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Not much to say about myself at the moment, other than my mind really does always go blank when asked to describe myself, alas.

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It's only Procrastination if there's a deadline. · 1:27pm Feb 21st, 2015

It's occurred to me that while I've been tinkering away with all of my different projects that I haven't actually posted anything in months (oops, sorry 'bout that)! Furthermore, I certainly haven't been spending much of my spare time marathoning seasons of anime and Game of Thrones on Netflix, no sir not me...

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When are u going to work on Path of Damnation again? I found your series yesterday and OMG it's fantastic! :pinkiehappy:

So when can we expect another chapter from either path of from redemption or damnation

any updates?

ETA on path of redemption? Like will we see it in a week, or more like a month?

1241958 It will come off hiatus when I can update it more regularly. The slice of life style of the Path of Redemption is the most challenging for me to write (at least to my standards), so I am taking time to get more comfortable with writing, and figuring out where exactly I want to be taking that story. Once I'm confident in my ability to write the story well, without rushing anything or otherwise ruining it, that's when I'll pull it officially of hiatus.

1240467 So can I ask when path of Redemption is coming out of Hiatus? because I was enjoying it way more then past of Damnation. I was more then a little sad to see it stop so suddenly.

1240329 Thanks! It seems I've got quite the challenge ahead of me to make the sequels as awesome as the first book.
And Brohoof right back at you /)

You. Are. Brilliant!
I started reading Lost into Shadow and I could NOT put it down! It's 03:00h?!?!?! I read the Entire story start to finish in one go! Tis A Master-piece I say!! I am SUPER excited to get to the sequels. But for now I must sleep.
Again, bravo!
Keep up the AWESOME work!

You are one of my new favorite authors. That is/was the best written Sombra I have ever seen. :yay: Thanks for being awesome.

Have all the internets. All of them. :moustache: :eeyup: :moustache:

1222511 That was quite good, but as that was the first time I've ever seen it, no, that's not what inspired me sorry :twilightsheepish:

1222034 Thanks! I hope you enjoy the sequels too, and that as I continue writing that they'll just keep getting better and better as I did with the first book :raritystarry:

1219787 Your link/picture is broken sorry, I can't see what you're referring to. :fluttercry:

Your story 'Lost Into Shadow' is absolutely brilliant!
i couldnt stop reading it once I started.:rainbowkiss:

Is this what you got your inspiration from?

Love your stories. Love you for writing them.

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