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This story is a sequel to TwiSpike

Twilight and Spike have been dating in secrecy since the lustful night they shared. For nearly a month the two have hidden from the town, blissfully unaware that their lives and the lives of all of their friends is on a collision course.

Cover art once again by: EeveePikachuChan

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Keeping their sex life a secret won't be a secret anymore.

Sooo, it wasn't a hit it and quit it situation? Good on you Spike!

“If you do, you tell that little ditcher that he's going to get a decent piece of my mind,” she huffed.

what a goddamn drama queen.
besides, I think he'd rather stick his needle in Twilight, then have you stick yours in him.

And I'd reckon you're right

I'm intrigued. I'm surprised I didn't get bored. This story is my new fave. :moustache::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:


I'm surprised I didn't get bored.

:T Well shit, glad you liked it at least :scootangel:

6537750 Your welcome. I'm hard to please:pinkiehappy::moustache: good day sir

Spike, my friend you just landed in the middle of a storm.

"Working with Applejack"?

I am enjoying this one. ^-^

This story is really good! Keep them coming! :pinkiehappy:


Thank you. I'll try to keep the updates on a weekly schedule.

This is going to be WaR!

If you change into someone you wanted you're betraying yourself and what you stand by.

True, but what if that thing you want to be is better than you are? Kind of like the Jake Sully Avatar situation

Now the sad part is coming up...

6590904 something happened with the format lol...everything is centered instead of left

Yeah, I did this chapter over the phone instead of the computer:twilightsheepish: The center was the best I could do for indentation.

6638734 so um...how exactly is this TwiSpike? Twilight just admitted to herself that she doesnt love him romantically anymore...

We'll see how it goes. This story isn't anywhere near over yet.

Nice save Spike.


I have a question:
Maybe I'm reading into these chapters too much, but is this going to be a Spike Harem story?
If it is, that will be awesome! :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry:

I hope you make more chapters soon because I kind of like TwiSpike stories.

I'm working on a spin off to one of my old stories right now, the moment I'm done with that this one will receive a new chapter

I wonder when the other 4 (AJ, Rarity, RD, and PP) are going to learn that Spike's actually of age?
Especially after the line:

“No Applejack, I will not calm down. She hurt Spike in the worst way imaginable, yet she would always accuse me of trying to do the same! How is it right for her to play out her twisted pedophilic fantasies out with a baby dragon. A baby dragon!”

which came AFTER the reveal to the audience that he was of age

welp, time for shit to hit the fan.

Rarity had really gone out with that pedo speech. It'll be intresting to see her when gets to know the state of his mental adulthood. Spike at Shy's drinking beer and watching Strippershy. XDDD

:moustache: Throw dat ass in a circle

:fluttershyouch: *whimpers*

“Then it's time for drastic measures,” Pinkie announced.

Nice! Step aside TWilight! It's Fluttershy's turn!!!

So is Spike just gonna end up dating all the Mane 6 at least once before he gets back with Twilight?

I don't want to spoil anything. Just wait on future chapters

6876139 but they're always like a month apart

I lost a lot of confidence, I didn't feel like my writing was anything to be proud of. I know it's stupid, but I'm back and I'm going to ramp up chapter production

6876241 yesss the trains back on track!!!!

Here's hoping Twi will pony up and get her feelings straightened out. :rainbowlaugh:




:pinkiesmile:A true fan of oreos and of the Equestrian.

I reviewed your story. You can find it here.

Awesome... the plot thickens :pinkiehappy:

This is awesome... please tell me this isn't dead haha. I need moar! :pinkiehappy:

They didn't leave the library for a month and none of her friends were worried? I find that hard to believe. They woudnt go an entire month without seeing or asking about them or going over to see why they suddenly became hermits

7105486 This story is dead ... but i need more :fluttercry:

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