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[Story is old and bad, and is only left up as-is for archival purposes]

One morning, Twilight unexpectedly finds herself with two feathery wings attached to her back, with no explanation for their sudden appearance. While trying to avoid detection, she tries to figure out what has happened to her, but as more and more things in her life change without warning, she realizes that her days of normalcy are numbered. Difficult tasks await her, from figuring out what to do with herself and how to deal with her friends, to facing new challenges and trying to convince everypony that she’s still the same mare she was before. As much as she tries to keep everything the same, most of the things happening to her are out of her control, and she may not be able to handle the never-ending cascade of new responsibilities, and new expectations...

“...some ponies just aren’t cut out to handle the responsibility.” -Twilight Sparkle

[Collab] [Normal] [Suspense]

[Ch 1-5: Collab between GaruuSpike (Head Writer) and Beige Monkfish]

[Re-imagination of 'Responsibility' by GaruuSpike and 'Mediator' by Beige Monkfish]

Current Cover Art Courtesy of thefirewarde. (WIP)

(Any artists out there? Did you make fan-art of Expectations? Post it in a comment! We wanna see it!)

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13 711 words... I have alot of reading to do. Tracking already

garru I hope you keep this one alive it good go twi alicorn

I wonder what Celestia will think about this?

:D tracking yo!

I am sure Celestia will not force Twilight to leave her friends.

Keep it up, this is getting quite interesting :pinkiehappy:
going to track you now.

13,711 words in one chapter? That's the kind of writing style I like to see! This is getting favorited and tracked!

Her reaction to discovering she had wings was quite disappointing but nice so far. :applejackunsure:

Faved and tracked this is AMAZING

will read tomorrow i got alot of reading to do

An excellent chapter, looking forward to the next one :twilightsmile:

untracking responsability, tracking expectation...:pinkiehappy:

very nice! im going to be tracking this story for sure!

Well that was definately unexpected... Gets a tracking from me though :)

Ah, nice to see that the idea lives!

:rainbowlaugh: Compulsive grooming. She needs to ask a pegasus about the proper way to care for wings before she runs out of feathers. :facehoof:

Man this is so much better than the original! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Twilight Sparkle turning into an alicorn overnight is part of the completely expected these days. You'll surprise me when Derpy grows a horn and makes a giant muffin rise from the north. incidently someone get on that, its not a bad idea.

I like this, it's off to a good start.

The only thing that seemed off to me was Twilight's initial reaction and panicked thoughts about what being an alicorn means for her life. I figured her first panicked reaction would be a struggle to figure out what happened and why (Did I get into some poison joke? Did Discord get loose and do this to me? Am I having some kind of fever dream? Etc.), and that the implications for her future (Am I royalty? Do I have to leave my friends? Etc.) would hit sometime after that.

:facehoof: seriously? twilight its a pair of wings, you grow them every other week, this is not new for you, calm down, take a breath. its gonna be fine. it could be worse, it took you 20 years to grow them in one fic and they had to tear their way out of your back.


You are not getting the proper mindset. Unlike in Equestria's Twilight the wings are not expected and it has the potential for unwanted changes in her life rather than things staying the same.

And this is a re-write of the first fic on this site to have her change into an alicorn overnight so it does not really count as being an old, overdone idea here.

Kind of disappointed that I basically have to read the entire story all over to get to the good part again, but whatever. If you keep up this quality of writing, it'll be worth it!

What a day. Derpy speaks, a fic I sweated blood over gets featured, and now this. Okay, after my earlier enthusigasm, and having had a chance to read this chapter now, I can actually comment on it properly :pinkiehappy:

I really like where this is going. You've done a marvellous job of expanding the old opening chapter into something that was even more intriguing than the original. I'm really liking the possible foreshadowing you've set up - Twi's parents are going to be waiting in the library when she gets back, aren't they? :pinkiegasp: Oh goodness me, that'll be awkward!

Her personality changes are interesting, I mean, she's obviously having the freakiest morning of her life, and I can appreciate how she's bouncing from terrified to furious every few seconds. Poor Sweetie Belle :unsuresweetie: She's going to blab to Scoots and AB, I can just feel it, it'll get all over Ponyville in ten seconds flat, Twi'll have a Lesson Zero-level meltdown, and Her Royal Majesty Queen Twilight The Terrible will banish and imprison Sweetie somewhere very, very far away... Well, no. But I can dream :raritywink:

Dat cliffhanger... This is going to be BRILLIANT. Tracked like a TANK!


a warning of a subscription expiration for Equestria Daily

I always knew Seth'd start charging one day...

