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This story is a sequel to Inner Strength

This story is a sequel to Playing House

After discovering the magic of friendship, Sunset Shimmer's senior year was one of the happiest times of her life. But it's been almost two years since graduation; all her friends have moved on to studying abroad, to promising careers, to new lives.

Sunset decides that with nothing left to keep her in the human world, it's time to go back where she belongs, only to find that returning home is different than finding one.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Although this story could be well understood without knowing anything about Who We Become, this comment will explain what happened in previous stories if you want to get caught up.

Content warning: This story contains depictions of polyphobia. The narcotics tag is included for heavy alcohol use, no hard drugs.

Thanks to ArchAngelsWings, elmago02, Eddie Grammar, and Dessert, known on Fimfiction as Mouch30 for editing/pre-reading. This text would be much uglier without them :ajsmug:

And another thanks to Dessert for the wonderful cover art, which I'm sure is the biggest reason anyone notices this story in the first place :raritywink:

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Wheee I'm interested :twilightsmile: and ima bug you every day till you update sound ok

Moin ^^ ah it feels good to know that every saturday (i hope so) this story will be updatet ^^ and sorry if there are some spelling mistakes in here but my left hand fell asleep :twilightoops:

Great start sofar ^^ i like it nothing to complain about it only that there are some spelling mistakes in it.

I'm glad to hear it, but updates happen every Saturday regardless of people bugging me :raritywink:

Yup, weekly updates are back :yay:
Spelling is admittedly not my strong suit, but I'll see what I can do about fixing it :ajsleepy:

You know ima bug ye ye lil lad :rainbowkiss: even though ye are older than me

Yay, it's finally here!

The beginning with the clothes was a bit weird to me. I'm more used to the idea of them jut disappearing as soon as they step on Equestria.

“I’m sure you will be. Fluttershy said. She fidgeted in place and Sunset could tell she was trying to fight her anxiety to find something to else say.

Missing " to end the dialogue.

I never liked the idea that the mirror just deletes stuff from existence. Basically I figure that Twilight's clothes disappeared because the mirror also created those for her, where as Sunset of course actually owned clothes from the human world and was wearing those when she came over.

Thanks for the correction, I'll go fix that now :twilightsheepish:

And of course there are going to be differences between the counterparts due to Twilight's presence - both sets might have become a circle of friends due to Twilight coming into their lives, but the Ponyville side has had Twilight (and therefore their friendship) for for far longer, whereas the CHS side only got (back) together after Twilight's first visit, and then only for a few years before splitting up.

Not to mention that the Equestrians have, for many years when this story is set, been adults with jobs, industry connections and affiliations, a history of saving the country/planet multiple times over, and have run into so many overpowered artifacts, spell effects, magical entities, and so on that I imagine they'd be far more difficult to faze than their younger, far less experienced and worldly counterparts. The CHS girls, in turn, would have grown up with much greater exposure to high-tech consumer goods, cellphones, mass media (and mass production), and the internet.

Thank you for leaving a good sized comment. It made my day to see someone took the time to really say something :scootangel:

And that's my thinking exactly. Same personalities and similar upbringing leads to almost the same characters, but vastly different experiences lead to vastly different lives. Sort of a nature vs nurture thing. It's something I hope to elaborate on in the future, as this story will be affecting both worlds (not Finding Home necessarily, but the series as a whole)

Thank you, I'm glad I could entertain :twilightsmile: I hope you'll continue to enjoy what I have planned :raritywink:

Realy krics you ignore me on the comments wow ok so ima complain to yer "partner" arch is gonna hate meeee:pinkiecrazy:

I just prefer to use the comment section to discuss the story, I did keep messaging you :trixieshiftright:

Who is morning breeze? Didn't sunset leave equestrian in pursuit of power?

I'm kinda puzzled at the back story here. The differences between the two dimensions are interesting I'm a bit confused when the EQG side with cell phones, Skype and some effort could easily stay in contact but don't seem to be if pinkie is an example.

I remain interested if confused.

Also, is this story going to be some kind of love triangle drama peice

Morning Breeze is an OC and Sunset Shimmer's exgirlfriend, and is a big part of the reason Sunset left the human world. She will be explained more in time, but that pretty much sums up her role in the story.

I'd definitely say that Sunset gave up her pursuit for power after the first movie. In Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games she seems content to just live a normal life.

Keeping in touch via electronics isn't the same as meeting face to face, especially for an extreme extrovert like Pinkie. Group activities like parties become pretty impossible as well.

Yes, there will be a love triangle. And everything I write is a drama.

