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From Ashes, Acid, and Absinthe · 12:58am February 25th

Well it's complete and all posted!
A3 was the first collaboration between myself and McPoodle which was posted on my account, and probably the last. (I just don't have the number of fans he does, and these stories deserve the maximum exposure!)
But I'm still overjoyed I got to write it with him, and I still love this story for all it's unique and beautiful complexities.

Give it a read if you have the time, it's a great ride.


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Hello everyone. I realized I don't have an "About me" section on my profile, and if I want to become more active, it would be pertinent to change that. So here goes.

Name: Hope/Hopeology/Erica
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Comment posted by Blankscape deleted May 22nd, 2019


I asked because you are the only one still writing an Earthverse fic.

Anyway, it was bound to happen without a main story having reached the end for years.

I mostly followed your story and the Pinkie Pie one. I kind of got freaked out by the mind rape in your story but I understand you did not create the human character who could basically brainwash ponies.

I think you are a good writer and I would like to read another Flutershy story if you ever write one.

The story Unlucky Seven that I write with Breakdown was partially inspired by the Earthponyverse. Basically the idea was what would happen if a group of humans woke up as ponies, but not the mane six, and there was no immediate evil/ villain to fight. And there was also no one they could blame. Of course there are threats and dangers in the story but for now is mostly survival as opposed to saving the world.

I also tried to make the story about how the humans react to the change.

The story is not very popular but is fun to write. I think you could write your own human as Flutershy story apart from the Earthponyverse, I would read it.

Anyway, thanks for writing!

2013986 I would not know, if you go into the IRC channel linked on the page, they might know better.

So is the Earthpony verse basically dead?

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