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I am a humorist. I write funny stuff... I hope. Since my pony-name appears to be Dusk Dash (there is a chart), I have decided to dedicate my life to quick and evil science!


Tails of Equestria - They finally made one! · 8:22pm Jul 14th, 2017

As my dear "readers" (or rather waiters,,, sorry, I am working on stuff, I promise) may have noticed, I like RPGs. I even wrote an entire chapter as an RPG, for goodness sake! Now, the good people at "River Horse" (love the name already) managed to talk Hasbro into making an official MLP RPG called "Tails of Equestria".
I got the book today and I just finished it... here are my thoughts:

Its good! I mean it! It's really, really good.

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I am a huge fan of Between Day and Night. Any word on the next update?

Thank you for your interest in Twilight's Thrones!

2205901 Interesting can't wait to read it, i really like this story and hope to see where it leads. Hope it comes soon.

2205491 I certainly will come back to it. Though the next chapter is less... interesting I guess. I have it already spaced it out and it is mostly about the logistics of Rarity's dungeon/kingdom.

Hey really liked the Spoiled Queen Story really has a lot of potential to it and i hope it keeps going. If you want any help for it i would gladly be of assistance lets just say stories like that i find fascinating and interesting

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