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The pocket universe of Equestria expands in the North Pacific of a dying future earth. Celestia offers escape to a better life - but survival has a price. 27 Ounces follows the dramatic transformations that arise from one single container of Ponification Serum.

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Given that this is the same doctor who wound up having an emergency conversion in the second part of the first series, it's going to be interesting to see how she first started out.

Nine conversions, at least nine stories. I look forward to seeing what happens.

Yay! Doc Pastern's back!

That was quick! Really quick! :pinkiegasp:

The pictures you use for your stories, do you commission them from someone or do you make them yourself?

I draw all of my own art. I know it probably isn't the best - considering all the amazing stuff out there - but I do what I can. I like to think it helps to have an original cover image.

*Runs around in circles squeeing* Eeeee new story! :pinkiehappy:

On a related note, I'm thinking of starting up an RP based in the conversion bureau univerce. Would it be okay to direct people to this chapter for a good introduction? You've covered vertualy all of the important points that they might need to know :twilightblush:

Okay...........we have a bad psychological reaction to Conversion and a hint as to what Pastern herself needs redemption for. Cool.

Whilst the picture you paint of the world grows blacker, it also grows more vivid and, somehow, realistic.

I do keep reminding myself, however, that we're dealing with the limited viewpoints of the characters in question.


I am trying to make my vision of the Conversion Bureau universe as solid and authentic as I possibly can. I want the reader, and myself, to feel, if even for just a moment, that this could be real, despite the bizarre premise. My wish is that the reader see and feel both universes, and consider the characters to have inner lives and literary 'souls'.

I also try very hard to work to give the reader very different viewpoints of the CB universe. I hope to show this place through many, very different eyes - some good, some bad, some broken, some misinformed, some enlightened, some joyful.

Above all, I want to do two things: I want any reader to feel something, some emotion about these stories, and I want to keep them entertained while I do it.

Oh, Celestia. No pressure. No pressure.... eek! :twilightoops:

Mmm... Me thinks you have a new CB fic to work on about Carmine.

Dum-diddly-doo-wee-pum-foo-shum-shoo-mah baby always likes his pop tarts burnt!

I like how dark this is, because you always have the light shine through when its most needed.

I secound the idea that Carmine needs her own side story :twilightsmile:

19057 No, really, no pressure. You've already succeeded. :twilightsmile:

no, no pressure, you only have millions of people the world over reading your stories and silently judging you.

I wouldn't say millions... maybe a few hundred though, but what counts is the rating you get and the fact that we bother to comment and usually end up saying positive things, so it's all good :ajsmug:

I wonder how the Potion would effect transsexual people. Would it consider the gender identity present in the mind to be the most important factor and result in a pony body matching the gender identity? Would it just overwrite the female identity as yet another error/disease and bring the mind in line with the majority of the biology present in the human body and come out with a pony of the birth sex who was comfortable that way? Would it just not notice the incongruity and result in a pony of the birth sex who felt the body was wrong? (In that case I suspect there is magic in Equestria to bring the body in line with the mind after the fact.) Are ponies even sexually dimorphic enough for this to be an issue?

Well because your DNA or genetics is the major factor, we must assume that their pony gender would be that of what they were originally born with.

This, I should think, would explain Pinkie Pie; she, like most Equestrians, hasn't endured nearly enough pain in her life to be laugh-out-loud funny. Sure, she had a dull childhood but nothing truly bad happened to her so she's not as wacky as Caprice used to be.

I really like how this turned out, and can't wait for the next one

interesting choice of names and language there.

Do you know what Alexi's surname means?

And... I'm glad to see this piece.

Huh... the last few lines make me think of Pinky Pie and her "Background story" as she described herself. (I personally call it lies and say that she'll come back with a completely different story about how she grew up next she's asked.)

Hmmm. Would I be wide of the mark to assume that if Sharon's parents survived, they'd be in the mass conversion that Teacup was a part of?


It's certainly possible; but it is also possible that they might have ended up in an underground bunker or Deep Underground Military Base, along with the HLF. In my take on the Conversion Bureau, not everyone gets out. There are humans uncounted, unknown and unremembered who imagined that they could hide from Equestria. In my take, in the end, earth itself is absorbed into Equestria, and disappears entirely during Purification, when Equestria submerges right out of normal space, out of Mundis Mundis entirely.

