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first fan art!! · 11:19pm Oct 15th, 2023

As far as I can remember, this is the first fan art I've received of Becoming Fluttershy!


By the very kind Bronycrystal, go to deviantart and leave a like or a comment everypony!

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About Hope

Hello everyone. I realized I don't have an "About me" section on my profile, and if I want to become more active, it would be pertinent to change that. So here goes.

Name: Hope/Hopeology/Erica
Age: 33
Gender: Femme Fatale
Sexual preference: My spouse.
Nationality: Born in the not-so-United States, but I have strong familial, biological, and emotional ties to China, Canada, Mexico, and France.
I am a public fan of the MLP show. I don't like the term "Brony" since no matter what we debate, it is a gendered term. I prefer being straightforward.
Best ponies: I personally hold a great deal of respect and admiration for Celestia and Luna, though Fluttershy feels closest to my heart.
Favorite episode(s): It's a tie between "Scare master" and "For whom the Sweetie Belle tolls"
Favorite ship: Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash
Hobbies (besides writing): Building and repairing computers, several video games, building and launching rockets, playing D&D with my friends, and reading. This is among a lot of other things I do with friends and my Significant Other.
Ponysona's name: Hope! Hope Dawning.

Member of other fandom(s): Star Trek (DS9), Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Witcher

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Quietly writing away, when I have the time! I got a promotion at work so I don't have as much time. How are you?

Nice to see you're still here.

*Boops you in the nose.


I've been around for a while, and the music ban thing happened when DACA and the other related copyright acts came into play.

To protect yourself and your stories, I would recommend checking the current rules of fimfiction and if needed messaging an admin for clarification. Back when Becoming Fluttershy had been around for only a couple of years, the rules were poorly defined but by now I'm sure the admins have a clearer standard, at the very least being able to use the lyrics in the story.

To the author - hi! you don't know but i just saw your story shown on latest updates & randomly browsed through your comment section of Becoming fluttershy & saw that fimfiction is banning the use of linking songs/song lyrics? Excuse me...what!?:pinkiegasp: because almost all of my stories use that formula to get the point across or drive the plot forward!
are you absolutely 100% sure about this issue?

p.s: my stories are lgbt friendly while their ratings are between teen and mature.

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