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This story is a sequel to The Luna Cypher

Twilight sets out to learn more of the ways of the world, and soon decides that the whole planet is disorganized, insanely dangerous, and desperately needs to be fixed. And she's just the mare to do it... with a little help from her friends.

Also, there are sky-pirates!

Book 3 of the Alicorn Adventure series.

A few extra, slice-o-life chapters are here: On the Rocks

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Nice to see this up! Looking forward to Twilight's adventures!

Couldn't resist it, could you?

So, once this no doubt glorious ride is finally completed, I should keep watching for the eventual eventual, I dunno, Cadance Condundrum...?

(Actually that would be all kinds of cool...)

Author Interviewer

Yes! Yes, yes yes! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:
I can't wait to see the rest. :twilightsmile:

...So you said something about dropping right into the action, I recall? :)

Awwwww snap!! Awwww snizity snayps!!

I've been waiting for this!! I'm excited!!!!


Huh. Fooled me. I kept waiting for everypony to die and then Twilight wakes up.

I saw the post and dropped everything!

"Not According to Plan"

Alicorn command ship Nebula holdng low flight pattern above temple.

Oh, this is gonna be awesome. And I'm glad to see that the title I correctly guessed way back when is the one you went with :pinkiehappy:.

6468401 I wonder if you just called the title for the hypothetical part 4 :rainbowlaugh:.

6468772 It's either that or "conspiracy" but we've already had a ton of conspiracy.

If you dont mind me asking how heavily this is going to lean on the luna cipher first?

A considerable amount. You might be able to follow it without having read TLC first... maybe.

6469076 oh well, thank you for the warning. And may this go very well then.

Oohhh,,another sequel. Instant favorite. Don't need to read any of it to know..its on my favorites.

Rule 1: Never according to plan.

It's sooooo boring.

One of these days things are going to go to plan. Maybe.

There's starting on a high note, and then there's crashing screaming in through the ceiling. Or out through the wall, as it happens.

Airship battles from the get-go?


A sequel?

In TLC, a certain pair of pony princesses partook in a relationship.
Is that relationship still going on? Or to ask more directly... Can I has TwiLuna?

I think you will be pleased with Chapter Two. :raritywink:


It's here, it's here, it's HERE! YES!


So, on sober and considered deliberation of the chapter presented...

THIS IS AWESOME. Where's the rest?! :pinkiehappy:

(InstaFave, as if there were any doubt.)

Thank you so much! :twilightsmile: The rest is on the way! (I'm just starting in on writing Chapter Eight, so there's lots of horse-words already in the pipeline!)

So I'm guessing this will end with the Element Bearers becoming the elements we see in The Quest or possible continuing after.

Hey what's that lying on the ground ? Let me just pick it up, look inside and- My ! Here they were ! Here, have all of my yes.

Oh sure! Everyone's on board when it's Twilight's idea to fix the world!

But when I want to exterminate all those inferior to me, I'm the crazy one!

Favoritism, pure and simple!


Oomgomgomg yessss. :pinkiecrazy: This is gonna be awesome!!!!

Why would the zebra be fighting for the Saddla Arabians?

I mean, the Saddle Arabians were the primary zebra slave traders for hundreds of years! They only stopped slavery officially less than 50 years ago in some Saddle Arabian terrirtories!

That's totally idiotic! No one would be stupid enough to enlist with the same side who...

*looks at Africa coverting to Islam*

Ok... amending my previous statement. Kill em all Twilight.

Woo! Strong start. :)

I've been waiting for this since I finished The Luna Cypher! So happy you're writing this. :yay:

I've been waiting FOREVER for this!
The wait was very much worth it, and in this one short chapter, you have displayed once again a mastery of the wordsmithing arts. :twilightsmile:

Trying to fix the world will only create more destructive scenarios. Kinda the issue i had with that other story you did, which i pray this is not the prequel too. Her actions will onmly fuel further conflict. No one is powerful enough to conquer the world. That is why the evil villains always lost before.

I have been waiting too long for this. I've gotten online every day to check, to see if iisaw's next masterpiece is published! And now! IT FINALLY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's amazing!!!

I would take it as a great kindness if you wouldn't post ideological comments here. Particularly when they don't have much, if anything to do with the text of the chapter you're commenting on. This is a straight adventure story and it really isn't the place for such things.

Is Twilight WRONG!?! Maybe... but so what? Perfect characters make for boring fiction.

If you dislike the story so much, just downvote and stop reading. You are entitled to your opinions, but when you try to start a philosophical debate with a fictional character, you drag the audience away from the primary purpose of the story, which is just to have fun. Not to mention that such an exercise is completely futile.

Anyway... I hope you take this reply in the spirit it was given. If you have critiques about my story structure or grammar or suchlike, I'm perfectly happy to hear them. And, who knows... maybe a word or two about something you liked about the story?

6471765 The issue is whether or not how wrong she is, is taken itno account. Because she is wrong enough for this all ti just fall apart on her. It would be interesting to see how her aspirations fail, have her lose touch to what harmony is only to come back from it. That would be quite a tale.

But then again, you made a story where she somehow succeeded in this, and somehow sustains it.

I would ask that you not try to dictate to me what I should write, but your comment above pretty much shows that you have no intention of respecting my wishes.

I read that as the Twilight Enema at first. Glad to see that isn't it.

No, it's two guys in the back prying the gem from the idol and four guys up front laying about them with all manner of deadly implements!

Other than that, well, this formula's worked pretty great for first chapters so far and you've got me hooked.

6469479 They did, once. Battle of Bug Hill, TLC?

OMG! Am I total geek for knowing exactly what you're talking about? :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: Welcome to the new story!

Heists, death curses, foreign temples and airships in the first chapter? It's like I'm reading the opening scenes of a movie. You spoil us, iisaw.

Unlike TLC, I think I'll try reading this one as it releases.

'Bout damn time.
I think everyone's been holding their breath on this one.
And the opening is better than expected, even.

It's been... what, a week and a half since I started on The Celestia Code?

You're awesome, and your stories are super actiony and tense and TwiLuna with a twisted spin and world-building and stuff and I love it.

Dunno why it took me this long to find these, but at least that means that now...er... the last week has been extremely fun and entertaining.

I can't wait to see more of The Element Bearers and the Quest for World Peace (via adventure on/in the high-seas/skies)!

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