150298 oh I know, its just her reactions get predictable, alicorn twilight is nearly as much of a trope as twilight derped the mass teleport. I am enjoying the story I just had to berate the character. old overused ideas are fine as a jumping off point. seeing where the story goes from there is fun.


I bet it was Trollestia! She got sick of Twilight having a mental meltdown every time she came to visit. So now she is like 'Ha! how do you like it?!' xD :trollestia:


I am having trouble figuring out why you feel it is over used. There are only two other fics that start with Twilight waking up as and alicorn and panicing that I know of, one of which this is a rewrite of (and those two others where conceived independently of each other).

So by my count it is an original idea.

150300 Don't worry mate. While this is a rewrite of the premise of Responsibility, pretty much everything in the way of events will be completely new bar the very start. From this chapter onwards, you're reading a brand new story. If you've read this chapter, you've reread everything that happens in the original. :scootangel:

150429 Spark... Sunset, equestria's twilight, Duties, Dusk and Dawn, For Want of a Dawn... countless art... I am not saying "poof you have wings now good morning" is not a new take, but it is nevertheless an old idea. that does not make it a bad premise, just a well used one. In fairness to the fic I have been reading MPPT recently and my brain is in riff mode :twilightsheepish:

Meh, I don't like that...

Honestly, I gotta admit that after "Not My Destiny", I am searching for a Twilight-goes-Alicorn fic, which doesn't start with her panicking. :ajbemused:

Well I'll follow that, but I don't know how this will go on. SoL much? Could get lame.


After Responsiblity and Not My Destiny were released someone created a fic with a title along the lines of "Twilight wakes up as an Alicorn and is perfectly fine with it". (If you check the comments on Responsiblity, I think they said they where going to do so).


That is why I was specific about the situation in which she becomes an Alicorn. Specifying and scenario / plot point without some context is worthless.

A good start. I'm looking forward to more!

I almost had to call Pinkamena when I saw responsibility was cancelled, you are forgiven now.


And that ended in an absolute trollfic. I read it and it was a horrible thing of a story.

This looks terrific! Keep the momentum going, and I hope you post the next chapter soon =D

Read it, I like the idea, will track.
I do look forward to seeing how long Twilight can keep this up, maybe she should take a trip to Zecora for advice as well . . .

4 letters and 1 word: E.P.I.C :twilightsmile:

Read it and now I am addicted. :pinkiecrazy:

Tracked. :pinkiehappy:

150449 bravo bravo!!!!! Can't wait to see the next chapter. I do critique but I'm nice so if I point things out, please don't get mad :fluttercry: I noticed that you kept saying ex-unicorn, alicorn, and twilight a lot. Try to use more pronouns, like her, she, they, when starting a sentence. Great job however. Thats the only thing that stuck out for me. I give it a 4.5/5 :pinkiehappy: can't wait for more!!!!!!! Tracking!!!!


But seriously, I'd like more of this. I love stories of someone hiding something from their friends/family.

Tracked and favorited, so far, this is promising to be a great story. I love the way you're writing it.

151245 It only gets really confusing when there's more than one character being referred to at once Then lots of descriptive nouns are vital :pinkiehappy: Know exactly what you mean though, this "writing" thing's really hard :ajsleepy: :raritycry: :applecry:

I've re-read this now and something I somehow managed to miss the first time around was Rarity's violent reaction. Rather, I didn't miss it, I just didn't think the implications properly through. And now Rainbow Dash is staring at her with that music playing. Oh Gawd, she's gonna get her flank kicked :raritydespair:

Oh, yeah, the musical pieces were great. I didn't listen to them the first time around, but I sure did the second time. Nice touch!

Bring on chapter 2! :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss:

What i always wonder is, that they say as soon when Twilight gets wings that she is an Alicorn, i would think shes a winged unicorn(or Pegacorn) until she gets earth-pony-magic too, they get always ignored :ajsleepy::applecry::pinkiesad2:.

Your soul please. Give it to me so that I can make an army of golem authors who will all write this fanfic, and they will be able to write 20 chapters a day!

In all seriousness. HUZZAH. Alicorn + Twilight + Awesome fanfic = EPIC IS TOO SMALL A WORD

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