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The Great and Powerful Trixie is appalled upon watching the new episode. While many of her friends (and others that she feels are less important than her) got plenty of screen time in the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic intro, all she got were a few blurry frames. What's worse, that shot of her was edited in; she wasn't invited to the filming sessions, or even the group photo at the end! Demanding answers, Trixie goes to Twilight Sparkle.

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Okay, this is just too funny! :rainbowlaugh:

Will there be more chapters or is this a one shot?

The Great and Powerful Trixie deserves better.

Trixie was in the intro? Where?

It's near the beginning. Just as Rainbow Dash comes out of her spinning loop, if you look at the bottom-right, you can sort of see her. It's only for a split second. She's standing next to Derpy (at least I think it's Derpy. Dangit she should've appeared more, too!)

I agree...

It's just a one shot. Aaaaannnd I just realized that I didn't set the story to "Complete". Whoops! Fixed lol

This was a really fun story.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Ri2 #7 · Apr 3rd, 2018 · · ·

...Trixie actually has a good point. She kinda DOES deserve to be in the photo. Why the heck were Snips, Snails, Zecora, or some of the others there? They barely do anything! And two of them are freaking SNIPS AND SNAILS.

My thoughts exactly!

This was funny. And kinda sad.

Sad and funny. Sunny :trollestia:

How the hell did a meta story get cleared for uploading on here?


I love a good title drop, especially when it's that dramatic and at the end.

Celestia, the Princess of Puns

Glad you liked it haha. I was struggling to find a good end to the story, then I looked at the title and was like "Oh!"

Hahaha. It's great fun!

:rainbowlaugh: This is hilarious!

Are you talking about the season 8 intro? I only just noticed she was there! Man, is she blurry!

Aaaand that's the point that Trixie has issues with, thus the fic. HEYO!!

And there was one other thi--- IT'S FREAKING SNIPS AND SNAILS!

Yeah, she deserves better...

I remember people complaining about that when that version of the intro was first shown lol. Well, that and Twilight's wings XD

Yeah, I was in the boat of 'ACK, SHOW SUCKS NOW BECAUSE SHE HAS WINGS!' Now, it's not so bad anymore.

Only feels like yesterday people were raging about dem wings. Amazing how far the show and the fanbase has come since then haha

Actually, judging by the descriptions of every episode this season, it's a good thing Trixie is not in the group photo.

Cause it looks like she'll only be in one episode this season. The random students at the school appear more than her.

Because she doesn't live in Ponyville and the outskirts like all the others.

Plus all the characters in the picture are ponies you can see in town on a regular basis. Unlike Trixie. Same reason you didn't see Cadence, Shining Armor, or Discord in the photo.

Yeah, now people are raging about other stuff in the show. Namely Starlight, but I for one think she's gotten better since the season 5 finale. Her backstory is still bulls*yaay*.

Yep there are plenty of problems with Starlight, but I still like her. She's awkward but adorable at the same time haha

And then after an endless amount of begging from Trixie, Twilight agrees to reshoot the intro just to get her to shut up.

"Let Me Be In The Show Riiiiiiiiiiiiicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Glad I'm not the only one complaining :D, feels great.

"Woo!" cheered Trixie. "Da Preat and Gowerful Twixie is best ponyyyyy!"

No, Pinkie is. :pinkiehappy:

The funny thing is that sounds exactly like something Trixie would do.

That certainly went an interesting direction :rainbowderp:

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