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The gang takes some time to relax when Rarity starts a conversation about a seemingly inappropriate comic series.

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I think that as a one shot it's perfect. Very enjoyable

Rarity finds out her friends like things that she doesn't.

Take out Rarity and that's basically how Internet debates get started.

Scyphi #3 · Oct 7th, 2019 · · 2 ·

Yup. Rarity disliking something. That's always it, without exception. She certainly dislikes a lot of things, doesn't she? :rainbowlaugh:

Ah yes, the comic with Firenze the gardener was quite delectable.

I was speaking more about people in general.

Rarity, what do you think Pound Cake is?

Hillbe #7 · Oct 7th, 2019 · · 1 ·

:duck: I blame it all on Spikey Wikey.......

That Rarity sure is a contentious pony.

Congrats on getting featured!!

Probably the single best Russian Reversal story I read on this site; excellent work!


Yeah, Rare. Humans are pretty cool with their giant robots and flowery swordswomen.

And I was being funny. :raritywink:

Alondro #13 · Oct 7th, 2019 · · 7 ·

I don't mind it when my friends like things I don't.

I accepted long ago that no one can be as perfect as I am. :trollestia:


Has there been a contest recently? This is the second fanfic I've seen today that uses comics as a metaphor for Friendship is Magic.

Oh you, Rarity! :duck:

This story is good.

It's because we're supposedly getting continuation of MLP:FIM in comic form.

Oh Rarity, you hypocrite xD

Nicely done. Definitely did not expect that ending. :moustache:

Wanderer D

It's 2011 all over again.

Reaching underneath, she pulled out a metal box with a five-digit combination lock.

Well, that took me back to → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQnIL-XPerQ

And somehow, we never seem to get to the part where Twilght explains, "They aren't that fictional. Hay, I've been a human a few times."

Not that anypony would ever believe anything that preposterous...

Excellently done! I was half-expecting an appearance from world-famous pugilist Tommy Ray Handley.

Yes the MLP comics by IDW will do season 10. Not sure if the stories will just be in the existing Friendship is Magic title or a separate series "Friendship is Magic Season 10".

A bit heavy-handed with the parallels, but still most amusing.

:facehoof: "Right, that's it."
:raritydespair: "Wha— Twilight! Put me down this instant!"
:twilightsmile: "Nope. We're going to the portal, and you're going to see how full of horseapples you are."
:raritycry: "Twilight! Twilight, I'll look hideous with fingers. Twilight, you've told me about the portal, we both know it can't possibly dress me to my standards! Twilight, please sto-ho-ho-hawwwwp!"

You should be honest with your friends, Rarity.

But not about Battle Buddies. No one can ever know. Not even Opal.

Ah, sweet, naive Rarity...don't you know there are no secrets in a town that small? It's only a matter of time.

One would think that having her five best friends in the world all have positive reactions to the thing she secretly likes would make Rarity less inclined to keep it in the closet. But, eh, it's a joke.

One must, after all, keep up appearances.

But... imagine if word got out! One accidental utterance and the world would fall on her! The horror of being a permanent outcast always to be shunned and looked down in for all of history! I need a fainting couch... this is too much!

I want to say that sounds ridiculous, but I found it far too relatable.

The gulitiest of guilty pleasures!

I find this a little too relatable, in a good way though. This was a fun read and a great one shot.

This is vereh epicc! I actually had a similar idea to this one! Good execution my boi!

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