I'm glad you're interested and I hope this helps with the confusion :twilightsmile:

6498601 Ok, thanks, normally i dislike reading drama but the way you handled it in the previous story makes for some great reading so i wait in anticipation.

Thanks :scootangel: And to give a fair view of what your getting into this story will have more drama than Inner Strength, but won't be as dark. More along the lines of the fight on the train, nowhere close to as dark as Fluttershy's past. That's not too say it won't have lots of cute romance as well. I like to try for realistic romance capturing both the highs and lows, it won't be drama all the time. And I'm aware of the cliches of love triangles and plan on doing my best to avoid them, I think what I have planned should prove interesting :raritywink:

Since nobody left a comment here :ajsleepy: i will :ajsmug: (i usually don't write that much in english so i am sorry for bad writing or misspelling)
I like this Chapter it's very good.

Unfortunately if ponies kept moving to Ponyville it would inevitably become a cultural hub, Twilight worried about her quiet town and felt guilty, knowing if it became a second Canterot it would only be because of her.

So you made a mistake here, you probably wanted to write Canterlot not Canterot.
To the Chapter i like the idea of Twilight marring Fluttershy. And how they sat under the tree and talk about ther first date i allredy forgot how they got together... (i did looked it in innerstrength up because i forgot it) :pinkiesmile: . But somthing keept me a little bit away from reading this chapter. Somthing i am not shure of but hopfully find out soon :D. And i am currios about what happens next. I like also how you want combine the CHS dimension with the EQ Dimension by using the portal and Sunsat's knowledgt about the CHS and Twilight's knowlegd about EQ etc..
and i Cant wait to find out what happens next. But until then me Fluttershy and Twilight will wait an maybe i have time to read Innerstrength again bute i don't know. see ya ^^

Thanks for the long comment, to be honest I feel a little discouraged whenever I post chapters and don't get much of a response and this definitely made me feel better about it :twilightsmile: Also thanks for the correction, I'll go fix that now.
I'm glad you liked the chapter, and I'll try to keep refreshers in place for things from Inner Strength. I figured you'd enjoy the proposal, and something tells me that Twilight's castle is gonna need note electricity to power those experiments. Maybe a certain pony will be popping up to help with that :raritywink:
I'm guessing Sunset's feelings for Twilight are what you're iffy about reading more of. You can always message me if you're concerned about something you don't want to read. Obviously it could mean spoilers, but I know there's some topics I don't like to read about, and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable with my story.

mhmm you're probably right about that point with Sunset's feelings towards Twilight. But no spoilers pls. ^^ and don't worry about me don't likeing youre story because that wont happen (i know very strange sentence build (<-- great english here xD)) i like you're story's and that won't change and i will read it. To be honest i had a longer version of this text here but found theost stuff unapropiatet ( i hope this was right) or i found it rude and don't had anything todo with your story anymore so i shorten the text and now it's as long as the other text i deleted great xD

You don't have to worry about sounding rude to me, you can say whatever's on your mind :yay:
Without getting into spoilers I do plan on exploring the love triangle. Finding Home has more drama than Inner Strength but isn't as dark. What I mean is it will have more stuff like Twilight and Fluttersy's fight on the train, but nothing so horrible as Fluttershy's past. There's gonna be a certain part (First chapter of act 2, maybe second if I change things around like I'm thinking about) where you'll probably be unhappy with the events of the story, but I think if wait around from there you'll be happy with the outcome :scootangel:

That proposal! :rainbowkiss:
I saw a few mistakes.

No, it’s fine. Maybe it’ll be better with the food?”

Missing " at the beginning

Will you be need anything else? More wine, some bread perhaps?”

I think you started with an idea here but ended with something else.

They had long since come come up with an escape plan that had yet to fail.

Repeated word.

The part with Sunset studying human technology makes me think of A SunsetxTwilight fic. I don't remember the name of the story, but in it, Sunset returns to Equestria and builds a computer with Twilight's help. Obviously a lot more happens but I won't spoil it.

I wonder what kind of surprise has Sunset planned.

Thanks for the corrections :twilightsheepish: By this point I'm wondering if I should ask you to preread all my stuff (I'm joking if you're not interested, but if you are I'm totes serious)
That would be How the Sunset Sparkles. I'm surprised more authors don't go that route, to be honest. It seems a logical thing for her to do. This story won't have many similarities to that one, even the technology thing won't be a big factor for this one. Although I must admit I'm jealous of that story for having the most perfect Sunlight line.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Sunset asked.
"The Sunset?"
"The Twilight."

