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This story is a sequel to Piece by Piece

Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer are used to controversy. Ever since Sunset was added to the others' marriage, ponies haven't stopped talking about them, and not in the way they would have liked. And being the newest member of the royal trio, Sunset's gotten the brunt of the public's ire.

So, when three royals and their draconic little brother decide to get away from it all for a while, it's no surprise that their first choice is going to be a road trip... to the human world!

So, the four embark on a journey, riding atop Sunset's motorcycle to fun, beaches, adventure, friends, and whatever else might lie before them! After all, what better place to lose oneself, if not the open road?

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Want to read this story without reading everything up to this point? You can catch up on what happened here!

This story was workshopped with Wendy Gowak, who came up with the outline with me based on my ideas.
Shoutout to Ice Star and Ninjadeadbeard who helped me with the description in the A/B Testing group.
Thanks go out to Gowak, Moonlight, TeamSpen210, Krixwell, and Sapphire for proofreading.
Cover art by Pasu-Chan.

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Why would she? She had two amazing wives, which was double the normal allotment of amazing wives!

(Gosh I loved that line ^^)

“Comic books?” Sunset asked as they walked up.

That's EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this discussion... "This has to be about comic books".

i put this on my fav/watch list before i even started to read it.

“Scootaloo can drive a motorcycle, I’ll just have him show me.”

isn't Scootaloo a girl, unless you made him a boy in this, i can't recall

Thank you, I'm very fond of that line :yay:

Scootaloo was revealed to be transgender in previous WWB stories, so by this point he identifies as a guy. And hehe I'm glad you have so much faith in my writing :scootangel:

“Can I have your bike when you’re done?” Apple Bloom asked.

Applejack rolled her eyes. “No, ya can’t have it. I said you could ask if you can use it some time… And where are your manners? Ya ain’t even said hi yet!”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. “Hi, Sunset. So can I use your motorcycle when y’all get back?”

I love your Apple Bloom x)


Damn....AB's 21 now? Time flies. Curious what's so special about the final destination that they've got planned, but I suppose we'll see it in time. Sunset's house becoming so run-down was kinda surprising.

Yeah, we'll see what happens in time re: the final destination :raritywink: And I always had this idea of the house becoming run down and abandoned, but when I first got the idea I thought it was gonna be Fluttershy seeing it, not Sunset.


Hmm. On that note, does Fluttershy have similar kinds of feelings that Sunset did towards that house? Things didn't work out, but for a time, Fluttershy really felt safe and happy there.

She probably does yeah. Her feelings towards the house may still come into play later.

“That… actually might make sense.” Twilight put her hand to her chin. “If Sunset hadn’t come to this world, maybe the Twilight and Fluttershy here would have… no, wait, that’s not right. Sunset, if you hadn’t left Equestria, I might not have ever become Celestia’s student.”

This has always been something that's been curious to me. Logically, the Sirens would have been the deviation point - as best we know they were the first cross-overs. I suppose their laying low minimized the ripples of change.

True, like the girls here I just didn't think of the sirens. But you're right, they probably are the catalysts for the change as much as Sunset is, if not more.

Well this story is off to an interesting start, a road trip in the human world.
It's interesting to see the time difference between the world's and the ages and it's interesting to think of sunset as some kind of catalysts that brought them all together can't wait to see where this goes,plus sounds like thing are not exactly great for sunset in equestria.

That was another annoyance – they wrote ‘marefriend’ instead of ‘wife’. It wasn’t a surprise, however; the wedding had not been legally binding, so as far as most ponies were concerned, she was no more Twilight and Fluttershy’s wife than she was Princess Sunset Shimmer.

doesn't seen like to many ponies are okay with this but I guess we'll just have to see. Excited to read more👍👍👍.

This story won't delve too heavily into what's happening in Equestria, it's meant to be a mostly fun story. We'll catch up on Sunset's life in Equestria and what ponies think of the wedding in a later fic. Hope you enjoy what's to come in this one! :twilightsmile:

That was nice and relaxed. Even the trip to Sky's grave didn't get too heavy.

I feel like all us readers have earned this, a good calm story with the characters we know and love, but with set up for future stories.

Like part of me wants to know what could possibly happen to break up Sunset's parents? But another part is like that's a tale for another time, and oh Pinkie Pie is in a relationship, nice! It was a rather minor point from earlier on, Pinkie figuring out her sexuality, but I assume she has now and that makes me happy.

Just like how Sunset can be open about Sky with her wives then lie for the greater good when Granny Smith starts asking questions about Twilight. It used to bother her how good she was at lying but now she is all grown up and I'm so proud of them all.

