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There are ways between the worlds.


Just before her crowning moment, Twilight Sparkle's life is derailed by a message from Star Swirl with excerpts from his journal that he swears he's never written... at least, not yet.

Commissioned by Archangel of the Silent.

WARNING: Contains Shenanigans!

Chapters (7)
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Shenanigans, Star Swirl! :twilightangry2:

I like. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Comment posted by Herald of Opera deleted Dec 22nd, 2019
Comment posted by Herald of Opera deleted Dec 22nd, 2019

I think it's a tribute to the writing here that I find myself thinking "Now what would my characters do in this situation...?" And coming up with countless possibilities. It's fertile, for more than magic grass.

Contains Shenanigans!

Shouldn't there be a comedy tag, then?


Windfall might be great to have around in a fight. And I wouldn't bet against her having some defense (or offense) against unicorns. She's already stomped civility into the dirt, but then if her story is true, she's got reason to be a bit off.

Oh! Well this one is going straight to the wine cellar....where it will age nicely till finished. Then I'm going to savor it with a slice of rye topped with ground mustard, smoked ham, and gruyere cheese with a pot of Death Wish coffee ! Don't get me wrong....I love your work...but once I slip into the worlds you create I can't leave! Happy holidays!

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

oh look, a story :twilightsmile: I guess I'll wait until it's completed, as always. Story added to tracking, check

Yep, I do the same, so I understand. Hope you like it when you read it.

Calling it now: stable time loop. Twilight is Star Swirl's benefactor, getting him to help her get back to the future.

Okay that was perfectly, wonderfully Discord.

Huh well that one crisis averted, too bad it was not the one we were talking about...this is what happens when we assume here people.

See, this is funny because during me editing, I actually left this exact comment:

Important life lesson for all involved (including the audience): STOP PLAYING THIS PRONOUN GAME AND ADDRESS THE ISSUE.

My Badass Twilight meter is going blow up soon!

Actually, I'm confused; does Discord have anything to do with Twilight's mystery?

That's odd, this didn't show up in my feed. But, that was a cute little chapter.

(Gee, guy, maybe that's because you forgot to shelf it, you utter moron.)

Comment posted by iisaw deleted Dec 24th, 2019

Maybe I lied!

Never mind.

No more comments from me.

Shit, man, I was just messing. You don't gotta go silencing yourself or anything on my behalf.

Ah, you fool! I can simply check my E mail for a copy of your comment!

Okay, that was less spoiler-y than I was led to believe.

Windfall is surprisingly sane for a pony trapped in the same place for months. I went practically stircrazy in the hospital after a red-light runner hit me and then after cranfering to a rehab center for physical and occupational therapy made a short recover because I left the hospital finally, but went stircrazy again soon. Now that I am home, the change of scenery alleviates my cabinfever, but after a week of being stuck in mine home, I shall go stircrazy again.

Good chapter, lots of Twilight being clever :derpytongue2: That Windfall isn't exactly the most helpful pony in the world, is she?

Poor Discord... He could at least make them friends

:rainbowderp: That Windfall eat her friends did she?

Don't you hate it when your comments don't get a response?

Windfall seems to know more than she admits.

After reading all the current chapters, only then did I see this is iisaw. Well, this is gonna be sooooo good.

Ahh, nothing like a good Myst-style puzzle world! Have I mentioned how much I like Twilight being actually smart? Because I really, really like Twilight being actually smart.

Never trust a pony named Windfall. It's the pegasus equivalent of 'it just fell off the truck!'

Alarmed by Discord's sudden change of expression, Luna teleported away an instant before the bomb blew the top of her private tower to pieces.

Well, that's anti-social. And rather high-energetic. Has anyone got eyes on Starlight? She's known for blowing up Discord on occasion.

Whatever this is thwarts the Princesses and Discord. That cannot be good.

The omnivorous pegasi reminds me about Siverglow's Journal by Admiral Biscuit. Silverglow is an omnivorous pegasus. She comes from a fishing village of Earthen and Pegasi.


Impulsiveness plus a tendency to go to extremes is Starlight Glimmer:

Yeah, Twilight seems to have a bad habit of making enemies of the incomprehensibly powerful, doesn't she?

If the mastermind of all this is future Twilight as speculated then she’d better hope Luna didn’t have anything of sentimental value in that tower.

>"I should have plenty of time," she replied.

TOP 10 FAMOUS LAST WORDS :twilightoops:

>Her body was heavy with well-developed muscle and her cutie mark was a dagger buried point-down in a pile of golden coins. Now that's interesting, Twilight thought. Conflict and money. A sport fighter of some sort? With that build, she'd probably be a good one.

I love this. This is so Twilight and really plays to her analytical strengths!

>"Holy flaming skynuggets, you're an alicorn!"


Really liking this magic trap Twilight has found herself in. It's very creative and even inspiring! :twilightsmile:

Oh! Minor little thing, I did spot a tiny typo/error in this chapter:

>"I serious," Twilight said, trying to keep her voice level. "I need to get out of here as soon as possible, and I assume you want the same thing."

I think this should be "I'm serious," Just thought I'd point it out.

Oh, good catch, thanks!

>She didn't mention that her Earth Pony magic would encourage the grass to grow in a different, if slower, way.

Oh goodness this is just tickling me.

>Plus… y'know, you had some chalk on you. A lot of chalk, really. Which is—kinda weird, if you ask me."

Is this a subtle D&D reference about carrying unlimited chalk because it doesn't have a defined weight in the player's handbook?

There's definitely some shenanigans going on here. I'll be finishing chapter 5 later tonight, and will be eagerly awaiting more! :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: I didn't know that about chalk in D&D, but I'm Twilight is totally the type that would carry infinite chalk!

Yknow I can't remember where I first heard the idea of some pegasi being raised as fisherponies. I've never actually read about it in a specific fanfic, it's just some random tidbit I randomly know about. I even make a passing reference to it in my own story.

The strangeness going on in Twilight's dream is actually reminding me of the early chapters of my own story, so I'm super super eager to see what happens next! :twilightsmile:

I think I can hear the sound of the B.T.A (Badass Twilight Alarm)

Do you do requests?

Sorry, I'm so far behind on all my work, there's just no time!

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