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One unassuming morning, Trixie accidentally tears her cape and now she has to get somepony to fix it for her before her show.

She finds that doing that is not as easy as she thinks it is.

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cute and very Trickie, hehe Get it?

Trixie has a habit of growing on ya, doesn't she?

A fairly simple story but it speaks a lot about the focus character. On stage, Trixie is Queen and nopony can outdo her in her own domain. She's confident, knows what to do, and loves the attention it brings her.

However, off stage is where Trixie really struggles. Starlight is helping a bit there, but it's a slow process. The stares she gets in town are way worse as they aren't judging Trixie the performer, but Trixie the mare.

It would take somepony like Rarity (or Pinkie) to slowly ease her into a more relaxed and welcoming state. Not easy for both of them given Trixie's history with the town, but Rarity has the patience to weather through it.

Anyway, I really liked this little tale of Trixie slowly being welcomed in Ponyville. One step at a time, right? Well done!

*opens the door* Get out.

*Hangs head* okay *proceeds to go out*

*stops in the middle*

do i have to listen to you?

It was also really tacky, and Trixie didn’t like that sort of thing.

Because when you think understated elegance, you think "Trixie."

Her eyes lazily hovered over to the building, though she couldn’t place anything special when comparing it to the other strangely colorful businesses from the very same district.

Aside from it looking a bit like a giant wedding cake.

And now Trixie was hungry. She cursed Rarity's name for the twelfth time that hour.

Sewing wasn’t a particularly difficult thing for Trixie, having done it before to serviceably fix the very same cape. She had managed to avoid leaving noticeable marks on the outside, though a perfect job it was not.

So... I guess the damage was too great (and powerful) in this case? Or the emotional damage tha came with it was enough that Trixie was too distraught to think of trying to fix the cape on her own.

Aside from that wrinkle, a wonderful story. I do love how hesvily Trixie's anxiety and cynicism color her perspective, and the shock of encountering genuine charity was captured very well indeed. As was glossing back over it in an attempt to save face with herself. Quintessential Trixie, that.

Thanks for a lovely read.

This is one of my favourites! It’s so amazing

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