Yeah, I think everyone could use a story with some levity to it. There's gonna be enough stuff going on to keep it all going, like Sky's grave and the house, but mostly this will be a pretty fun story. Sunset's parents are the next story after this one, which will explain both why they had a kid in the first place and why they're getting divorced now.

I think Pinkie has figured herself out by this point, yeah. These characters have grown a lot, which is why Phase One of this series (the slice of life phase getting all the characters where I want them) is drawing to a close. Soon we'll be in the more adventurous Phase Two. But again, stories for another time there, right now I'm just glad people are enjoying the more grown up characters who have figured themselves out :yay:

It's good to see Spike trying to find catharsis about things with Scootaloo. Since we saw that part from Scoot's side, it's nice to see the other angle and both Spike's perspective and how he's coping with it.

Yeah, he's a teenager and these things happen with young love (well, usually it's not because your girlfriend realizes he's a guy, but break ups and stuff happen) but it still sucks. I'm glad I was able to work in this scene showing how he's handling things.


I liked Shy and Spike's little LARP session. Cute way to pass the time.

Yeah, I thought that would be pretty fun :scootangel: Glad you liked it!

I can understand where spike is coming from. I still have feelings for the last girl I dated

Yeah, breakups are always rough... even mutual breakups are usually still hard, and most breakups are far from mutual :fluttershysad:

yeah, at least it didn't end like Sunset and human Fluttershy's

Nice heartwarming chapter nice to see spike and fluttershy's interaction while keeping her from freaking out on the island and it's Nice to see Fluttershy's perspective on being in the human world. Hope spike can find someone.
Can't wait to read more

I feel that. I think Shy had it right here that when you love someone you never really stop. I was really in deep over a friend who didn't feel the same way back, and it took years for those feelings to fade. Even now when I don't think about her that much anymore and we only rarely talk there's still that little kernel of love leftover though. I vibe with the idea that you can love someone without being in love.

"Pinkmane" threw me off at first because it looks so close to "Pinkamena" and I was confused about her suddenly appearing in the story.

lol I suppose they are a bit close. Sorry about that :twilightsheepish:

Ever since Inner Strength, Spike and Fluttershy have been a favorite of mine. I was happy to give them some screen time together here :yay:

Spike and Fluttershy's dynamic is great here.
From Shy being all chill about the circle of life with the Sand Dollar and Spike just not.
To the fun O&O mini adventure to distract Shy from her fears.
And of course the heart to heart at the end as a way for Shy to care for Spike in return.

Very nice, very fun and kinda deep.

That's exactly what I wanted out of this fic. Mostly just a fun fic that's a breath of fresh air for everyone, but also with moments like this that make it a little deeper to give purpose behind it. For every chapter I set a goal of having at least one scene that focused on characterization.

love this chapter. so the real human sunset is a arsonist.
the wax figures are of Elvis, The Who and the beetles

Thanks, I'm pretty happy with this one :scootangel:

Those are all correct! Of course, those were easy ones :raritywink: There are five figures in this chapter, and four of them are easy (I'd guess you know who Shot Taker is as well), but one of them (Eternal Cowgirl) I'd be surprised if too many people figure out.

Fer fucks saaaaaaaaake this girl can't catch a break

Me: Sets out to write a fun story
Also me: Oooh I should have Sunset get arrested :pinkiecrazy:

I was worried in the start of this chapter that they were going to get into a argument and get a divorce

Oh man, I may be an evil bun, but that's probably a little too evil for me hahaha (...probably :pinkiecrazy:)

If I ever write about divorce, it will be sorta like Playing House in that there will be a lot of problems with the relationship before they ever get to the divorce point. I wouldn't spring it on a single chapter, no matter how bad of an argument they have.


That's...not good at all. The native Sunset is clearly causing problems, but there's no way to explain that to people who don't know. I just hope Twilight can help. And re; using real years...honestly I've got nothing. Don't know how long RD's figure has been there, or what the timeframe between this story and Thicker Than Water. Probably not too long though, so just means on Earth, this story would take place around 2016, 2017 I guess.

Yeah, they're in a pretty rough situation here :fluttershysad: As for the timeline, this story takes place in 2018; Thicker Than Water was 2016 - 2017 (the video mentions LD left the band in 16, which was the beginning of the story, and then the stuff with Sonata happened that winter, and the third act was spring of 17).

Honestly I kinda wish I'd used real years from the get go to make it easier for people to follow along with how much time was passing in between each story. It's all there if you were to keep notes on how long stuff takes, but like you'd have to do a fair amount of work to figure it all out :applejackunsure:

Weeell that day went downhill quickly it's Great twilight was able to get over her feelings, but hearing human shy's voice was bad for sunset( it sounds like she still has feelings for her). And now the cops want to talk to our sunny about her girl who looks like her and arson? Well this just ain't gonna go well hopefully everything can get cleared up and look forward to the next chapter.

