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I wanted my blog updated: Anything you need to know about me. · 2:30am Apr 6th, 2013

My writing is a slow process.
I have many stories in mind, though it is advised to me to keep one at a time, two at max.
Things things things.

New chapters at least every month, hopefully by the end or so.

Anything I missed?

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Hello as you can tell my greeting is crap.
Sorry for that I was hoping you wouldn't mind proof reading my first series it's probably going to go on for a quite a while and I would really appreciate it if you agreed

Dear Mr. Minimii,

I am in desperate need of a proofreader and second opinions on the story I've concocted. It is a lengthy piece of work with many side plots weaving around a singular over riding one. Frankly I've come to understand how large an undertaking this has become and I simply have no one to bounce ideas off of, and what few comments I've managed to gather are vague about the failings of the story or the good points for that matter. If you have the time and the will, I'd happily take any critique you could offer.
I've already posted 4 chapters to it here and I've several more in my Google Drive that I would appreciate very much if you could lend a hand with.

Thank you for your time.

Yea sorry I am little busy I will tell you the details in a bit

Updated my bio, check if you want

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