like board games, I’d love to play connect four over the Internet with you sometime!

And thank you for checking out Tea Decisions! It was a short little thing I wrote in a day, so I hope you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

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