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Just another teenage wanabee fanfiction writer, though I personally hope to do my best in whatever story I write! Fan of all kinds of art, especially music, books and animation. Chinese and gay.



Twilight's been dissatisfied with Spike's literary skills as of late, thus casuing her to give Spike a journal. He's not amused, but what can he do?

No matter how much he dislikes the thing, it's his duty to write in it whenever something of note happens. Little does he know that some very interesting stuff is to come...

An observation of what Spike could have wrote in such a book, covering all 26 episodes of Season 1. Also contains some pages from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

(NOTE:This story was written when I was ten, but please don't let you turn that off! I think that the sequel, Spike's Journal 2, is better, but I am proud that I was able to gain so many likes at such an age. Enjoy!)

Now has a sequel.

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Well, we've definitely had these kinds of things before, but I don't know of any from Spike's perspective. Let's take a look!

Going to get a look inside the show from the pov of Spike. Can't wait to read upcoming chapters from writing about his time in Ponyville. So far, very good. :pinkiehappy:

Could use some editing on this one, but overall it's fairly good. Let's see if you can get this any further!

@karl-Really? Well, I'm happy to be introduce something new. Also, you're lucky: I was originally going to make the episodes humanized until I saw EG's true designs! *Shudders*
@123daleful-Don't worry, Holy Week is coming up, and I'm religious and so is my school. Whole week of vacation, moar entries!
@NejinOwina:E heh heh...I'm ten, so I'm not the best writer in the universe. I'll fix it when I can, and thanks for the positive comment!

Though I enjoyed this story very much, I must say that your age of Twilight is off.
You must remember that ponies are not like humans, and age differently than we do.
Therefore, Twilight cannot be nineteen.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Otherwise a very enjoyable story. It is going on my favourite list!!
:pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

Excellent premise.
If Twilight is indeed 19, then I'd place Spike at 14 or more.

Ponies cannot fly and do magic either, since all the ponies in the show are very different from ponies in real life, we can assume that they have a longer lifespan(maybe even have the same lifespan that humans have)

2270378 You're just ten? :rainbowderp: I'm 14 and I think I can safely say that you write better than I do...

This please me. :3 Keep at it, mate. :duck:

I'm not sure if the mistakes are on purpose, or if it's just because Spike can't write very well. Anyhoo, it's promising. :moustache:

hmm twilight with a mild case of asergers... we are more alike then i originally thought

2270461-Thanks! I like to believe that unicorns age the same as humans but live twice as long, earth ponies age normal and live four times longer, and pegasi age slightly slower and live slightly longer than men. Hope that clears things up!::twilightsmile:
2270548-Thanks for the nice comment!::pinkiehappy:
2270574-Almost exactly what I believe.:raritywink:
2270582-...to tell you the truth, I'm Filipino-Chinese. That surprise you?:trollestia::ajbemused:
2270658-Glad you liked it!:raritystarry:
2270779-Wow! Was it really that funny? :rainbowhuh:
2270857-They are mine except for the paragraph spacing mistakes-that's Spike's fault. Fixing it right now.:rainbowdetermined2:
2270971-:twilightblush:Woah, my ears hurt, that sounded like Isabel Kabra shouting to her henchmen. Glad you liked it.
2271837-Who? me or Twilight(who is sill best pony!)?:unsuresweetie::twilightblush::applejackconfused:

I shall be looking forward to this story. Keep it up! :raritystarry:

Woo Hoo! Aspergers Twi headcannon accepted, partly due to my own diagnosis.

This looks interesting. Just one error I caught...

"Twilight got wings and went rough a portal "

Shouldn't that be through?

2274668-Oh, i seem to have one too, but I'm really not sure yet.
2275674-Hmm, lots of people on the internet seem to have minor diseases these days!
2276327-Glad you enjoyed it!

It may be long, but if you shortened the name to something, like, The Institute of Epic And Awesome Spells, it would be cooler and would look pretty kickin' on a resume.

And I would rather like to see more of this

2288147-Ok, I'll consider that for next chapters. Also, a note to everypony: Please don't swear, some of my friends are visiting this page.

2337402- I accidentally posted the next chapter....sorry bout that!

In a way I kind of feel bad for Spike in this fimfic, because he keeps saying "her" friends and not "our" friends, like he doesn't even feel like he belongs to be with Twilight and the other mares :pinkiesad2:. Very good fimfic though. :pinkiehappy:

Darn Pinkie Pie, she gives me bad indigestion..lol...Great chapter. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

2339386-What cwiis said. In the real cartoon, you'll notice he does not make long contact with anyone except Twilight and rarity until Season 1 is almost done.

Lol...I love this fimifc. Spike is hilarious in it. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

2343912-Glad you liked it!
2344153-Sorry, but when I saw "Monty" I thought "A Series of Unfortunate Events. His name is actually a combination: since Angel is usually a girls name and he appears to be a boy, Angelo. Palov is a reference from Friendship is Witchcraft, which I was also inspired by-humorous, but kept clean by no swears. And Carrot is a reference to Friendship is Dragons, where Fluttershy's pet is an original NPC named Karrot. I added "The Third" for satire.


What does this "-Was about to call a liquor shop (I thought liquor was like licorice), when her dad grabbed the phone and rushed to explain that the person talking was his son (which is sorta true), and that he only drank non-alcoholic cider and punch." mean ?

2349113-Spike was about to call for alcohol(which is also called liquor), because he thought that it was licorice, which was a type of candy. Twilight's dad stopped him, and explained that he didn't drink.

HA!:rainbowlaugh: This is great. Keep em' coming.:pinkiehappy::moustache:


Does Spike sees Twilight's dad as his dad ?

Hahaha.. a completely different lesson again he learned. Lol..Spike is crazy! :moustache:

I'm going to try to make a nut pie now and see what happens

The way you look at it, through out season 1 Spike barely had character growth.
When he does get his moment to shine; then bam he gets his episodes bashing occurs.
Season 2 excluded from most episodes. Gets ripped on for not being a Dragon. Get's hazed by
teen dragons. Obtains a baby Phoenix. Is excluded from further episodes.
Season 3 saves the Crystal empire. Recieves character bashing in 'Spike at your service'.
Is uninvited to Crystal empire for the Equestrian games; despite the fact he SAVED the empire.
(Cadence is a troll :trollestia:) Gave up the exact same Phoenix from 'dragon quest'.
Looks after the mane 6's pets.
:moustache:: Sucks doesn't it?

'Magical Mystery Cure' Twilight ascends to princess / Alicornhood.
She WILL have servants, maids, cooks and etc., making Spike unemployed.

I'm a fan of the Mane 6 and Spike.

2365807 I agree. Spike might become the leader of the mane 6 (well 5 now). Twilight did bring up about his leadership skills
in that episode. Here is wishful thinking for season 4. :moustache:

Comment posted by KARLOS1234IFY deleted Apr 3rd, 2013

Clearly Spike has never had a good old-fashioned pecan pie. And that's terrible. :pinkiesad2:

2368480-Hey, I didn't but the "horrible" part there, cwiis did!



Seeing the "romance' tag. Who is getting shipped ?

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