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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.


Story Progress :D · 9:25pm Nov 11th, 2017

[this section is sorely in need of editing]
In Progress:
TFW Nudes- chapter 8 is nearly complete
The Dragonbourne Identity- chapters 1+2 are nearly complete.
Stupid Girl- has continuation in the works.
Milkshake- chapter 3 is being outlined.
Harvester of Sorrow- chapter 2 is on hold.
Dusk's Dawn Teaser- chapter 3 is being drafted.
Tales of Symponya- chapter 2 is being put together.

Future plans:

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My Fics :D


update. i am not okay. yet. · 2:51pm November 14th

the autopsy report came.
it was bad news.
the death wasn’t peaceful.

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Chronology within Alternate Universes guide

This is a comprehensive list of all of the fics that take place in the same universe, and all of the ones that don't. It's also a list of them in the order that they take place, NOT the order that they get written in.

-Standalone Shipfics:
So Much Depends on the Weather [Thunderlane X Lightning Dust ship]
Elusive Love [harem comedy centered around R63 Rarity]
My Last Serenade [Coloratura X Songbird Serenade ship]
Winona [dog!Spike X Winona ship]
Matchmaker Rarity finds a Love Triangle [Twilight X Rainbow X Fluttershy ship]
Cupcakes Vs Muffins [Pinkie X Derpy ship; a reboot]
Spike's C*mming of Age [Spike X Rarity smut]

-Standalone Other fics
Harvester of Sorrow [Starlight and Tempest foil creepypastas]
Fluttershy Goes Loopy [Fluttershy-centric Groundhog Day fic]
Little Pink Menace [Pinkie goes to court over child rape allegations]
Broken in the Storm [Fluttershy cares for a sick Applejack]
Big Sister [TwiMom gets pregnant and Twilight freaks]
Toy Pony Story [Toy Story crossover]
Sunset Shimmer tells Star Swirl The Bearded to go [CENSORED] himself
Rainbow and Twilight try to get Szechuan Sauce from Hay Burger
Old Friends [The Mane Six's grandmothers know eachother]

-'Equestria Girls Plus' Arc:
Stupid Girl [Rainbow struggles with school, Twilight tutors]
Milkshake [Twilight and Rainbow's first date goes wrong]
The Cinematic Education of Sunset Shimmer [Sunset's first time at the movie theater]
Water Conservation [Pinkie and Rainbow take a shower together]
TFW You See Your Crush's Nudes [Twilight experiences an awkward happening]
The Dragonbourne Supremacy* [Sunset hunts down an assassin in Equestria]
The Dragonbourne Ultimatum* [Sunset is hunted by assassins in Equestria]
Dragonbourne* [Sunset helps fight an ancient Equestrian evil]
Snack Cakes Confessions [Pinkie/Twilight hurt/comfort platonic cuddling]
Cuddle Party [Pinkie invites Twilight to one; cuddles ensue]
Coming Out [Rarity has something she needs to tell the girls]

-'Dragonbourne Identity' Arc:
The Dragonbourne Identity [Spike is targeted by assassins]
The Dragonbourne Supremacy* [Sunset Shimmer hunt down assassins with Spike]
The Dragonbourne Ultimatum* [Spike is missing and an assassin is hunting Sunset]
The Dragonbourne Legacy [The story of X, a genetic experiment gone wrong]
Dragonbourne* [An ancient evil threatens all of Equestria]

*these are the same stories

-Raridash Arc:
Rainbow's Got a Thing for Spitfire [Rainbow likes Spitfire. She just doesn't know it.]
Dual Spectrum [RariDash friends-to-FWB-to-lovers-to-dating]
Boulderdash [Rainbow Dash and Tom are Boulder's parents]

-Got A Thing Arc
Spitfire's Got a Thing for Rainbow Dash [Spitdash shipping]

---Fireflies AU

-'Queen of the Fireflies' & 'The Butterfly Effect' Arcs:
Druids Don't Have Wings [Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash's past together]
Queen of the Fireflies: Dusk's Dawn [Dusk Shine's adventures in Fireflies AU]
Parasite [Fluttershy has a problem. A deadly problem.]
This Day Was Going to be Perfect [Retelling of A Canterlot Wedding in Fireflies AU]
Fractal [Fluttershy's problem is getting worse by the day]
Guardian Angel [Fluttershy is trapped in an abusive relationship]
Only in Dreams [Fluttershy is haunted by sexy nightmares]
Dusk's Morrow [Dusk Shine's adventures as prince of friendship]
No Happy Ending [Fluttershy mourns the loss of her friends]
A Second Chance at a Happy Ending [Dusk/Discord sacrifice their lives for Fluttershy]
The Butterfly Effect [The story of Eris and Fluttershy's relationship]
Third Wheel [Fluttershy has a lot of unrequited crushes]
Dusk's Paradise [Dusk wakes up in a R63 world. Yaoi harem]

