• Published 1st Mar 2019
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Magisight: Thaumaturgical Ocularity - PsychicKid

A series of strange dreams and a new, burgeoning power sends Twilight on an adventure that will change her life forever.

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Chapter 4: With Northern Journey

Twilight stood in place, utterly frozen in shock. Her confusion bordered on bewilderment as her half-glassed over eyes remained motionless. Never before had anypony else borne witness to such intimate spellwork. The magic that the royal alicorn sisters possessed was unmatched and unrivaled by anything else in all the land. While it’s true that thousands have witnessed the magic of the sunrise, Twilight had just seen something truly magical.

Celestia approached Twilight and gently used the tip of her wing to dry the tears streaming down her face. Twilight gasped as she felt herself snapping back to reality, shaking her head and rubbing her eyes.

“Twilight, are you okay? What’s wrong?” Celestia asked as she crouched by Twilight’s side and draped a wing over her back.

“I… I need a minute,” was all she managed to squeak out, hyperventilating as a rush of thoughts swirled about. The majesty that she just witnessed was nothing short of awe-inspiring, and likely something very personal to Celestia and Luna. And she had just seen all of it.

The gears in Twilight’s head began to turn as she recalled the events of the previous day. Luna’s dream magic, the teleportation backfire, and now this incredible display of raw power.

“Alright…” Twilight said, still panting. “I think I’m okay now. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna. Your magic, it… I could see it! All of it! I mean yes, your horns were glowing, obviously, and I did see the moon fall and the sun rise, but that’s not what I mean! What I mean is, I saw your magic!

Celestia gave a reassuring smile, leaning over to nuzzle her face gently. Celestia ruffled her feathers and adjusted her wing, ensuring the protective shield encapsulated all of her student. The gentle expression of Celestia’s love did much to quell Twilight’s panting.

“Tell me from the beginning, Twilight. Go as slow or as fast as you need to,” Celestia said warmly. Not once did she waver, despite the confusing nature of Twilight’s tale.

“Okay… Luna! Do you remember the spell you used yesterday to view past dreams in the Dreamscape?” Twilight asked, starting to calm down.

Luna simply nodded, eyebrow quirking as she tried to follow the tumble of words falling from Twilight’s mouth.

“Those shapes! The lights, the dots of energy, the connections they formed! It was like they were forming a complicated spell grid of sorts! It had circles, stars, moons, and shapes I couldn’t even begin to describe! The magic flowing all around and through you as you were casting that spell! You… You remember it, right?” She asked as her voice cracked into a high pitched squeak as she finished her question.

Luna stared at her, puzzled by the description Twilight gave of her spell. “That particular spell’s outward manifestations do not have these… ‘grids’ of which you speak. Visions of the moon and stars are part of the incantation process just before the Dreamscape reveals itself, but not in the manner you describe. Curious, why did you not bring this up sooner?”

Twilight tilted her head, her confusion only growing. “I thought they were a normal part of the spell. It’s not uncommon for incredibly rare or complex magic to create runic circles or some other area of focus, but you’re absolutely positive you’ve never seen anything like I described?”

Luna shook her head and muttered to herself. “Most interesting indeed… Hmm…”

Twilight sighed with dejection. It felt that for every answer she unearthed, two more questions joined it. “There was also a teleport spell this morning. I uh…” She stopped and blushed, suddenly embarrassed when she realized it was a drop of water that spooked her. She rubbed her tired eyes and regained her train of thought.

“Right, the teleport spell! I teleported from the desk over to one of the bookcases to fetch a reference book,” she said, lying about the details to avoid embarrassment, “and when I opened my eyes, there was a faint trail of magic forming an arch from where I started to where I went. Not only that, but at the start point were the remnants of some kind of magic circle! I’ve never seen teleportation do that!”

Twilight turned to face Celestia, who was wearing a look of contemplation and deep thought. “I can only assume you saw something similar a moment ago,” Celestia said.

Twilight nodded, her eyes widening. “It was simply… One of the most beautiful and magnificent things I had ever seen in my life. It was like your magic itself reached out to the sun and grabbed it. But there was more to it than that!”

Twilight paused, giving Celestia a weak nuzzle. “I’ve never seen anything like it before in my entire life. I know magic can be incredibly potent, but seeing it filled with such… life, was just…” Her voice began to trail, proper words now failing to escape her lips.

