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After the incidents with Both MoonDancer and Starlight Glimmer, Twilight decides to organize a three day retreat for her Canterlot friends and the unicorns she has helped redeem.

(Takes place and written before Season 6)

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good first chapter. this sounds like it is going to be one fun read!looking forward with great interest for chapter two! kudos to you!

A great start. :twilightsmile: Everyone's done well so far and it looks like it'll be a very sweet read. Faving

Twilight, Starlight, Trixie, Sunset, Moon Dancer, Lyra, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Twinkleshine? All in the same castle?

As awkward as it is now, it could get even more so if the Canterlot unicorns are less forgiving of Sunset and Trixie than Twilight was. Twilight kind of ignored them before moving to Ponyville... Sunset downright insulted them in her comic backstory.

Hmm, interesting. I like it, but calling it a Unicorn retreat, kinda sounds a bit racist, just a bit. Also, there is no real common thread between all of them. Sure Trixie, Sunset, and Starlight are all similar, but the others are ponies that Twilight did wrong by. It's like two completely different catagories brought together for some reason. If the reason is just to have some sort of magic convention with the Unicorns in her life, then why isn't Rarity invited? or Shining? Or her parents? Just curious is all.

This will be fun. I can't wait for Sunset and the others to arrive and mingle.

They thought the Apple Family Reunion was wild! What happens when nine tiny unicorns take the weekend off to nerd out over magic and food?

It's off to a good start. I'm looking forward to this.

No dislikes! You're meeting all my standards!


Excellent start so far, I've been waiting for a story like this Trixie, Sunset and Starlight, 3 of Twilight's former rivals I guess all gathered in the same place, love that your including Moondancer as well, if Twilight's Unicorn Canterlot friends are all attending as well, im surprised Lyra isn't already there seeing as how she lives in Ponyville as well, anyway, again, excellent start, can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I could this being a show

I like how this is going so far. Starlight seems pretty chill about being Spikes assistant (in a way) and it should be fun to watch everyone tell their stories around the campfire! I mean fireplace. Looking forward to more,

Fascinating opening. Really looking forward to how this story progresses.

Okay I half expected Starlight to react very aggressively to Trixie given she pretty much represents everything Starlight detests (lording one's talent over other ponies) but this is a redeemed Trixie so maybe Starlight and her can get along. I expect Starlight to more easily bond with Sunset due to their similar falls to the dark side and both almost causing the end of the world (Trixie was influenced by the Alicorn Amulet, it's not the same).

Not sure what Moondancer and the others will contribute to the story as of now but I'll track this for now. You have my curiosity, give us updates and we'll see if you can earn my attention.


It's not racist to call something what it is. It's a retreat for unicorns, ergo it is a unicorn convention. A miracle of unicorns, if you will. If they're going to be discussing unicorn-related things, what's the point in inviting pegasi and earth ponies. And if it's only unicorns, why generalize the name? "Pony convention. Present horn for admission."

That'd be like calling Cloudsdale racist for being relatively inaccessible to any other kind of pony.

6904116 True, I was woried about it being exclusively for Unicorns because the description mentioned inviting ponies she'd helped redeem. I thought, what if someone fell into that catergory but wasn't a Unicorn, Discord for example. However, if the purpose of this is to explore the potential of Unicorn magic, then yeah it's perfectly alright to call it that. Having said that, Discord is a magic user, couldn't he help?

This looks like it's going to be a good story. I'm certain that Spike is happy that he doesn't have to do the cleaning.
I am also looking forward to the meetings of the others.

Now your chance, girls! Jump Twilight when she comes back and vengeance will be yours!:trixieshiftright:

Ah, that many crazy unicorns in one place, time to find out just how durable Twilight's castle is. Especially with how Sunset likes practical experiments more than pure book study. Too bad they couldn't invite Princess Luna too to the reformed villain mini-convention also taking place. Wonder what Moondancer is up to.

Bacon, blueberry and purple. Three of the best flavours in the world, under a rock candy roof, soon to be followed by: mint, toothpaste and marshmallow 3.0. Paper is the host.

Rarity stepped forward and put her hands on Sunset’s shoulders.

“Go on, and have fun, darling, I’m sure everything will turn out fine.”

“Besides,” Rainbow Dash added, “you seriously need more horse friends”

Very nice. :rainbowlaugh:

So far I love all your characterizations. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.

Twilight Sparkle's MO: Shoot with rainbows or give friendship speech. Yeah, that sounds about right.

This is going to be fun when the others turn up. I wonder how everypony is going to react to eachother.

I really liked this chapter especially Minuette's reaction to Starlight and Moon Dancer's introduction.

Aw, taking a break from this story makes me sad. It was just getting to the point of it. Aw well, looking forward to more soon.

Too bad your going to focus on other stories now, this was just getting so good. :twilightsmile:

Well now, this looks promising. Although, I noticed Twilight very carefully not bringing up the fact that Sunset tried to straight up murder her while Starlight's time travel shenanigans pretty much ended Equestria. Interesting discrepancy there: does Twilight consider an attempted murder on Sunset's part to be worse than time alteration that results in any one of numerous apocalypses, or is Starlight's failed plot such common knowledge she can't really hide it but is trying to spare Sunset any harsh feelings?

Regardless, this seems like a nice fic. Wish I'd found it sooner, to be perfectly honest.

6932947 Intresting Question, and the answer is pretty much that Sunset and Twilight are trying to keep the Mirror and the human world a secret, So Sunset being secretive is coming from that. Starlight is the one who was most recently redeemed, so her sins are weighing on her the most, if that makes any sense.

“Maybe, but we were all students at the School for Gifted Unicorns,” Twilight said as Starlight gave a muted grunt

X-Men reference? It sounds line one. :heart: :derpytongue2: :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesmile: :yay:


... It's known as Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns multiple times in canon.

Even so, it sounds like a reference to Charles Xavior's School for Gifted Youngsters to me.

Even so, is still cool. By the way, I really love it so far. Now if shipping got in, all hell would break loose.
Honestly, being an aspiring author myself, even as a teen, stories like this inspire what I wrote because even if I don't like the concept.
Also, puppies.
:derpytongue2: :twilightsmile:

I bet 10 bits, this is human Applejack.

Day 2, Part 2??? Did I miss a chapter?
Oh and of course: What on Equestria is up with Applejack?:applejackconfused:

Speaking of, what happened with the other things Sunset brought throught the portal? She was curious about what the portal would do to them, but after going through there's nothing about what happened to them.

This was a good chapter as usual. Sunset's lecture is nice and Applejack's behaviour is weird.

More. Also I would like to we a story where the human world has an official first contact with Equestria (and Twilight's human friends meet their pony counterparts)

7035628 Nah, I don't think she'd have enough skills with her hooves to make breakfast if she was. Sunset was having trouble walking and she was born a pony. It's still pretty funny (and silly) to see AJ wandering around with a sugar cone on her head though, lol. :ajsmug:

I'd half expect Human!Lyra to be obsessed with Unicorns, because why the hell not. Really, AJ? *Facehoof* Sounds like somepony had hard cider for breakfast.

Found an oopsie in the second paragraph:

Twinkleshine new she was romanticizing

Should be "Knew" ... don't stress about it, just letting you know.


Well, they *could* kick Applejack out, but then the yummy food would go away, so they're kind of stuck. (Also, Twilight's friends are just enjoying the chance to mess with her a little.)

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