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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".


After Trixie threw Starlight Glimmer's plant, Phyllis, into a trash can, Starlight and some of her friends struggle to restart Phyllis's "heart". Princess Twilight Sparkle would go as far as to risk Equestria's existence to save Phyllis's life.

Will Phyllis be saved? Or will there be a plant funeral?

And will Trixie's heart survive the sheer ridiculousness of the "crisis"?

Happens immediately after the season 9 episode "A Horse-Shoe In".

Last but definitely not least, special thanks to flutterJackdash for helping me edit this story.

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Yup. This was just as funny as I thought it was gonna be :rainbowlaugh:

YES!!!! Phyllis is gonna be ok!!!!

Well...there’s five minutes of my life I’ll never get back

Phyllis DID survive, according to Kelly Sheridan. :rainbowlaugh:


From the Rainbow laughing emote I take it that it was a good thing.

In which case, glad you like it!


It was a close call, but she made it, thanks to a spell from Starlight!


Real glad you enjoyed it so much!


I take it you didn't care for this one, huh?


And this is how she survived!

Or at least it's a silly headcannon on how it happened :rainbowlaugh:

No I did, it just took five minutes longer than it should’ve


*In Starlight's "I see" voice* I see.

P.S. There’s gonna be another Top 10 stories list in about a month which you may or may not make, if you write anything that really catches my attention like the other one did


Hmm, honestly this feel kind of... dry :unsuresweetie:

Good idea, but for me, the execution was too predictable, and repeatable.

Then again, humor is subjective so...

I'm glad I didn't leaf this off of my to todo list.
This story did grow on me.

I saw a store that sold Phyllis cheese steaks.
Don't tell Starlight.



"Dry" huh? I'll keep that in mind and see if I can add a bit more unpredictability in future stories like these if I can.


Thanks and glad you enjoyed it!

And I won't tell Starlight.



You need to spice things up, make it less linear, less predictable, with some lovely funny narration. Look at this one:

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That's what I mean. This is one disaster after another, and every few seconds the reader is like 'WTF?! I didn't expect that!'

And a few more examples:

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Of course, that's just MHO :unsuresweetie:


Hmm. I'll check those out later.

There's one story I wrote a while back that is more unpredictable than this one. But I might've went the other way and overdid it a bit in that one, though the story didn't do "bad".

EYou Wanted to Use a Spell?!
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I'm glad to see that Phyllis made it and Trixie being the "normal" one, I certainly didn't expect that!


I'll admit: it was surprisingly fitting having Trixie be the normal one. Still don't know why.


Well I could see her being the one being the one finding it ridiculous that Starlight would be so distraught over a plant. Sunburst may find it odd but would want to be supportive, same with Twilight.

The Phyllis cheesesteak is real.
They eat weird things in my 'hood.

Okay, the first few minutes I read it was really funny. But I felt it dragged on to long. Well you still get a thumbs up!

Love the Airplane vibe comedy in this. Really nice stuff, kept me chuckling throughout.


It went on a bit too long huh? I'll keep that in mind in future stories like these. Still glad you enjoyed it!


Glad you liked it!


Glad you liked it, and your story looks interesting, so I'll give it a read later.

“Okay, this is getting out of hoof! All this is for a plant?! And plants don’t even have hearts!”

Ahem. Artichokes would beg to differ, you plantist.

I thought I knew you, Trixie. I thought I knew you.

Gotta love these crackfics.

I don't know how to react to this other than grin at it like i'm the Joker from Batman :rainbowlaugh:


I'd say the Joker will approve of that :rainbowlaugh:

Reviewed - read here or here.

Oh my Celestia! This is hilarious! Maybe there should be an alternate ending where Phyllis "dies" and it's ghost haunts Trixie!


I call dibs on making a fanfiction like that!

Things are crazy when TRIXIE is the sane one.

Sunburst’s eyes in turn widened. “Oh, no! Give her CPR, Starlight, and I’ll look for help!”

"Is there an Earth Pony in the house?!"

I could not stop laughing while reading this.

Damn we almost lost her, why did no one call a botanist, or a biologist.

Botanist: you do know plants down have hearts.

Shut up what do you know, your just some stupid person who studied plants for years

okay twilight and starlight
the school is on fire and trixe's there and the plant what/who do you save
um erm
both " THE PLANT
seriously you're saving a plant over a living breathing pony I always knew you weren't mean to rule cuz you gonna let everyone die all for a plant's nonexistent life

Greets author! You will be pleased to know that there's a Phyllis tag now, so now we can give best plant the representation she deserves. And since your fic has been added to her official cult- ahem group, we invite you to do so.

Only if you want to of course :)

Be as it may, have a good day and thanks for writing this!


I didn't know Phyllis had a tag now. Good to know; I just added the tag to the story.

Thanks for letting me know :twilightsmile:

Nunca había leído un historia tan hilarante

This story was hilarious, I couldn't contain myself!

Plant lives matter and this show it. Great work!


Plant lives matter indeed, and glad you liked the story!

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