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Wendy Gowak

Welcome! Welcome! I hope you find something worth your time on my humble page! Please read your heart content and do not hesitate to leave me a comment!

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The nonsensical adventures of a unicorn and a zebra. Often involve other Tumblr blogs because why not.

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The Mare in the Warp · 6:32am March 1st

Some of you might have noticed that The Mare in the Warp doesn't have chapters anymore. Do not worry, they're still here, just unpublished (I'll give the code to read them in PM for those who are interested). The new version is coming tomorrow. I'll deliver 2-3 a week, on Saturdays and hopefully the next chapter once it reaches that point. A lot of work went into this rewritting and I hope you'll enjoy it.

EDIT: I put the old chapters on Google Drive instead.

Working on (or rather struggling with)

The Mare in the Warp [50% done]
The correction is going slowly due to the holidays. It should get faster soon.
I have not started actually writing the chapter yet but I already know what's inside (I've known for years now...).

Three's a crowd [33% done]
Something I'm writing for the Sunset Shipping Contest. I will not finish it in time, but I still want to finish it.

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Thank you very much for the fave for On Neutral Ground!

I really hope you like An Ace up her hoof and the other stories I wrote ^^
As for me it's about time I get back to my fanfiction reading starting with yours ^^

Howdy there :ajsmug: I've had your story "An Ace Up Her Hoof" on my read it later shelf for a little while now, and I never even realized you were the author :twilightblush:

I'm any event, thank you for the follow, and I'll be sure to read that (as well as check out your other stories!) soon :raritywink:

Hey, thanks for the watch! Hope you enjoy :twilightsmile:

Thank you kindly for the stalking. Hope you can enjoy those horsewords of mine.^^

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