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Easter Egg · 12:36am Apr 25th, 2014

I have a few pictures to share today. The first is my take on some moment from CvBrony's recent Rites of Ascension chapters. On the left is Shining Armor in High Cardinal uniform.

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1124655 Well, if she did get a DeviantART I would favorite a bunch of things in her gallery. Even if she's shy, I hope that brings her some comfort and maybe some confidence. :heart:

808258 I feel I should jump in here and mention that no, she doesn't. She's quite shy and unfortunately has very little time to draw. :fluttershysad:

The amazing artwork was done by my wife, the fantastically talented Violet Squiggles, whom I dedicate this work to. I love you, my darling, with all my heart. You are my everything.


I must resist the urge to reference something similar to the word squiggle.
..okay, I loose. When I say your name, I saw Violet Squiddle.

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