Twilight had to fight the tears back as she recounted the magical splendor she had witnessed. Celestia and Luna shared a stunned look, Luna visibly shaken as her pupils shrank in surprise. Celestia managed to maintain her composure and continued to listen.

“When we cast a spell, it forms deep within our subconscious, but it’s intangible; you can’t physically see or interact with it. But I could see it. It’s as if it were right there in front of me, staring me in the face. It defies almost everything I know about spellcasting and magic theory. It’s not been in any textbooks or lessons or anything!” Twilight’s voice cracked, her frantic excitement overwhelming her usual clinical demeanor.

The weight of trying to deal with a sudden shift in how magic theory behaved and operated grew heavier on her, forcing a haggered sigh from her lips. She was not only still tired, but her emotions were starting to catch up with her, compounding her exhaustion. Twilight tried to keep herself from falling over by leaning against Celestia’s side.

She held Twilight close in the soft embrace of her wing. Twilight couldn’t tell if it was the gentle warmth of the ascending sunrise or Celestia herself, but her thoughts began to slow and become more orderly as she calmed down.

“Twilight,” Celestia said firmly. “I know this is a very confusing and stressful time for you, but it’s as I said last night. This is a problem related to magic itself, of which I know you are more than capable. You represent the Element of Magic, so it should come as no surprise that you are beginning to see beyond what we currently understand.”

Twilight’s frown twitched away, her lips breaking out into a clumsy smile as a tear escaped from her eye. She dried it using a wing and looked up at Celestia.

“Consider the three words from your dreams. I firmly believe there is a hidden meaning between that message, your studies, and this new method of viewing magic. I know you can uncover its secrets, Twilight,” Celestia said as she nuzzled Twilight’s cheek. She stood tall and proud over Twilight, her wings outstretched. As the rising sun was eclipsed behind her, Celestia gave Twilight a smile. “In time, you’ll see the true height of your aspirations… Just as my sister and I did so long ago.”

Twilight’s knees started to wobble as her wings flared for balance. Though she was younger, smaller, and less experienced than her mentor, the confidence she felt from her made Twilight realize that this was nothing to be scared of. This was something for her to seek out, to learn more about, and to eventually know the truth.

“I know what needs to be done,” Twilight said confidently. “Moping will get me nowhere, so I need to go to the Crystal Empire! If the pony who wrote that book had the same dream as me, maybe I can also find clues as to how or why I’m able to see magic!”

Celestia looked down at Twilight and smiled. “While I’m no stranger to bizarre magic and other such oddities, something tells me this will be a path for you to walk on without us,” Celestia said. “While we will be more than willing to help in any way possible, this may be something you have to ultimately accomplish with your own power.”

Twilight gave Celestia another quick nuzzle, then trotted over to Luna to share the same affection, much to Luna’s surprise.

“Thank you. Both of you. Sometimes I feel like I’d be lost without you… Without all of my friends,” Twilight said, her voice trailing.

“You give yourself far too little credit, Twilight,” Celestia replied, not once breaking her motherly demeanor or smile.

“I can’t thank you enough… Princess Celestia, Princess Luna,” Twilight said, bowing to both of them. “I’m going to head out right away. I won’t let you down!”

“We know you won’t. Nor will you let yourself down, either,” Celestia said, bowing to Twilight. Luna followed the gestured in kind.

Twilight smiled and waved to the two before she leapt from the balcony, wings spread as she soared down over the buildings of Canterlot. The two sisters watched from their precipice as the purple speck vanished into the slowly growing crowd of ponies.

“Normally you have all the answers,” Luna said, turning to her older sister. “Not even an inkling this time?”

Celestia stood silent and closed her eyes, her mane and tail waving in the early morning sunlight. A moment passed. An idle bird chirping nearby broke the silence.

“It is not my place to give an answer this time, Luna. It is hers,” Celestia said, turning to return to the castle interior.

Luna looked over the balcony for a moment and exhaled audibly. “Perhaps so. She was right about the Elements, after all.” Luna turned to follow her sister, the two of them disappearing into the castle.

