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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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Here's the current status of my writings with word counts:

73: 11000
74: 8100
75: 7400
76: 7400
77: 4500
78: 6000
79: 6400

The backlog is thinning, but still there.

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Wow I'm lazy · 3:37am May 1st

I just checked my writing history for the month, and I didn't quite write enough to replace what I'm posting today. I need to track that better. But I did get writing done, in particular mostly finishing a very difficult section. Goal for May is 20,000 words, which should rebuild the backlog pretty good, and easily finish off block and mission 8.

Hopefully I can tear myself away from Warframe long enough to pull it off. X)

Mission 9 will be average length, I believe.

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So how goes your progress on rites?

Someone's never seen my review blog. :ajsmug: If I can get through Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, I can get through this.

Assuming it is completed while I'm still alive, that is.

Hope you're good at reading! I'm guessing probably close to 600k words, at least. More like 800k to 1M. Have fun!

Anything in particular you want added to the TV Tropes page? I added Take A Third Option and Nice Job Fixing It Villain about those fake news about Twi wanting to arrest Trixie, with spoilers tags of course.

Very well then! I shall await the ending.

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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