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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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Here's the current status of my writings with word counts:

73: 11000
74: 8100
75: 7400
76: 7400
77: 4500
78: 6000
79: 6400

The backlog is thinning, but still there.

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Surprise! It's time for more Designing Intrigue! · 4:41am October 1st

Folks wanted to see this since a recent-ish chapter of RoA featured Rarity, so I figured it's time to resurrect the side story for at least a chap! RoA will be returning at the end of the October, barring something crazy.

Thanks again for sticking with me!

Report CvBrony · 265 views · Story: Rites of Ascension ·
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Im trying to find the discord but i cant seem to. Any help plz?

So a thought ouccured to me out of nowehere today:

"In the Rites universe, Is it possible for members of the other races to achieve their own version of ascension or is it a pony thing only ?":trixieshiftright:

I realize this is something of an invisible left hook that might have never even been conisdered, but my curiosity got the better of me :trollestia:

Comment posted by StarInferno deleted November 11th

Why are you in my feed when I don't follow you?

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