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I'm really not a social person, so I'll go ahead and say I do appreciate all likes, favs, comments, and follows. Hope you can enjoy whatever it is I write.


A Different Path update · 10:42am Sep 18th, 2017

So, this was supposed to be a short story of only ten thousand words at most. It's now over twelve, and the unfinished chapter and epilogue I'm working on is already at another three, and I'm not really all that close to being done. This story really got away from me, and in order to drag it back into focus, I've had to add a couple more scenes than I intended.

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Leave some for me, Lilith911! :raritywink:

*scoots closer*
What's the matter? cat got your tongue :pinkiecrazy:

613693 Oh, yes, yes, it's... uh, it's more than enough. Heh heh... heh. Uh, thank you. So much. I'm just gonna... go stand over there.

But is it enough :pinkiecrazy:

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