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This story is a sequel to The Twilight Enigma

Princess Flurry Heart inherited her mother's beauty and grace as well as her father's strength and bravery. The Empire couldn't hope for a better or more suitable heir to the Crystal Throne. Everypony in Equestria admires her and thinks she will be an ideal ruler. They're wrong.

Young Flurry Heart has no interest at all in being a prim and proper princess, and would much rather have wild and dangerous adventures like her Aunt Twilight.

Book 4 of the Alicorn Mystery series. Print Versions from Lulu Available Here:

Chapters (29)
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Comments ( 1273 )

Though, for srs, I like the diagrams. That's a nifty touch.

Eeee, it's here! Now, can I actually stand the suspense if I start reading along as it posts?

You beautiful bastard, iisaw


I'm going to have to buy this one too, aren't I?



~Skeeter The Lurker

...or "collectable action figures" as Spike calls them

I bet Spike's got all of them, including the rare Scorpan figure.

There will be a hardback of it! :raritywink:

Yup! Mint in box! :moustache:

I loved such stuff in books when I was a kid... how could I not pass it on?

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Was the way to challenge insanely powerful, reckless protagonists - to curse them with responsibility for younger versions of themselves?


Do the lower masts stow away for docking, maintenance and repair?

Huh, an interesting start of things.

Hoping it doesnt end up as the luna story did for me, and having to set it down for immersion breaking reasons.

Yes! The keel topmast needs to be unmounted, but the keelmast can be pivoted up into the keel by winch. In fact, most of those spars aren't in place when Nebula is running on her engines.

Alright, so Skyla's feeling a bit rebellious and a call for adventure and wants to follow Auntie Twilight. Let's hope her adolescent rebellious phase goes better then Twilight's did. Please Skyla.. let's NOT nearly cause the extermination of the entire world.....

my little Furry Burry

D'awwwwwwww:heart: That is so CUTE!!!! So, another fic all from Twi's perspective? that could work, have her keep tabs on Flurry, agree to take her on a trip, a grand pirate adventure, but be around to watch over her. Be interesting to see how Twi handles this given her revelations about the best way to lead, to be just stay out of ponies ways, protect them from what they can't protect themselves from, and just let them figure out the rest themselves.. with maybe a few gentle nudges now and then. Be almost the perfect way to deal with a rebellious youth.

her Auntie Twi-wi

Also adorable!

and the only known natural-born alicorn,

..... Well, given how thing were, guessing Tia and Luna weren't 'born' per se, more 'created'.

Her Exalted Imperial Highness, Heir Crystalline, Princess Flurry Heart had some difficult[1] phases

With title that long... yeah that's just asking for her to cause trouble.

but there is no good word in Equish for the concept of constantly dancing on the knife edge of catastrophe

Hmmmmm.... maybe "Twilight Sparkleish?" I mean, if anypony knows what THAT is like it's you afterall.

So Teen years.. figure when the trilogy takes place... about upper single digits after those events?

Usually harmless.

Yes.... so long as you don't go through that phase after getting enough personal power to end the world... right Twilight? But yeah.... more this goes on, more.. Twilight really does feel like a perfect choice to help Skyla through this.

She was the most powerful natural sorceress in recorded history,

MARY SUE! OP! PLZ NERF!!!:derpytongue2:

and I'm afraid that the unfortunate direction her rebelliousness took was at least partially my fault.

Twilight....... way to go Twilight, you go and nearly break the world.... AGAIN! But... ohhhh really like that aspect, didn't consider that, that her being connected to the Heart, and how it reacts to Emotions would mean some pretty bad feedback between the two and cause issues..... yeah that can kind of be a problem. Also... poor Twilight, even after learning her lesson, she's still having to do damage control for past Twilight.

and Cadance kindly let me use it to squirrel away some of the books, scrolls, and artifacts that I aquired on my travels.

And then Flurry Burry found them and thought they were SO COOL! (Seriously I love that name!)

but I provided him with a précis of each document

Damnit story, you are going to make me go use google to learn something aren't you?

Twilight... why couldn't you have just said a 'summary'? Oh right.. because you are Twilight Sparkle, Super-Nerd!

I had come to the Empire straight over the pole from the west coast of Zebrica to lessen the chance of being ambushed by pirates, while pushing my airship Nebula's engines hard to make sure I wasn't being pursued.

Well.. so she still going on being a Pirate even after all that... or given "Back when she was still Flurry Burry" this just happen way back during that year of Pirate Queen Twilight?

