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Wrestling Sharks is Hard Work · 5:07pm June 5th

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A little while ago, a friend did a quick anime-style portrait of me in my armor. I thought it was super keen, and I've been using the old Gray Wanderer icon for too long, so I thought I'd swap it out. This one was referenced from a photo taken just after I'd torn my left rotator cuff: I'm not usually that grim-looking! (Or quite that good-looking, either!)

What's the story with the awesome new icon?

Out of curiosity, do you have any plans to combine the four "Alicorn Mystery" books into a single volume for publishing on Lulu?

EDIT: Disregard - for some reason only two of the books were coming up when I searched Lulu. Found them all and have ordered them now :)


I wonder if he takes commissions? I wonder how I can get rich so I can commission an illustrated version of Skyla?

EDIT: Just browsed the rest of his stuff... ermagerd... tuna and airships: I've just found my new favorite artist!

Author Interviewer

Sometimes you see a thing and it makes you think of a person and gee I wonder why that is :V

  • Viewing 382 - 386 of 386
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