The world would be changed, just like the copter in Euphrosyne Unchained, and all the remaining, holdout humans dissolved with the world into the stuff of magic, to keep Equestria alive forever. Likely millions might be annihilated this way, in the end, all believing, right up to light's out, that they would be saved by their preferred belief system, or some speculative technology.

I'm actually writing something with that in mind. "The day the sky changed" was one part of that which I should really go back and fiddle with at some point - the idea being in that one that the bubble is not three dimensional but four and space and time are affected by it's growth. The second part is one last attempt to save mankind, not because it particularly deserves saving but because failure to at least try to do so would be *wrong*.

I am following your work, Midnight, and I noted that in your story; it fits with my conception, because of how I see the emergence of Equestria. We're kind of on the same wavelength, I think. Hee!

Great minds think alike (preen preen).

Seriously though, the cross-pollination is what makes things fun. You actually inspired me to write "the day the sky changed" by your graphically superior and oft darker world that your (human) characters come from. It kind of fell on to the page as shorts like that are wont to do and I ran with it. I have this picture in my head of how the bubble grows, but I don't quite think I've explained all the nuances yet. I think I'd like to.

If you're interested in something of this sort, try my "a twist in the tail" TCB fic which is a direct sequel to "midnight's tail". It may be fun, I know it's fun writing it!

...Ouch. That last part. I have been waiting for somebody to write this - I don't know how much you are going to explore it (it's something I'd like to see a dedicated chapter/episode/story for) but it explains a lot.

Also, Alexi is hilarious :D

I would second that 'A Twist In The Tail' is quite delicious, Midnight. I will be visiting my own take on that sort of topic very soon indeed.

I like Alexi too. He just sort of grew; I assume he wanted me to write about him. :pinkiehappy:

For me, in case anyone is curious, 27 Ounces is a television series. Like 'House' or some other medical drama. Ensemble cast, the stars get spotlight episodes, multiple sub-stories running in parallel, that sort of thing. As a science fiction series, the special effects are the Conversion scenes. I struggle with that aspect; I love doing the scenes, but I know I can't overdo them, or they will grow old and no longer be special. On the other hand, I personally never got tired of seeing a cool special effect.

Then again, how many times can it be interesting to watch a human turn into a pony? I could watch it all day, but maybe not the reader. I'm very visual - I 'see' what I read or write in my mind. I am trying to make each conversion moment a different take, so it won't become repetitive, despite it being what I see as the 'big visual effect' of the 'show'.

Comment posted by Esme deleted Sep 11th, 2020


Horsefeathers! You're right! FIXED. Thank you. Esmelthien!

What happens if you apply Potion to a small sample of human flesh? Will it be converted to something like pony flesh? Do they have ways of checking the sex of pony flesh without examining the pony it came from? If that test ins't possible, my guess is Dr. Pastern will have to ask for a consult with an Equestrian unicorn.

You know... My name is Robert, and I am very irked with my name being used for such a screwed up character. :twilightoops:

23643 If you get Potion on your skin, yes, it will start to transform you, according to Windchaser's Last Man Standing. I'm almost completely certain that the technology to discern the chromosomes of an individual exists today, so this is an option. Unfortunately, it's too simple for good storytelling.

You would think, with the potential for complication and the technology available, that they would do genetic scans of every applicant. It's a... huge plot hole. :twilightoops:

Ok, speculation: This might be a big enough deal that some specialists from Equestria get called in. I don't know if we're going to see any of the Mane 6 though...


I am operating under the concept that since this story takes place only six months after the opening of the very first official Conversion Bureau, a shortage of supplies, cooperation, and a lack of full commitment on the part of the various factions within the world corporation means that they are still working all the bugs out. There just is not enough of everything to go around, yet, and there is no funding for the study of marginal groups or minorities - much less a proper study on ponification and pregnancy!

This is why in this story, serum is in short supply, and comes in armored red cases. It is to be assumed that by the time of future stories in the CB universe, production has been ramped up, the world is much less crowded, and conditions are much better. I have taken the notion that the entirety of the CB stories takes place over a five-year period, from the first emergence of Equestria, to the final Purification. This story is within Year One.

I see my stories as being essentially compatible with all the other authors of such stories, and have tried, mostly, to follow the CB guidelines as presented. My major point of deviation is perhaps that I see the world as more crowded and damaged that may be so with other authors; this to me is a natural extrapolation of current events combined with advancing technology. I've basically tried to work out as believable a future nanotech age as I could, based on current trends and the current state of the world. I consider the works of other authors when writing my stories; I greatly admire the entirety of the CB story archive.