I had learned from hard experience not to dilly-dally before containing such things,

"I only sank ONE ancient legendary city below the waves because of taking to long. But in my defense the Atlantean bazaar had this REALLY amazing street performers guild that was putting on a show. "

Flurry Heart had made a fort on the dias behind the throne with some tapestries, a hoofstool and a couple of ceremonial trumpets,

Not "Fort Book"? Guess this IS before she starts taking after Auntie Twi-Twi.

and so I'm sure my appearance was more than enough justification for their unhesitating attack.

:facehoof: This had better be back during her 'phase' for her to be doing stuff like this.... otherwise she should have learned better....

In fact, her reaction, given a few hours to think about the incident, surprised us all.


frowned in that adorable manner that only completely serious small foals can manage.

Seriously story... so.. much... D'awwwwww ar you trying to to give us diabetes!? To...sweet.. and cute.. and adorable!

and ponies who tried to deny the fact did their foals no service.

Okay.. but to be fair... most ponies don't encounter monsters able to destroy the world and/or enslave populations every few months like you seem to Twi.

They said I have a whole bunch of guards to help keep me safe.

And then you just saw just how effective they are when Autnie Twi-wi took them out in what I am assuming was something akin to ten seconds flat.

"You stopped all those guards. They couldn't even move."

Smart foal. Very perceptive.

"That means you gotta be Monster Twi-wi for me an' help fight all the bad monsters and did you bring me back a present from Zebrica?"

Again D'awwwwww seriulsy you are writing her so damn ADORABLY! Just... so.. so....so....:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: Now to see that turn into spoiled, surly teen angst Flurry Heart....

I've always been vaguely embarrassed by the toys (or "collectable action figures" as Spike calls them

Do they have 'kung-fu grip? But.... 'action figures' of the mane 6....I can so believe that.... now the real question.. how many of her own figure does Dash have? Per room.

"Were they bad people? Did you fight them?"

Foals got a one track mind, and I cannot blame her, who wouldn't want to hear all the cool, exciting adventures Auntie-Twi gets up to rather then boring, stuffy geography and history lessons you get from your tutors?

I carefully explained to her that there was no such thing as a bad race or culture, and that only individuals could be considered bad, and only if they consistently persisted in bad behavior.

Very, VERY smart move Twi, and very good, also, very Pony... I love this.. and love that Twi was very specific to make this clear... good show, way to be Princess of Friendship!.. Whiling regaling her with stories about you was "The Pirate Queen of Kicking Flank"

And Spike getting Flurry a toy aero-dreadnought for her birthday took a lot of the heat off of me, even though I was a bit miffed that she obviously appreciated it far more than the puzzle box I brought her from Abyswhinnia.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh I've missed your style of writing... so damn good.

after the battle against Grogar.

... the wha? Awwwwww we have to deal with an off scene battle of epicness? BOOOOO!!!!! I take back all the good things I've said so far story..... okay, I take back like.. .01% of them.

but it had happened before

Yup, like every two or three years. Pony homeowners insurance has got to be the biggest market ever. By this point, most schools and business probably don't even bother closing unless the school /office itself gets stepped on.. it's like snow up north, it's no excuse for taking a day off, best case, you won't get yelled at for being a bit late because of it.

A popularized account of the incident can be found in the novel The Cadance Conundrum.

Story...... stop being a plot tease!

After Cadance found several of her daughter's toy figures disfigured and broken, she asked her what had happened.

Oh..... ow.... yeah this.... not a good turn.... being a bit traumatized.. that might have been better, more directly, visibly effected, if this hit her on a deeper, more subtle level... yeah that's going to be a LOT harder to deal with.. especially if it doesn't really show up till later.

and me because she somehow got it into her head that I was an expert on abnormal psychology. Or personally experienced in the subject. Or something.

Gee... wherever would she get an idea like that?

"I think Flurry's just trying to express some sort of retroactive control over a situation where she felt helpless. Perfectly understandable."

Granted, could lead to Twilight thinking she knows more then she really does and coming out with this cliche based on general ideas rather then getting to the true core of the issue. Granted, could be part of it.

She occasionally has nightmares, but they are mild, and I intervene quickly when they occur.

Define 'intervene'. If it's just ending them quickly, not letting her go through that.. that might not actually be the best thing.. since it's not giving her a chance to confront those fears. Now more like what you did with the CMC.... very much yes.

hey were guards and some dress-up mares.

