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Ever since she was a filly Lyra Heartstrings dreamed of a filly as sweet and as amazing as her and her father's favorite treats. And every time she fell asleep she lived the life of Bon Bon, the filly of her dreams.

Ever since she was a filly Bon Bon dreamed of a filly that she drew. One that had the color scheme and body that she thought was the personification of her favorite flavor. And every time she fell asleep she lived the life of Lyra Heartstrings, the filly of her dreams.

Watch their journey as two dreamers, dream their dreams, and question where the line between reality and dreams being and end.

Inspired by a random comment by DeluxeMagnum69

Editor: AnonponyDASHIE

Coverart: The awesome and amazing IJAB.

Review: GrimWolf's Den. Tumblr by, GrimWolf

Now with a Youtube live reading: MLP Fanfictions live reading.


I had this sitting on my laptop for almost half a year now. So I thought that I would post it up.

Chapters (2)
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Wow, meeting your love through dreams, that's awesome!

The concept of seeing the love of your life through their eyes via dreams seems so surreal. Also the writer's comment: dreamception! Well written.

Comment posted by Blank-Slate deleted Jul 8th, 2014

The story is Fantastic, but Mr. and Mrs. Cake are not Pinkie's Parents srry but keep it the way it is
(Parents Names: Dad:Igneous Rock and Mom:Cloudy Quarts)


Never said the Cakes were her parents. When I said their parents I was talking about the ponies at the sleepover. That and we all know that the Cakes are like a second family to her when she left at a too young to be on her own, age in Ponyville [and has been living there since her arrival]. From the depths of child trauma centralville.

Oh okay I get the point thanks and by the way... Great story, truly a masterpiece.

Hello! I made a little review and analysis over this story. Hope you enjoy it:


I did thank you, and I'm I even have my very first Fanfic live reading. Today is the best day ever :twilightsmile:. I'm going to link both of those to my long description.

aww filly lyras so cute:pinkiehappy:



XD. After I'm finished with my current run of the Forbidden Love Verse of fics. I've been thinking of a family friendly continuation of this. But if you want more adorable awesomeness. I have a few suggestions.

How I Feel: a Drunkfic that has had good reviews of Vinyl writing a love letter to Octavia.

Filly Twilight Gets Banned From a Book Club: One of my first fics, and made of pure win and fluff.

Strawberry Muffins : DerpyXHolly Dash. A StrawberryMufffin ship fic, has a good Derpy in there and other than there have never seen the pairing. It's also a side fic to Golden Wings.


Say What: Wrote this on a lark, but it was both disturbing and hillarious at the same time.

But yeah, we might get more Bon-Conception later. With Bon Bon and Lyra with Tootsie Flute. Just thinking of if I want to play it straight, or want to do something like this, but more mind freaked. The former would be cute, but the later would make this fic even more uncertain than it is. Especially if I throw in Tia and Luna.

4869367 if you do throw in luna n tia you could explain it all then dump it on it's head somehow like NO THIS ISN'T WHAT HAPPENED i'd love more trippy stuff n also i wanna read golden wings soon but ya kno video games n stuff i'll get round to it eventually n it loooks RLY good :D

Did your proofreader quit or something? This chapter has a few spelling/grammar mistakes.


I honestly don't know. It had been several months of no comments / edits of the fic as a whole so I thought that it was fully edited before / I posted the fic.

Y'know, I like the fact that they dream of each other. Like when Lyra is doing something, Bon Bon drempt it. And when Bon Bon does something, Lyra drempt it. Granted, it is kinda confuzzling.:applejackconfused:


I know ^_^, but that's the fun part. Reading until the end, them not knowing if the other is real or simply something they dreamt up. Then the ending is a rather nice ending imo.

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