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Lets give thanks to Lionel23 for doing the cover art of my posted story and for letting me use his picture as my avatar picture. My avatar picture was drawn by bakki. His name is Gaius.

Twilight Walkers was the novel I wrote for this. Now that 50k is done, I need to edit 17k before it goes to my wonerful editor, Shadow.

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I usually enjoy a good Twilight vampire story, and it deserved the favorite. It was on my tracking bookshelf. Time will tell if it reaches the other bookshelves.

Thanks for the fav on "In Twilight's Shadow"! May I inquire as to why?

Tracking one of your stories, and rather not miss a post.

Thanks for thee follow! May we ask why, dear one?

2546156 As I was looking through my various bookselves, I noticed a couple of stories by you that I enjoyed very much and would love to see an update to. I also noticed that I missed your blog post about what you should update next for reaching 500 followers. Don't want to miss a similar thing next time. Was surprised that out of 500, only 60 responded, and I had just responded, since I wanted to see the results.

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