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Thanks for the fave! :heart:


I think that's the sort of thing that happened in canon with Applejack. Everyone else has a sort of ongoing thing they're aspiring to, and they're moving somewhere in life. Applejack achieved her lifelong dream three hours after she got her cutie mark and she arrived back at Sweet Apple Acres. Her problems are all about maintaining the status quo, rather than about getting ahead in life.

It's sort of the same now with Jake. There's no great adventure he particularly needs to go on to make himself happier. He got everything Curry ever wanted for him and now he's growing up like a normal pony. If anything, I'd think his particular adventures would either be more slice of life stuff with the CMC or him following Curry on some wild adventure she gets caught up in.

There was a shade of confusion on Curry's part in the first story where she felt like it was unfair somehow that it seemed like Jake was the protagonist of the story, but in the end I think she was essentially correct in her confused feelings. She's the one who has the drive to go out and do stuff, and he's the one who's happy with the really simple pleasures in life.


The extra crap is sort of part of my process. If I don't let my mind wonder down side alley's every now and then I get blocked and can't write for piss.

Goose and Curry were intended to be an item from when I first started writing the original story, but I ended up so long establishing the world that I felt it would be better to start a new story arc. And I named it "How to Train Your Batpony" To keep myself from forgetting where I was suppose to be going with this.

I'm finding it a bit hard to think up material for Jake now. Much more than Curry he is where he belongs and is content and happy with his life. I'll have to really try hard to think of an adventure for him and Big Mac.


Well, I wouldn't have except, you know, it's really fucking good.

I've been trying to get out of the habit of just favoriting and upvoting every single thing I read that I don't hate, but there's a handful of stories that are just so awesome I can't wait until they're finished to give them an upvote, hence why I repeated the process for the sequel as soon as I plowed through six chapters.

Really looking forward to more.

I will say by the way, I passed over commenting in reply to that one reviewer who bitched about all the 'extra crap' in the story, to paraphrase. I was sort of pissed at that because as far as I'm concerned, Goose is the 'extra crap' which is drawing attention away from the super interesting character of Curry/Moonlight. I would like the two stories as much as I already do or more if the whole host of Nocturne ponies had just never shown up in them at all, or were focused on in a completely separate story.

The theory at the end of the first story about what/who Moonlight on the Water is blew my mind, to the extent I spent like five minutes sitting there giggling to myself at how awesome it was. She's a really enthralling character, and her adventures are tons of fun to read about. The memory potion really seems like foreshadowing her potentially remembering her past lives/history if the theory bears out, and I'm super thrilled to see where that goes.

Shame I'm out of story to read now...

Thanks for favoring Jake and the Kid

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