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Technically not procrastinating.

Who the heck am I?

I'm just your average "Friendship is Magic" fan who decided to try their luck at writing fan fiction about talking technicolored ponies.

While always looking to improve, if you found some sort of enjoyment in what I've written, I'm glad. That's all I wanted to do.

FiMFiction Self-Given Goals:

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Reach 100 Watchers - 12/10/15

I also play vidyagames and stuff.

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-The Last of Us Part 2
-Megaman Zero 3

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Rambling About #1 - It finally happened!* · 6:29am Sep 25th, 2020

I know this is a silly thing. I KNOW it is. I know it's something that's become increasingly easier to achieve given the lower number of people in the fandom, but damn it if I'm not going to savor this little moment. After being on this website for almost 8 years, it happened.

I got in the featured box *after turning off the mature box check

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Report Ditz · 285 views · Story: She Wouldn't Hurt A Fly! · #update #rambling #story

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Thanks for following!:twilightsmile:

2901147 Of course. If you ever need someone to talk/chat with, I'm all ears:heart:

2900939 Hey there, thank you! And I'm always down for meeting new friends! :twilightsmile:

Hi, I just happened to wonder around and spotted your bio. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and that I love your bio pic(and maybe be friends). It's cute:heart:.

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