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Magisight Chapter 29: DELAY (con't) · 5:04am Saturday

Unfortunately, chapter 29 of Magisight is still not yet ready for release. BUT, we're getting close! IRL is unpredictable as always, but the chapter is roughly 70% or so done. At this time, I can't say for certain exactly when it will be out, but I do not plan to wait another two full weeks unless it's necessary. Once the chapter is edited, polished, and proof-read, I'll put it up ASAP, whether that's a Monday, a Thursday, a Sunday, doesn't matter. With any luck we'll return to our normal-ish

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That's correct! Ojamajo was my first big love, so to speak, predating MLP by a number of years. It is a VERY lovely anime, with a lot of similarities to MLP. It's primarily a slice-of-life anime that gives real world, relatable lessons to growing up. The main cast is a group of girls (starts at 3, eventually ends with 6, HMMM aint dat familiar) who are well-rounded and realistically written. There's also a wide supporting cast of classmate characters and other supporting characters (over 30+) and many of them have their own episode. Of course, there's also an emphasis on magic, as the girls learn how to use magic, and go on adventures in a parallel Witch World. I had the honor of fansubbing this anime during college, helping to bring it to the English-speaking world, and it is very near and dear to my heart.

Onpu Segawa has been my favorite of the bunch, much like how Twilight is my favorite pony. Although both are purple, they're actually quite different in character!:twilightsmile:

I was scrolling down my YouTube recommendations and a clip of Ojamajo Doremi popped up, and one of the characters looks extremely similar to your profile pic. Onpu Segawa is her name, right?

Hello! Welcome! And boop!

Thou hast been booped!

Oh, hello again, Admiral! Boop!

The booping has been doubled!

Thank you! I'm hoping to publish my next story sometime this winter <3

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