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Starlight gets so preoccupied with whether or not she could, that she didn't stop to think if she should.

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Poor Celestia.

Amusing, but I think the light innuendo at the start might warrant a Teen rating.

Poor whatever room and papers Celestia was in

Do you watch markiplier or did you watch that video yourself?

“I have armed the tentacle, with a Swiss Army knife!”

DWL I needed this today.

I sincerely thank you for having a questionable search history.

I have seen the video before, but I thank you for your contribution in the form of this fanfiction

After magicking a glass of glass milk and chugging it down, the pink unicorn panted a few breaths, wiping her mouth with the side of her foreleg. "What!? I don't have that kind of money," she exclaimed before burping. "Sweet Celestia, excuse me."

What's glass milk?

What innuendo?

Rarity simply understands being interrupted in the middle of work could really disrupt one's flow.

I appreciate the concern, but that'd be like bumping up a film's rating solely because of a joke someone snuck into one scene of the movie.


Discord's favorite beverage, of course.

*Promptly fixes mistake*

Ahh yes that makes sense.

good fic lit

Almost as scary as a crab with a knife.

that's the only counter here, summon a crab with a knife and hope the tentacle doesn't find a mallet

Lets hope it isn’t banished to the moon or sun. Discord only knows what kind of damage it could inflict.

"Wait... driftwood?"

I love how this is considered more important than the fact that 'the soul of angry sea urchin' is on the ingredients list.

A dangerous device power by a soul?
I wonder where our author might have heard of such things ... :raritywink:

You could put a corpse in front of me, or torture someone and force me to watch, I wouldn’t care, but the sight of a tentacle in a box wielding a small dagger, would invoke such primal fear into me, I would probably devolve back into an ape

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