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Rarity the most regal, fashionable, diva in all of Ponyville lives her life as the envy of mares everywhere, but outward appearances cover what is truly inside. She's dated many stallions, but they only wanted her as a trophy. She thought about switching teams. One night alone with a colleague dismissed that immediately. Not knowing what or who is right for her she decides to leave romance out of her life, but one dragon's return may turn that around.

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She walked out to the balcony and launched it over the edge to the street below.

I hope she didn't hit anypony. Of course Spike isn't a pony so...

Awesome!! I love these kinds of stories. Can't wait for the next one.

so far so good^^ let´s see how this story develops ;)

Ask and yea shall receive. And the answer is!!!!

I don't know yet. You did well enough that I want to see how this plays out, but so little has happened so far that I can't make a judgement about it. You didn't have any major fuck ups that drew my attention, but nor was there anything that really grabbed me and made me crave more. It's Faved right now because I DO want to see how it plays out. It's in my interest categories. But you didn't get a thumb from me at all yet, up or down. I do not wait with baited breath, but I do wait none the less.

Don't feel too bad though, I'm notoriously difficult. Even most of the stuff in my Faves are not the type that have left me wanting to chain the author down until they produce more work. Merely that I enjoyed the story enough that I may just read it again, and want an easy way to find it. They are simply in my Faves because before recently all that was available was Favorites or Read Later. I'm simply too lazy to reorganize my entire Favorites list.

Keep in mind of how tall is Spike.

His height is in between Luna and Celestia

I like the story so far can wait to see how it develops

I love me some good Sparity ship stories, and this has that in spades. keep up the good work

Great job my friend. Keep it up man, but look over it before you publish. I know that you like to write on your phone.

Thanks guys I won't disappoint.

Yes, the dragon king has returned.

I'll keep that in mind.

5701219 after 8 years? I would expect him to at least be as tall if not taller than Celestia:rainbowhuh:

That's what I told fatboi1000.

His height is in between Luna and Celestia

I could factor in his spines...:raritywink:

5702439 its not the same :fluttercry:.... Wait is he at least stronger than big Mac I'm so tired of constantly hearing how strong spike is second to Mac :moustache: :eeyup:

Oh no, he is most definitely stronger than Big Mac.

Thanks, I'm glad people are liking what I'm doing.

This is well written and I hope you finish it soon.

:raritystarry: Oh Spikey you're so big . . . . ."Thud" faints dead away. . .:raritywink:

I'm liking it so far. I hope you continue this.

well done, I like how it ends

5787015 thank you. I'm working on the next update

I'm still curious to see where this going. So far, so good.

“Oh, well the girls all earned their cutie marks, I don't know who Trixie is, and no ancient enemy has threatened our way of life recently,”

This appears to be Rarity talking, and if so, why doesn't she know who Trixie is? Is this intentional? Either way, might want to clean up the sentence. It ends in a comma.


5796000 dialogue ends in a comma, and I was implying that Trixie hasn't returned or been heard from since her first appearance

“It's okay Mr. Cake. I've dealt with dragon hatchlings, with claws, these two won't be a pro– hello!”
Spike dropped his head to see Pumpkin had poked his crotch with a broomstick.


5796293 :rainbowlaugh:
I was wondering if someone was going to notice that

5796301 It makes me wonder, where did she get a broomstick in a room crowded with ponies and a dragon?

Alrighty then, fair enough. That does bring up the question of why no second appearance. No biggie, I thought it might be important.
What is important, though, is that I know of no version of English where you can end any sentence -- dialogue or no-- with a comma.
From the first chapter:

“Are you okay Miss Rarity?” her bearer asked.
“Sorry Fleethoof, I didn’t know you heard,”
“It’s all alright Miss. Where to now?”
“J-Just take me back to the hotel,” she shivered.

The first one is fine, the second sentence is grammatically incorrect, and the last two are acceptable. That last sentence is how to end the dialogue with a comma. If the dialogue is also at the end of the full sentence, then it shouldn't end in a comma. It looks like part of the sentence is missing.


I get what you're saying, thank you for the advisory example.

Let's just say she's ready for the real thing.

Rainbow would be feeling his wings:rainbowwild:

Dashiiiieeee...:rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild: Next chapter!

Whilst a close call, I'd like for this story to get one more layer of polish and progress just a chapter or two further before I can accept it into the Bin.

Decision is here.

Nice idea for a story. I can't wait for the next chapter. Good luck.

Since it was supposed to be out yesterday how bout you release another one tonight:pinkiehappy:

I'll get the next one out as soon as possible :twilightsmile:

Spruce up a little is code talk for finally getting laid.


Is it just me, or do I get the feeling that Spike's been around the block, so to speak, and in a interesting twist, Rarity is still pure? I don't remember anything that even implied that Rarity's let her body do the talking at some point, but I have to assume that she's taken a few stallions to bed, especially since it has been eight years. Not to mention when Spike was mentioning his time with a zebra tribe, he did say Zecora was a huge part of that, and I can't help but get filthy at that possible re-imagining.

Oh, my. and you just reminded me that I really need to update this


Take your time, I just haven't looked at it for a little bit and when I finally saw this, I saw it was updated, so I just had to get up-to-date on it.

But I did remember that Rarity was alone, Spike was on a coming-of-age sojourn and returned home, and others have started to make with their own lives. And I saw that even though she got her dream of being a premier fashionista, it was saddening that she didn't find somepony to share her success with, at least on a long-term basis. Just one-night stand after another, and one prospect after another. And I get a feeling that Spike was in the same boat as Rarity, just he hides it a hell of a lot better than she did.

There is a lot of assumptions, to be frank. And what is truly delicious is that this is the inverse of Rarity and Spike---Now Rarity probably has to woo Spike, after he's grown and matured into something else, while she has been somewhat stagnant. There's no love-sick dragon hatching with a puppy crush for a pretty mare anymore--that dragon is now a drake about as big as Celestia (so we know there is no issue with size and age--Spike now looks like an adult), and probably knows that he could get with any female he wants.

It's now Rarity's turn to flip those tables. And we can see that Spike still has some affections for Rarity, but is Rarity finally mare enough to return the feelings?

Stay tuned......:raritywink::heart::moustache: (hopefully--as least Rarity needs a shot)

Good job, I just wish she'd ask him out. You seem busy but I hope you could start working on this and other stories.

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