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[GoldenVerse side fic.] After Raindrops brings up some unsettling facts about Spike, Twilight and Rarity are forced to take a look at themselves and their treatment of a young Drake who has been a major part of their life. For Twilight, it's the role of a mother who's taken for granted and ignored her son for most of his life. For Rarity, it's the treatment of a very special friend as free labor.

After their bout of introspection, they work to make it up to him, and grow themselves along the way. This is the Momma Twi, Sparity fic I mentioned in the comment section of "Getting Ready".

Cover Art: http://neko-me.deviantart.com/
[Sidenote: If you like this bit of art. Drop neko a line, Neko does lots of rather good art. Well worth the money for the art.]

Editor: Kingtiger666

First fic of the Goldenverse: Golden Wings

Chapters (10)
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What's goldenverse

Explain how this has one view but three likes and one dislike.

I hadn't even read Golden Wings... but now I'm going to. I'm looking forward to this more though! Being ignorant of the other story means I can say this with complete confidence.

I particularly like Spike's oblivious and clearly focused on Twilight's happiness attitude here, as I think it's a lot closer to his canon portrayal than the Spike that's suddenly frustrated with Twilight for not treating him like family.

Basically... not noticing that he's treated poorly, since it's par for the course for him, is what I expect, but it's clearly not healthy, and his low self esteem that crops up could be definitely caused by a lack of the sort of unconditional parental affection that children need to a degree.

Views are only updated every 20 minutes (or so), but likes and dislikes are updated in real-time. The one view you see, probably, is the author uploading the document to Fimfiction.

Huh, this should be interesting. Can't wait to see where you go with this.


Thanks :twilightsmile:.


Stories revolving around Golden Wings part one of the Golden Saga, and the fics revolving around the Golden Saga [including the story Strawberry Muffins]. Retro-actively named it that since I started before S4, but S4 is different than the Golden Saga branched into.


I honestly have no idea.


Thank you :twilightsmile:, yep it's that canon mentality that I'm going to be playing with here. Sure there are things that he's been sad about lately [will be going into later], but yeah
he's devoted to Twilight.

I tried a story along similar themes like this last year at this time. It didn't go well for me, and I hope this has much more success than that work had.


I'm hoping that since this is part of Golden Wings, that those who like that fic, will love following a side of it that happens in the background of the main one. But nonetheless, thank you for your well wishes. I hope it works out as well.

If you'd like to send a link. I'd like to see that story :twilightsmile:.

he's accustomed to the "abuse," he doesn't know any other way of living than in the state that seems to be appalling to most ponies... kinda reminds me of the time I tried to count the times Spike's been abused in the series (I stopped after the first episode at around 7 when hasbro decided to take the episodes off youtube)

but having said that, I can't wait to read more of this and see where it's going

Isn't Alicorn flu only happens to Alicorns?


Actually "Alicorn" means Wing-Horn, and the Alicorn Flu is called that since it effects any pony with a Wing or a Horn. And of course Alicorn's have both so it hits them just as it would a Pegasi / Moori [Thestral/Bat Pony], Unicorn, or Changeling. Earth Ponies, Buffalo, Donkey's and Mules are unaffected by that strain of flu. Hope that cleared that up?

4887262 What about dragons?

There's been a lot of quality Spike stories over the past month or so it seems. It's definitely a nice change of pace. This fic is very good.

Question, do we have to read the main fic for this to make sense or will it stand on it's own. I've already noticed several things that must be references to the main fic, but nothing super important. I only ask because this seems really good but I don't really want to get invested in a whole universe of fics.

Not a bad start and it does a good job exploring the psychology of the characters but I'm left wishing we had seen the conversation with Raindrops.

With that, Spike left Fluttershy’s cottage. As he neared Ponyville Proper, he saw Rarity barrelling towards him, mascara running down her face. Before he could say a word, he was glomped and found himself laying on his back looking up at Rarity who was weeping all over him.

“Um … Yeah, I could never hold anything against you, Rarity,” Spike replied in a confused daze. He didn’t like to see the ponies important to him sad, but he had so many fantasies of Rarity laying on top of him... Of course, those fantasies usually involved clouds raining candied gems, and a swimming pool filled with chocolate pudding.

Seems like there's a bit of dialogue missing between these two paragraphs, other than that, great story.


Hmmm ... That would be an interesting species jump. Possible, but depends on if the dragons have horns [not spines] or wings.


Thanks :twilightsmile:.


Bits in peices will be referenced, but nothing really that'd make you have to read the main fic for it to make sense. Although I'll start adding stuff to the A/N. So that those who don't want to read it won't have to.

Basically the main thing that you need to know. Raindrops is a Jill-of-all-Trades social worker. Found Scoots eating out of a dumpster and took her in. Discovered that Scoots has been stealing bits and stuff for survival, and went around paying off everypony.

