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The newly crowned Princess of Friendship—Twilight Sparkle—struggles with her ever growing responsibilities as the newest member of Equestrian royalty.

Sometimes though, a pleasant drink and a step away from the stress is just what a mare needs.

Thanks to my friend Imperator for the title suggestion!

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What began as a studious endeavor into the origins of tribal magic quickly becomes rife with bedraggled exhaustion as a strange message invades Twilight's dreams, forcing her research to take a drastic new course that leads her on an adventure all across Equestria. For every answer she finds, yet more mysteries arise. What is the source of the daunting dreams which plague her at every moment's rest? Will she see with eyes unclouded... or lose sight of what's truly important?

Written by PsychicKid
Edited by Ember Heartshine
Cover art by Prince-Lionel (http://Prince-Lionel.deviantart.com)
Cover text, insert music, & special thanks: Cadenza Heartsong (https://www.youtube.com/c/Heartsong)
Pre-reader chapter 31: Floral Spring

Links to my story's music can be found below. They are intended to be paired with certain chapters/sections of the story, and emphasize a specific location, so give them a listen for extra ambience! Their paired chapters are indicated by the link URL. All songs produced by Cadenza Heartsong.

Amethyst Hollow - Chapters 7-9

Peacegrove Village - Chapters 12-19

Cloudsbane - Chapters 25-27

Takes place after S7/The Movie, but before S8. Story was drafted when S8 was brand new, so it does not take anything from S8 and later into account.

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Mata Nui stands at the precipice of utter ruin, the Toa Mata making one final stand against their arch nemesis, Teradix. With one final, desperate attempt, a new warrior of mysterious origin is called to the field of action. Will they be able to turn the tide, or will Mata Nui fall?

Written for the Manechat Secret Santa 2018 event, as a gift for user Takanuva, aka Radiant, one of the biggest and most passionate Bionicle fans I have ever met. I went into this knowing absolutely nothing about Bionicle, so I used the Bionicle Wiki as my main base for writing these characters. I apologize for any mistakes, I'm really unfamiliar with Bionicle! This was done as a fun little exercise and as a gift for one of my dear friends <3

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Twilight is summoned to Canterlot Castle at the behest of a letter from Princess Celestia. Is it a test? A warning? Or something that could potentially alter the course of the next thousand years for the young Princess?

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