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It's pronounced "E-saw," and it's the Hopi word for "coyote."


Donation Guide · 3:30am Tuesday

For anyone thinking of donating stuff for relief efforts for the victims of the California fires, PLEASE DON'T USE IT AS AN EXCUSE TO DUMP STUFF YOU DON"T WANT.

I spent hours today sorting out open food cans and packages, and ridiculous things like half-used makeup out of the piles of donations to be sent to shelters. Think before you clean out the backs of your cabinets!

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I shall correct myself henceforth! :rainbowdetermined2:

Yup, the natural way (wrong) way to say it is "eye-eye saw." :rainbowlaugh:

I think I've been pronouncing your name wrong this entire time. :twilightoops:

I have a few other stories I'd like to write first, and I'm so busy I can't find time to write them! Sorry.

Can you please make a story with some call of duty characters to join the ponies to fight the zombies from the nova 6 gas.

  • Viewing 390 - 394 of 394
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