Trying to deal with the realization that sometimes good ponies get hurt too and work out the issues of having to face that after always thinking good ponies always are safe and win because they are good?

Cadance sighed and rolled her eyes. "Then it will be Shiny I have to worry about trampling things!"

:rainbowlaugh: Also very well done, little bit of levity to end it off, they are concerned, and there is something not quite right but, far as they can tell it's just something minor she needs to work through, everything seems overall fine just, keep an eye out, and defuse that amount of tension.. because we, knowing this is a story and hence bound to the Laws of Narrative Causality, know it's going to be far bigger deal then they think right now so, little joke that works well in context to lighten things up... again.. I've missed you!

Cadance relaxed, and her husband turned into one big knot of worry.

Sometimes being the closest thing to a physical embodiment of love itself has it's perks. Now, just how insane did Shiny get trying to deal with this 'phase'?

Yes, my darling brother turned into quite the hypocrite, as I never got tired of pointing out to him.

Well, let's be glad she never found out about Flash Sentry's little.. reassignment..... Hey, somepony has to clean up after Cerberus, three heads means that thing eats a LOT.

"You'll… oh, wait. Uhm… I guess you won't ever… uhm…"

Luna is a shapeshifter, and you can't tell me Twi couldn't find a spell or relic, or something to deal with that if Luna couldn't.

but I've come across some very interesting old spells that would make it possible,

Called it. :pinkiehappy:

He fled before he had quite achieved the same coat color as Pinkie Pie.


Well we already knew Twilight and Luna have quite the kinky streak. *cough* weathervane *cough*

about a month after her fourteenth birthday.

Alright so, last story ended in 2015, We have good reason to suspect that far less then the six years it has been seasons passed before that, the whole implication season 1-3 were all over a single year. So figure, 2-4 years total there, 5 at most... wait she was young young and Twi was still going on trips.. and it was made as if she was YOUNG YOUNG.. okay so assume 6 years, she'd be 8-9 at that point in 2014 when Twi was being all Pirate... wait does that add up? GAAAHH where's a timeline when you need one? So, 14 now so best case 2-5 years after the events of Enigma?

Not counting her amazingly long horn, of course. By that measure, she had overtopped me sometime around age eleven.

MARY SUE! OP! PL...oh wait I used this joke already? damnit....

Uh-oh. I was certain that Cadance must have given her The Talk by then.

This being Cadance, certainly, and with no embarrassment... other then having to facehoof at hos Shiny tried to bury his head under a cushion to avoid hearing anything or being part of it.

that I feel like I'm being strangled sometimes.

Yup... overly strict, being buried under 'decorum' at this age.... this is just a disaster waiting to happen.. Twilight, get her out of here and let her breath a bit before it reaches critical mass.

I swear I'll scream! And I don't care if mother has to glue the accursed Crystal Heart back together again or not!"

I should not be laughing at that and yet.. just the delivery and.. and.. the.....:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

And I think you'll find that ponies who pontificate about what nice fillies do or do not do are usually dreadfully mistaken.

Twi, not helping this will just make her want to go with you more, because you 'get' her and understand.... which is not a bad thing, at least she has an adult she trusts and respects and will listen to because she believes you do understand her. Don't blow that.

"I want you to teach me; to train me. I want to be better than any other mare, ever!"

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Just.. just... I need to see Twi's face right now.... some artist, get on it! Please....

But I know a few other ponies here who aren't too afraid of Daddy to help me practice.

Damnit story I.. I want to read you but.. but you are making it WAY to hard to do so... I can't read while.. laughing so hard... everything get's blurry and I spend time coughing...

Oh yeah, I forgot! I've saved up to buy all the proper equipment, but I wanted to wait until you could tell me the right things to get."

Best unwitting double entandra conversation ever! Well at least one of

Oh, sweet Sun and Moon, blades! A huge wave of relief washed over me. Flurry just wanted me to teach her how to kill ponies with a sword.

On a moment's reflection, my relief began to wane.

No... no.. THIS is the face I need to see......

Well I think that reactions says it all... this is a freaking AMAZING start to what look sto be one hell of a fun ride.

I really have missed your writing, it's just so damn GOOD and funny, and sweet, and just.... MOAR!!!!!!!

7967273 There will be a hardback of it! :raritywink:

Commence Batpony levels of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mwahahaha, it's alive! :pinkiehappy:

Glad you're enjoying it so far!

her Auntie Twi-wi

Also adorable!

