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I'll just leave this here:

Beautiful. Gives us insight into a character to build our own conclusions on her sense of self in a simple, less than 1500 word oneshot. Well done ^.~

Geez, these ponies treat her like she's made of porcelain

6048439 That's just how I figure they would treat her if anything of this sort happened. Personally, I think they see her as an all-powerful being most of the time, so something like this happening would put a dent on their own perceptions of their leader.


What would be interesting is if she was made of porcelain and they had to keep gluing her back together.

6048572 I think you are onto something.

6047369 DANG IT! YOU BEAT ME TO IT :twilightangry2:

Apparently, that's what happens when I keep a close eye on new stories.

Ah, cheer up. You can do the same, whilst I play TF2 now.

See ya, Fimfiction!

Loving that story description. Enough to make me drop everything and come take a look.

6051078 honestly, I feel the cover did most of the work.

Oh boy that was great! Loved it!

6080374 once again, thank you! :pinkiesmile:

6048572 I could see that being a thing with the crystal ponies. :trixieshiftright:

Author Interviewer

Well, that was pleasantly amusing. :)

6562742 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

“For that matter, I wonder what Twilight will do?” she imagined her student back in Ponyville, dropping everything and rushing over without thinking it over, imagining her mentor had suffered a terrible accident. “Actually, I believe she will do just that.”

I think Twilight would probably try to wrap her in bandages like a mummy.

Good, entertaining story!

6687955 Probably, and thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed.

I did a cute silly fan-fiction reading. Is it oki if I post it please? ^.^ (I absolutely loved the story, btw! It really made my day!) (edit: I just realized there is already a reading. >< I mainly did mine for fun tho)

6758985 No problem! Go for it. :pinkiesmile:

6759207 Oki. Thank you! ^.^ I just finished uploading it. https://youtu.be/pEpWS9RaFkY

And then they announced a national crisis.

Seriously, just how bored is she?

lol great sone-shot and i wonder how her adviser would react if Princess Celestia gets a tiny weeny paper cut lol

i hope i gave you an idea for another one-shot

7602184 I haven't exactly thought of that story. But if you think it would be something funny, why don't you give that idea a shot?


well imo i think the over reaction would be funny. also i suck at writing stories lol

Pretty good one. Reminded me of a character from one series, who slipped on a banana peel and summed up his life in that few seconds of falling.
Good job.:moustache:

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