Even with this turn, all in all I consider this story to be mostly a for fun story, meaning that things won't go too poorly for our girls. Still, we'll learn a bit more about what happened here next week :raritywink:

Ah, foiled by the need to cheer everyone up by getting ice cream resulting in Sunset Shimmer (the reformed arsonist) being mistaken for Sunset Shimmer (the current arsonist) by two coincidence cops.

I liked the small moments throughout of being reminded that Twilight is like a mother to Spike.

Speaking of which now that Twilight is calling in Twilight for backup maybe the two spikes will get a short scene together!

Also I'd like to point out that the order of the chapter went.
Music references
Ice cream time
Arsonist issues

This has lead me to conclude that 'WWB' is the real 'Song of Ice and Fire'.

I’ve actually wanted Sunset to get arrested since Looking Glass, so this twist was a bit of wish fulfillment to my sadistic side :twilightsheepish:

Hey, so I'm not the only one who's been wanting to see that? Really looking forward to the next chapter now! ^^

Is the world ready for the Spikes to have a scene together, though? :derpyderp1:

Hehehe you got me with that Song of Ice and Fire reference, got a good laugh out of me there :rainbowlaugh:

Haha I'm glad to see people are enjoying Sunset getting arrested as much as I am :yay:

Glad they sorted out the wrongful arrest.
Is it wrong that I keep thinking about Sunset, Twilight and fluttershy getting physically intimate together sometimes

Yeah, this is still my fun story, I wasn't gonna leave Sunset in jail for too long lol. And well, they are married, so I'm sure it happens from time to time :twilightsheepish:

You know, I'm surprised that worked out as well as it did. I was expecting Sunset to be in a lot more trouble - an out-of-towner with poor documentation, using someone else's credit card to pay for everything? That could have gone really bad.

Fluttershy going "This would never have happened in Equestria!" is...well, a bit rich. I mean, imagine if Chrysalis from the human world showed up, it's not like ponies would be, "Ah, she's totally innocent and obviously not the one who tried to conquer us...thrice!" At least not until they had kept her in detention for a while and verified that she was, in fact, totally innocent...just like the humans did with Sunset.

(Also, considering that human-Sunset is supposed to be a serial arsonist, $7 000 bail is not really that bad...)

And GPS isn't that complicated...I mean, yes, if you get down into the weeds it absolutely is, but Fluttershy is selling herself short on understanding the basic idea.

Yeah, it definitely could've gone a lot worse. At least they didn't know Sunset's using someone else's credit card, and she does have a valid license (which is all they can really expect her to have on her at an impromptu arrest, really). But still, she got off very lucky here.

True, but she's upset and at this point isn't thinking it's the other Sunset, but rather just thinking that it's a more regular case of mistaken identity. So yeah, this would happen in Equestria as well, but Fluttershy's not really sitting down and thinking it through, she's stressed and wants her wife back :fluttercry:


Well, that turned out well. I do wonder why the human Sunset is a serial arsonist, but I figure we'll probably get a story about sooner or later. Nice of Twilight and Moondancer to offer up their house and bed. And I guess their relationship has been going well if they moved in together. Last we saw/heard of them they had just started dating I believe.

Yeah, we're not terribly far off from human Sunset's story; we're almost at the end of Phase One and her story will be the first story of Phase Two. I'm looking forward to it. ANd things are going pretty well for Twilight and Moondancer, they'll also get a bigger role someday (or at least Twi will, I'm sure I'll figure out how Moondancer fits into things when the time comes but right now I'm winging it with her lol). You're right that we haven't heard from them since the early days of their relationship; in Finding Home, Twi admits to just starting to date her, and she seeks advice about coming out. That was like four years ago in-universe, so I figure by this point they'll either be broken up or living together lol

Nice chapter glad that human twilight was there to help them and that the whole arrest had been sorted out and that they'll leave sunset alone, she doesn't need anymore of that stress in her life.

“That goes for me too,” Sunset said. “You keep both of us grounded.”

Nice to see them give fluttershy her props,she does seem to keep them grounded.

As they ate, they watched a movie. They picked a cute animated movie about a rat that could cook since the Equestrians wouldn’t need to know much about the human world to keep up with it, and Fluttershy decided it was her single favorite thing about the human world. According to Sunset, Equestria was very far off from being able to make movies like that, which she said was animated using computers, but she said other forms of animation were around the corner for the technologically developing world.

Nice touch there,then watching ratatouille was funny seeing shy's perspective about the movie, can't wait to read more 👍

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