Wish I could take credit for it. That's what my friend's little daughter calls Twilight: Pincess Twi-wi.

Oooooh boy. This is gonna be something... :pinkiecrazy:

Sudden realization: This is a fourth book in a trilogy of five.

7967691 Not as long as that one where they travel east. It's got about few million words.

So... Why'd you skip Cadence?

This one was pounding at the inside of my skull, screaming to get out! :twilightoops:

Trilogy of seven, actually. :facehoof: Fourth written, but seventh chronologically.


Also I am HIGHLY amused at Twilight's reactions to dear little Flurry asking for training. :pinkiehappy:

7967793 SEVEN!?

Tia, Luna, Twi, now Flurry Heart are accounted for.

Cadance and Chrysalis to be done...

Whose the seventh?

The Sunset Substitute :raritywink:

7968004 :facehoof: We're going to end up in a lengthy debate over if Sunset counts as an alicorn over that one........

Even so, more Shim Shim is always a good thing.

No, no! Not that Sunset Shimmer!

7968024 :rainbowhuh:.... okay now I'm all confused....Only other Sunset I know is........ wait.. Vesper Radiance?

And we're off to the races!


Sunset Shimmer, despite being a high school girl from another universe, has a place to sleep and money to buy food and clothes. Where do these things come from?

There was a Sunset Shimmer in that world before she arrived...

You, sir, are a very clever man! :twilightsmile:


The Sunset Substitute

Obviously I am your #1 fan, but if I'm honest, I always felt that The Sunset Substitute was a reworking of The Chrysalis Candidate.

I prefer to think of it as a re imagining of similar themes. :trixieshiftright:

7968076 True.... assuming Sunset didn't just kill and replace her upon entering that world. Is odd we've seen no hints of her at all. But yeah really would like to know where the hell she gets the money to not have starved... and all those leather jackets she keeps tossing around.

Still.. it would make even less sense for her to be an alicorn then Pony-Shimmy.

Then again, Sci-Twi really should not be one either, but you just know if she ever slipped over to Equestria she'd have wings. But, well whenever we get to that one, for now, the wait till we can enjoy more rebellious Skyla being awesome at freaking all the stuck up grown ups out.

I should have some of my Flurry Heart's Crystal Guard Cadet Corps stories published... Flurry looks good in armour.

Other than that... I can't WAIT to read more!

Oh, The Trixie Technique.* I get it now.

*Sadly, I only have a worn paperback edition. It turned up in a box of Ed McBain novels I got on eBay. :raritywink:

I'm writin' that down, I'll have you know. :ajbemused:

An' I'm a-gonna blame you for it, later.

7968271 I'll hold you to that promise. :pinkiecrazy:

An' hidin' behind Apples ain't gonna help ya none! :duck:

It would appear that we have found our unifying cliche.

I'll allow as how it might be some sorta trope, but I don't reckon it's no sort of cliché. And ain't that a fancy, fru-fru sorta word to be usin', anyhow? :ajsmug:

And, hand-to-god, I've got (thankfully distant) relatives that talk just like that!


There are five Hitchhiker's Guide books, even though popularly it has long been known as a trilogy before the fourth was done, due to unusually long gaps between them. The fifth was eventually advertised as "fifth book in a trilogy of four." :pinkiehappy:

Ah, the adventures that be on the seven seas and winds, of pirates and captain, of old salts and brutal cutthroats. Aye, young Skyla has much ventured her young mind forth with narry a thought.

You have no idea what you are getting into, child.

In someways it reminds me of that awesome song Tale of 1,000 Trials. Most notably, the beginning lyrics.

There's a path through the sea for a lass like me,
And it leads to a golden isle!
And we'll dance and we'll slay and we'll slice our way
Through the tale of a thousand trials!

I love pirates and steampunk skyships.

Touché, partner. :ajbemused:


I love pirates and steampunk skyships.

Well, you've come to the right place! :pinkiehappy:


It's only rebuttal if you do it again. Before that, it's just a buttal.

Granted, there are few people who only do it once.


What about The Sombra Scintillation? Or The Gilda Gambit? Or The Flim Flam Factor? Or even The Gladmane Gladhandhoof?

Aw yes. I'm ready for more!

Aaaaaand now i need buy another book.
That's not fair! :flutterrage:

I guess this proves that a sequel being added to a story in your bookshelves doesn't show up in your feed, for whatever reason. Oh well, I guess it's a good thing I checked the front page when I did!

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