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For all his life, Gallus had been alone, an outcast ignored by his people, and left to fend for himself out in the cold Griffonstone streets. Even now, after gaining a group of friends he knew he could trust to Tartarus and back, Gallus still longed for the one thing he had never had.

Somewhere he could finally belong.

Somewhere he could finally call... home.

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This is nice -- a warm, positive, but level-headed feel-good story about Gallus's future (or near future at least) after the show. I like it!

(Though seriously, Trixie as his guardian? I suppose she can teach him what not to do! Just kidding -- it's a nice way to show how she's starting to become more responsible as a character.)


I absolutely loved this story. When the student six were introduced to the show. Ocellus was my favourite. By the end of the series Gallus took the top spot for the student six. Thank you for posting this amazing story

this story is so sweet and yeah ever since gallus said he never have a family my heart breaks for him but then starlight and Trixie adopted him and making him a part of there family which its so heart warming and very perfect for a holiday story now gallus don't have to be alone no more 😭 this story is amazing nice job

As Trixie disappeared around the side of the building, Starlight leaned in and whispered to Gallus, “What she really means is that she wasn’t allowed to park her wagon outside Twilight’s castle for free anymore, so she needed somewhere else to do her loitering.”

Yup, that's Trixie alright.

“Trixie can hear your lies you know, Starlight!”

Half the lies people tell about The Great and Powerful Trixie aren't true.

“Oh, Trixie has her ways…” Trixie replied with a smirk and wiggle of her eyebrows before rearing up and placing the Gallus doll beside the Trixie and Starlight dolls already resting on the mantle. “There, much better.”

By "ways" does she mean access to the master key ring?

“Yeah, it was gr– UUUURRRRPPPP!” Letting loose a loud belch, Gallus at least had the good sense to look embarrassed as Starlight turned to him with a disapproving look in her eyes. “... Excuse me.”

Nice one

Got a source on that pic?

the moment i saw that title, this popped into my head:

Gallus was taken aback. From what he recalled from reading up on pony history and traditions in class, getting to place the star on top of the tree was kind of seen as a big deal. They’re probably just being nice while I’m here, he figured as he took the star in his talons. Spreading his wings, he flew up to the top of the tree and placed the star into place.

least it's not the candy cane from G3. *shudders*

This story also reminds me of another Gallus, Starlight, Trixie Story. Shoot stars? or something like that.

Two Hearths warmings ago Best Gift Ever?

Plot twist: Trixie had an affair with a griffon leading yo Gallus and explaining his fur color.

This is good and warms the heart.

Great story! It was pretty nice and heartwarming.

A nice story. I've seen plenty of "Gallus gets adopted" stories, and I admittedly like the concept, but most of them rush through the concept too quickly and just feel unbelievable to me. This one, however, manages to shake that enough that the core intent of the fic manages to outshine enough that little problem, as it should be. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, this fic deserves more likes than it's getting really. As... yeah, most stories do the adoption bit but they kinda rush through it, and miss the whole point. Don't just adopt the character, give us some fluffy feels outside of that and make us believe the character who's being adopted wants to be adopted by those adopting them.

*crosses fingers this is about a LinkinPark song* :3

Really nice story. I enjoyed reading it :)

Because Gallus needs some love too!

What are you talking about? Gallus needs all the love.

I cry in joy for Bluebirb. Bluebirb is happy now.

Starlight and trixie came in clutch with this.

”Somewhere I Belong” - also known as ”Gallus and His Two Aunts”. :trixieshiftright:

Oh my goodness, this was a beautifully crafted masterpiece. The characters were all spot on - their personalities, dynamics, quirks, everything. The emotions were really powerful - not overly sappy, but the right amount of power in them (each time Gallus reflects feels spot on to me). And just the progressive narrative that comfortably guides you along.

This felt like an amazing conclusion to Gallus’s family issues and the start of a better life for the griffon and his two loving mares. (*Now I want to see these 3 together more often...*)

Definitely deserves as many likes as it can get. Pretty much flawless execution throughout.

The Trixie in your inspiration image is surprisingly buff for a stage magician. Is she a muscle wizard?



The linked inspiration is gone.

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