By year five, I suggest that serum should be available by the tankload, and used to spray down entire populations whether they like it or not. All the genetic issues would be solved by then, and the focus would entirely be on the battle between those that favor or fight ponification. In short, I see the process of Conversion as one that starts out with initial difficulties and problems, becomes gradually improved and expanded, and by the final year, utterly commonplace.

But in 27 Ounces, I am trying to show the very early days of the Bureaus. There are only a few of them, around the world, and they have been constructed as quickly as possible to serve as many as possible, with whatever is available. This is the time of the early scramble to get the program going smoothly... only it isn't going smoothly yet. That comes much later.

That makes sense - in my own personal head-canoning of your stories (if you don't mind me saying, I don't mean anything except as an interesting observation), I tend to place it as "this is happening where things are even worse" rather than "when things are even worse". Way back when, it became clear that each author would bring their own viewpoints and stories, quirks and backstory to the CB multiverse. I remind myself it's just a story and as long as the authors are coherent at least within their own interpretations, differences are interesting rather than jarring.

I don't see five years as believable for converting everyone and tend to have a longer period of time - ten to fifteen years for the majority, five years to get into the swing of it - but I don't see a problem with using five years for the "ramp up" period. For somewhere between 9 and 20 billion humans, one a go isn't going to get very far. I can imagine that, after five years, millions have been converted as larger-scale bureaus start up and ponification serum production is at an all-time high, so it would really be an exponential curve.

Keep on trucking, Chatoyance, I'm really enjoying these vignettes!

Oh! The comment!

I'm kind of itching to see where Alexi ends up and I'm really interested in Ryan and his plight - it's the first of these vignettes to end on a cliffhanger!

"It was based on only a few templates, all of them Equestrian females." Six very special templates. Heh. I've got a silly scene in my head from a bad fic that I'll never write: Human(s) make the Heroic Sacrifice to stop the evil Big Bad, and the Mane 6 deliver the finishing blow with the Elements of Harmony. Twilight saves the human hero from death (at the last second!) by using the Elements to turn him into a pony. Thing is, now the dude's a filly! :twilightoops:

Also, that's probably somewhat in reference to my rather sillier fic, a twist in the tail. The idea is rooted in something reasonably sound, however; If we're going to go transgenic on our human subjects, they may not be being changed into a creature with the same sexual genetic markers as our own. If Equestrians are at all similar in some form to our own, however, a female is easier to deal with being two copies of the X gene, XX (or, of course, the Equestrian version thereof) rather than differing (XY).

As a purely research target, going to a simpler result (XX rather than XY) would be a sensible route - but assuming you've got the magic and technology to make this happen, if you happened to have a well-enough designed system and let such a simplified target potion loose, the result would be a female Equestrian every single time.

either that, or "it's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit". Whichever lets you sleep at night and/or giggle more.

I am overcome with the d'awww and sweetness and actually rather amusingly laughingly teary about Elijah and his new very specially best friend. I'm also happy to read about Elijah and his maybe unconscious search for answers. It turns out he doesn't need to answer what I'm calling "The Question", the answer itself nullifies the question, and he has his answer.

Please tell me that Logan and Elijah won't stop arguing about things, even though they're friends now.

Yo man, I just wanted to tell you that I admire your imagination. The way you come up with so many unique personalities, backgrounds and stories is very impressive. That plus those cool fitting pictures for each story make you one of my favorite authors. Here's hoping for more bureau stories! :)

Do you have a DA account for those pictures? There's gotta be more!

I think they're going to marry each other. That means endless arguing! :flutterrage:
Chatoyance seems to be, well, improving quite rapidly. This story is already longer than the last one! :pinkiegasp: And I agree, the pictures do fit each story perfectly.

I feel this SMBC strip is particularly relevant.


Sorry for taking so long on this chapter. Real life got in the way, also I had to re-write half of it because, well, the first attempt sucked. I'm doing a lot of research, too. If I'm going to write something, I might as well make it accurate, as best as I can.

Anyway, Chapter 8, A Cup Of Disbelief, done.

I just hope I am doing honor to my characters. I don't want to disappoint them.


That ending was hilarious, but it's also very, very weird.

I'm loving this! You are doing a very good job treating vastly different characters well.

*cackles!* Ryan's conversion is AWESOME!

... poor Alexi though... I hope he can figure out a Plan B...

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