Fortunately for Twilight—who was still stewing in her own head—not too many ponies were on the early morning train ride from Canterlot to the Frozen North where the Crystal Empire lay tucked away. The mysterious words, the bizarre magical visions, the vague clues hidden in books still to be discovered: these thoughts weighed heavily on her mind as she let out a heavy sigh.

Much of the journey was spent poring over the notes and books that she had brought with her, hoping she hadn’t overlooked something critical. However, all signs pointed in the same direction, and Twilight knew she needed to continue her research in the North.

While she was pondering, she noticed in the corner of her eye one of the train attendants pulling along a small refreshments cart selling hot tea and light snacks to the passengers. Twilight looked up from her pile of work as she watched the unicorn attendant exchange words with an Earth pony passenger before levitating a small plate of diced carrots onto the table in exchange for a bit.

Twilight blinked and rubbed her eyes. The exchange appeared so normal in contrast to the spectacle Celestia and Luna had given her. Levitation was among the basic of basics in terms of unicorn magic: a glow from the horn, a shimmer around the plate, and the exchange was done. It was no different than if she had merely grabbed the plate by her mouth and handed it off.

Twilight jotted down some notes about her observations, comparing the complex internal workings of dream magic to the mundane and almost invisible levitation magic. Her observations began to cause doubt about her own knowledge. Why could she so clearly see these complicated spells, but not simple ones? So deeply was Twilight buried in these thoughts that she didn’t even notice the attendant trying to get her attention.

“Princess? Princess?” The attendant nervously raised her voice, waving a light blue foreleg in front of Twilight’s face.

“Huh?” Twilight responded dimly. “Oh! I’m sorry, I was so lost in my… studies that I wasn’t paying attention!” A terrible and horrific groaning sound emanated from below the table as Twilight realized that she hadn’t eaten anything since the day before.

“Maybe some snacks might help? Or something to drink?” The unicorn offered, levitating a daisy and daffodil sandwich alongside a fresh cup of tea to an empty space on the table. Before Twilight could respond, the attendant began to trot off, bringing her cart with her.

“Wait! Miss! But I didn’t pay yet!” Twilight yelled.

“Oh, I couldn’t make one of the princesses of Equestria pay for her train snacks! I’m honestly surprised you didn’t want an entire car to yourself,” the mare said over her shoulder.

“Please, I insist. I may be a princess but I’m not more important than anypony else here,” Twilight said with the most sincere smile she could muster as she levitated three bits onto the pony’s snack cart.

The unicorn couldn’t help but return the smile. “I think that’s why so many other ponies look up to you, Princess Twilight. It’s no wonder you’re the Princess of Friendship!” She turned away, heading off to the next car along her rounds.

Twilight flopped onto the cushioned seat and looked at the sandwich in front of her. Those kind words began to sink in, mixing with the turbulence already brewing inside her mind. Although it was a compliment, she couldn’t help but wonder about the weight of her title. She had certainly been no stranger to these thoughts, especially when she had first ascended, but now they were starting to return.

The Princess of Friendship. What exactly did that title mean, coming from an ordinary pony? A leader? A teacher? A ruler? Perhaps. But above all, a friend.

The Element of Magic. A reflection of the eponymous Element of Harmony. In the past, it was only wielded in the most dire of circumstances, but now it currently rested in the Tree of Harmony with the other five. Despite this, she always embodied its traits: her prowess and knowledge of magic was more than ample proof. Magic was indeed her domain, as Princess Celestia said.

Twilight groaned and rubbed her temples in frustration, as thoughts unbidden began to swim alongside those of her dreams and sleep-depriving research. Of her role as a Princess and ties of friendship to others. Of alicorns and their connection to the three tribes. Of the magic that permeated… everything.

Twilight looked wistfully out the window, the mountainous terrain of the far North becoming more apparent as unmelted frost clung to the foliage. “There’s just so much locked away here,” Twilight said to herself. “The archives of Canterlot were a good start, but there’s bound to be even more clues in the Crystal Empire!”

The train began its final approach towards its destination as the shining beacon of prosperity crept over the horizon. Twilight smiled, for the Crystal Empire was full of mystery and legends, a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. Its massive crystalline structures stood defiantly against the chilled air, housing centuries of undisturbed knowledge deep within its walls.

Twilight was determined to uncover the secrets she so desperately sought.