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Just a very amateur writer always looking to improve.

Who the heck am I?

I'm just your average "Friendship is Magic" fan who decided to try their luck at writing fan fiction about talking technicolored ponies.

While always looking to improve, if you found some sort of enjoyment in what I've written, I'm glad. That's all I wanted to do.

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I also play vidyagames and stuff.

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The End is Neig— · 2:27am Sunday

... oh, wait, it's already here. Whoops!

So, just like that, My Little Pony G4 officially ended its animated run. While I know it will still continue in comic form, the show is what I (and likely most of us) enjoyed the most in terms of official products. Okay, so technicality aside, this is very... sad, to say the least. As I watched the final song of the final episode ever, I couldn't hold it; I teared up.

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Report Ditz · 20 views · #MLPFinale #MLPS9 #Season 9

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I've been busy doing other stuff. Sadly, haven't started it yet.

Also going through some writing issues in general. Sorry about that!

Hey there Bubble Butt just figured I'd check in with you to see how that story idea I pitched to ya awhile ago is going? Haven't heard from you at all in messages on here about it.

2385964 Beaten in 15 minutes. :moustache:


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