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We are rebooting the group from being TECS, focused on detailed analysis and reviews, to being Spike's First Glance! SFG will focus on having fun with our reviews, posting in-character reviews of the first parts of stories, giving our impressions and tips behind the mask of either our OC or a canon character. This group will naturally grow as we go, and we may change the way we review, but for now I want to emphasize that the focus is to have fun with reviewing, not turn it into a job we need to punch a timecard for.

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Not me!!!

Whos willing to initiate a twenty one gun salute?

Just dropping by to pay respect

Oh, alright then, kinda sad, but it happens I guess...

The original founder bailed, the backlog built up, reviewers burnt out, and the admins brought in by the founder to fix his group were too little too late, simply put.

What happened?
I hope nothing along the lines of which happened to Twilight's Library...

hey! um i need some help on my story pls help ill do anything just tell me what i need to do

This group has been pretty much dead for a long time.

381681 I've noticed a lot of groups sitewide have substantially diminished in activity since February and March, even large ones like this.

Out of curiosity, is the group still active? There doesn't seem to be much forum activity going on, and the "Fic of the Month" box above is from six months ago …

Anyone willing to review my Fan-Fic?


It's just a story about my OC's daily life at a magic academy in Canterlot. This is my first fan-fic, so any advice will be appreciated.

Anyone want to read my story? It's called Oneway Ticket to a Dead End and it doesn't have many views, or a review. :applecry:

I need some positive feedback to build on.

Hello I was wondering if someone would like to take a look at my fic and tell me if they like it or not

Hello all. I was hoping I could get some assistance with my fic, The World They Once Knew. I would like to see it improved and I need to know where to start on that. So, if there is anyone who can or would like to do so, send me your thoughts please.

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Comment posted by Tiaa OwO deleted Sep 3rd, 2014

If I could get some feedback on my misfits story it would be great

I know no one will see this but I have to try
"magic in the stars" by Australian chaos is a amazing story that will touch your heart. Please read it

If you have the time can someone review this got a few likes making sure this was not a flukeyou can always trust me also my newest story if you want this won't be easy

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