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Main Bio on profile. Favorite pony is Applejack, however, Fluttershy will always have my heart. Spike is best character to me. I'm a gamer, writer, and love to read. Photo by Joakaha from DeviantArt


As Twilight comes across another new book, she notices that there was a spell that had a peculiar outcome: nothing! She cant believe that this is true and wants to try it out. However, she needs someone to test it on...more specifically an irritated dragon, wanting to go to sleep.

Edit: This story has been Featured! Woo!

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So, basically it's a "No Fucks Given" spell...

This should be good, and cause some interesting interactions if he leaves any other girls like he did Sweetie

Lets just see what happens.:raritywink:

You should totally make it more than three chapters. That..... that was awesome. I can't even begin to explain it. How he talked to Twi, then his compliment to Sweetie. Oh man, I haven't laughed like that in months. I needed that, thanks :rainbowlaugh:

Sweetie Belle's in love with Spike.


Holy Shit this is amazing more my dude!

Sweet! I was hoping it would actually make my readers laugh!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Aura Zero deleted Nov 5th, 2014

Thanks! And more will be given very soon.:ajsmug:

Holy crap this is amazing! I want moooooore!!

Well more will be here soon!:raritywink:

Spike's shit o meter got reset

More like turned off.:moustache:

This... is interesting. Though to be safe I think I'll wait another chapter or two before passing judgement.

If you wait wait for two then you will reach the end of the story.:moustache:

Twilight had her head buried in her usual encyclopedia . Spike asked her a pointless question and got the standard "Uh Ha That's nice" answer.
"THE kitchens on fire!":moustache: "That's nice":twilightsmile:
The Crusaders smashed up the bed room":moustache: "That's nice":twilightsmile:
"Tyrec free and attacking again !":moustache: "That's nice":moustache:
"I got Rarity pregnant" :moustache: "YOU DID WHAT SPIKE!":twilightoops:" Gotcha":moustache:
"Spikey poo , We need to talk my precious scales":duck: "I'm with child":raritywink: "where?":moustache: "Nooooooo!":raritywink: Gotcha!":facehoof:

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A story where Spike speaks his mind and is the voice of reason, common sense, and 'Don't fuck with me by saying it's my fault/job to take care of and I just gotta sit here and take your shit just because we're friends or something'!
I just love your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:twilightsmile:

yeah, this is kind of interesting, also, goes to show you that honesty is not always the best policy...

Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh, hehehehehe, heh hahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAH--

Ahem. Carry on.

*desperately trying to keep insanity at bay*

I think it's more of a "Take No Shit" spell, but that works just as well.

A spell like this... it's a brutally effective weapon against the Canterlot Nobles.

Hit one of 'em with it while they're sleeping, and all of a sudden they're saying what they really think, rather than the pointless, passive-aggressive junk they usually spew.

And the vast majority of the nobility hates them for it... :pinkiecrazy:

I tried but I couldn't understand this.:applejackunsure:

5194153 '
Thanks! Im really glad you like it. more on here soon!

Good on you for noticing!:twilightsmile:

who says you have to hold back?

Go crazy. :moustache:

interesting name suggestion. :moustache:

Interesting notion. Shall It be created? :trixieshiftright:


If it is, I call dibs on using it on Blueblood first!

Very well, I am curious of the minds of Fancy Pants and Celestia. :moustache:

This seems interesting... Lose the Incomplete or get another chapter and I will read.

No, seriously, that's my motto when it comes to fics like these.

I want this to work out perfectly. No seriously. I want this to be the best thing ever for Spike.

well i just posted this story yesterday, however, the next chapter will be out soon. :twilightsmile:

this story or the spell? ::trixieshiftright:

5195972 Then you must be doing something right 'Cause it's in the featured box.

What?! Seriously? Holy S#!+ that's awesome! Never thought id make it there!

..... How do I check for this?

5195995 ... Dude... Front page. It's 6th from the top.

Well Sweet! I feel accomplished! I must keep the fire burning strong and deliver another tasteful chapter!:moustache:

5196007 *Brain.exe has quit working.*
*Would you like to throw more ponies at it? y/n*

*Reloading chamber*
*Taking aim*

It's a spell that does nothing but harsh truth.

5195974 both. Everyone expects this to go bad for him. I saw let it be all good on his end and bad only for a few others you can give a revelation to about how they have treated him

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