6514291 Nah, I will just let you upload the chapters with the mistakes, that way my comments will have more content.:pinkiecrazy:
Just kidding, I would love to pre-read.

Awesome, I'll send you the links as they're done :twilightsmile:

What a nice chapter, it conveyed what the characters were feeling without just telling us. The babysitting of spike was super cute.

Great Chapter :D
A pillow fortress really? ^^ dont get me wrong it's a nice (and fun) idea you had there, i just didn't expect it.
About fluttershy getting a Princess... idk, i have mixed feelings about this but i can't relay discribe them. It's somthing between happines and concerns (she wont be a alicorn?).
But today i have a happy day because my new handy (S6 edge) came today and your update of the story :D. And no spelling mistake great :D

I'm glad to hear it, conveying ideas and emotions without telling them directly is something I've been trying to improve on so it's nice to know that comes across here :yay:

But pillow forts are cool :fluttershysad:
Fluttershy being a princess is no different than Shining Armor being a prince. He became royalty by marrying a princess, so will Fluttershy. And no, this doesn't make her an alicorn. Just as Princess Platinum and Princess Amore (she's from the comics) were unicorns, I don't think all royalty are always alicorns, but becoming an alicorn does make one royalty.
And the lack of mistakes is thanks to the tag team effort of ArchAngelsWings and elmago02 :scootangel:

alright then i am relieved and looking forward for the next chapter(s) btw i've sent you in skype a fa (if it is you i've sent it)
*and pillowfortresses are cool :yay:


I wonder if Amber is connected to the changeling incidents in some way or if Celestia suspects her to be.

That was a surprisingly multi faceted meeting. When Sunset was talking to Luna I was surprised, wondering if that really was all Celestia had to say to her. That bit at the end through. Very nice.

I always get the impression Celestia would be the type to have difficulty sharing her emotions. She always seems so passive, I think ages spent as the pillar of strength has made it difficult for her to let the more emotional side of her through.

Glad to hear you like the ending, I'm pretty proud of it :scootangel:

Well, it's worth remembering that a lot of the weirder art movements started as artists making fun of things (including other artists, art critics, and art buyers), then people who didn't get the joke kept making more. This includes things like Andy Warhol painting a can of soup and selling it as art.

Andy Warhol did come to mind when writing this, and I've heard that he himself viewed his most poplar pieces as something of a joke on the people who paid for it.

Specifically what inspired this section was someone I knew who was a legitimate artist but could barely sell the paintings she was passionate about, and would occasionally spend 15 minutes throwing paint on a canvas then giving it some 'deep' name because those types of paintings sold better. I have no idea if that's abnormal for the art world but it always seemed so bizarre to me.

Nicely done, good to see Sunsets getting some solid advice as well.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Luna is best advice giver :scootangel:


(I'll take that as a compliment for the plot twist :raritywink:)

great chapter and that plot twist thou

huh.. that's something i didn't see happening. how curious.

Thanks :twilightsmile:

I thought of the end of this chapter while trying to go to sleep one night and then I wound up staying awake most of the night planning it out and deciding how it would all fit together :scootangel:

Relationships do tend to change suddenly :fluttershysad:

6633012 aye, i did wonder before at the imbalance between amber and luna, what a way for that to go. i wonder how luna is, will she notice through dreams? did she get a night guard patrol to watch over sunset and amber to make sure they got home safe?

its an interesting no win situation this chapter. i wonder if luna could benifit from cadences tutoring.

Well, Luna's stated she respects ponies privacy too much to enter a dream unless it's a nightmare. I haven't specifically made mention within the story, but I'm sure she can also tell what pony it is before entering and would realize Amber may not want Luna in her dreams either way until they've talked about everything.

As far as everything else all I'll say is that the whole Luna/Amber situation is complicated, and it'll play out over a long period of time throughout this whole series.

Ow snap! This chapter was intense. I also though they were just friends "with interest", can't wait the next chapter now ^^

Yeah, that was the idea. All too often in these situations one party winds up falling for the other though :ajsleepy:

6636081 I can only imagine... Anyway good job on the plot twisi whoa! :pinkiegasp:

Great chapter i had a great time reading it and especialy the the last quarter you got some laughs out of me ^^
I think you did a mistake here

Fluttershy smiled and Sunset was sure she picked up at what Sunset was hinting at. “Okay. Let me know if you need anything.”

Sunset was sure she picked up at what Sunset was hinting at. I am sure about that xD

ok neverminde i understand it now you didn't made a mistake up there :D

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