Saw Spike, and had to do her duties as a social worker looking after a child's best interest. Found out that well ... Spike is Spike [crack's and holes in the scales from being a living pincushion; learning that he basically does a stallions job [several of them] for no money at all; sleeps in a dog basket; etc.] and told Twilight to fix the problem in a weeks time. Then chewed out Rarity.

The Party is basically Scootaloo coming out in the open to those she wronged and apologizing. Of course doesn't work that way since Rarity learns about it from Sweets. And Rarity gabs to Fluttershy in public where everypony can hear and it spreads. Oh! And might pop up from time to time, but CMC made Potion cupcakes, and one of them accidentally summoned Trixie.

That is literally everything you need to know about GW up to now. If you don't want to read the fic itself. But yeah, the side fics, while they will reference the main one(s) really can be enjoyed on their own. With minimal to no real understanding of the main fic.

Hope that helps.


If you want you can take a peek at Getting Ready Just hit CTRL+F: ~Today~ .

That's the whole convo with Twilight and Rares. Although I'll be addressing them in Chapter 2.


Must've gotten cut during one of the editing sessions with my editor :facehoof:. I feel a bit :derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2:. Glad you enjoyed the rest of it, and hope that didn't take too much from the fic.


might be a good idea to link that in the description

A comment that until recently had gone over her head until recently.

You need to get rid of one of those "until recently." Otherwise looks interesting and makes me want to read the main story.

That was really cute. Please post more (when you're ready).




More will be coming in a week or so.


The first story in the 'goldenverse'

4889339 Oh, there we go. Thanks!

4890270 Kind of wanted to do a story like this, but with a dragon child protection agent.


If you ever get to writing it, I'd be glad to read it. Spike could use all the love he can get :rainbowdetermined2:.

4890790 Indeed. :D I'm a little busy with my Pokemon fan fiction, but I'll consider doing it someday.

4890813 Yeah, I'm writing one.


Sweet. Good luck on it ^_^.


Read and PM'd you a comment :twilightsmile:.

Cool, side story! *Eats popcorn and sits down*

4889339 That does help a lot thank you.:twilightsmile: but seriously, summoning Trixie, with a cupcake? How's that even... whatever I'll just go with it.


Three words my friend. And when it clicks your mind will be blown. Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Now think of all the improbable, chaotic, and random things they do / generate when being themselves. And how they were powerful enough when there were only three of them to release Discord. And now there are six [well five +1 with a Cutie Mark].

4893938 Wait, there are six now? and one has their cutie mark? I think I missed something again.


Should've added that to the A/N. In the chapter "Defeat of a Bully". Dinky, Mango Dash, and Pips were added to the CMC. Recently, Apple Bloom got her Cutie Mark in potions / magical food creation. [adds this to the A/N].

4894825 Well that would explain the Trixie summoning cupcake.

i see it now in the newspaper " princess twilight neglectful mother" on the front page

Spike looked at Raindrops " Guess you know your job , But don't know anything about dragons"
Drops replied " All I know is you're a baby dragon" Spike sighed "Not this tissue again" As he waddled closer to Raindrop ,Looking her right in her eyes.
Drops continued "This abuse needs to be stopped & you need to go to school like other children" Spike put his claw under his snout & puffed a stream of green smoke in her face. "You haven't a clue do you? I was schooled in the finest arts, Song, Dance, Math, Accounting, Political protocol, International Finance, and all other skills it takes to be an assistant to a Princess plus have top secret clearance & crypto as a Royal messenger." Drop gasped
"You think you know me" Spike growled " I even had to learn the Dewey Decimal System for the Gosh danged LIBRARY" Drops looked away from him.
Spike dropped his voice to a whisper " You Cubical Hamsters just love to cause a mess don't you?" Spike waddled so she could see his eyes,
Spike crept closer to whisper in her ear, " Just leave us alone please, I like my boss & I really like Rarity, You're working so above your pay grade"
Drops looked at the drake " I'm just doing my job" A little sob slipping out. Spike grinned " I'll make a deal with you, Send Scoots to Rainbow as her ward and I'll drop in a good word to Princess Celestia" Raindrops eyes bugged out as her mouth hung open "What? You know Celestia?"
Spike smiled "Well yeah, She's my step mom sort of speaking, And quit calling me a baby, Gosh don't you know I'm 25 in pony years?"
Raindrop looked at her papers "twenty five? I see two point five" Spike gave her a wink" It's a typo, believe me what I'm feeling right now sure can't be from a baby":moustache::facehoof::raritywink::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::fluttercry::ajsleepy:



Here have some cookies. But yeah, I'm going to hook Spike up, and give him the love he deserves.

wish you would put the talk between twilight and raindrops


If you want you can take a peek at Getting Ready Just hit CTRL+F: ~Today~ .

That's the whole convo with Twilight and Rares. Although I'll be addressing them in Chapter 2.

Both Best Friend-ship for spike and rarity

Any of them sound good. You are a competent writer, and Spike is my personal fantasy persona, sometimes having a girls as a friend can be better than having her as a girlfriend.

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