---Self-Contained Serials

-Aselia Trilogy [Tales of Symphonia reimagined with anthro ponies]
The Tower of Harmony [Rainbow Dash journeys to save the world]
Through the Mirror [Rainbow journeys to fight the Lunar Republic]
Fractured [Rainbow journeys to save the worlds, plural]
Dawn of the New World [Rainbow is accused of a genocide, apparently]

-A Tale of Pinkies
A Tale of Pinkie [Pinkie Pie's life as a human before she was a pony]
A Tale of Two Pinkies [pony!Pinkie and human!Pinkie switch places]
A Tale of Three Pinkies [pony!Pinkie's surviving clone begs to live]
A Tale of Four Pinkies [human!Pinkie clones herself a few times. oops.]

-Golden Garden
Beyond Her Garden [Carrot Top X Woodentoaster shipping]
Beyond Her Tomb [Tragedy strikes the above pair]
Depths* [Applejack is gay in a queerphobic town]
*[reboot of Only On The Surface]

-Sugar Free
Marriage of Necessity [Cheerilee/Mac marry for tax benefits.. while gay]
Domestic Partnership [Cheerilee dates Applejack while 'married' to Mac]
Sideways Square Dance [CheeriJack and CaraMac shipping. Very awkward.]
Just Gals Being Pals [Cheerilee/Applejack's relationship is discovered]

-Sunset Harmony AU
Fission Mailed [Starlight's evil plan worked. Unfortunately.]
Supernova [Celestia forces Sunset to stop Nightmare Moon]
New Type of Harmony [Reimagining of the series with shuffled characters]
Different Type of Harmony [well it was GOING to be the Mane 6 as a rock band but then Hasbro stole my idea, AND I HAVE PROOF THAT I DID IT FIRST but it was terrible]

---Significant Alterations

-Sunnymart AU
Hi, Welcome to Sunnymart! [Human superstore au]

-Disruption AU
It Takes a Village... [Mr & Mrs Cake die; Pinkie adopts the twins]

-Batmare AU
Tarnish [Silver Spoon becomes an orphan]
Batmare [Silver Spoon as a superhero]

-That's a Wrap! AU
Behind the Scenes [FiM is a tv show filmed in Equestria]

-Douche Shine AU
The Nonexistent Love Life of Dusk Shine
[parody of the Memeasaurus classic]

-Scrapped(?) Projects
Closet [PinkieDash shipfic (TERRIBLE PLOT)]
Six [angsty psychological horror HiE]
Crystallize [Octavia & Vinyl friendship]
Twilight explains Sex to Pinkie Pie [Exactly wtf it sounds like]

What is the Fireflies AU?

Several fics I aim to write are part of an AU I dub the "Queen of the Fireflies" universe.

There are a few key differences between it and the Equestria from canon
-Tribes, Species, and Magic are overhauled*
-Creation Myth exists as part of a religion, its followers are The Fireflies
-Cutie Marks are on the dorsum (back of the hand) and now just called Marks
-Twilight Sparkle is R63'd and exists as Dusk Shine
-Early season events are adapted to later canon rather than retconned

Tribes and Species
-Pegasi are the only group that appear differently because of their wings
-Avians (as the human pegasi are now called) tend to be sorcerers
-Earth Ponies and Zebras are human druids
-Unicorns are human, and can be mages or wizards
-Batponies are vampires yeah I know shut up
-Dragons are relatively unaffected but sometimes referred to as Dragonborn
-Changelings are Incubi/Succubi (and still super bug-ish)
-Draconequi are human(ish), referred to as warlocks
-Hippogriffs are Mermaids/Mermen (Aqua) and Sirens/Syokoy (Terra)
-Gryphons are Garuda (male) and Harpies (female); Gargoyle is used as a slur
-Minotaurs are unaffected, but encompass Yaks
-Breezies are Fairies
-Diamond Dogs are Gnolls
-Centaurs/Anggitay are unaffected
-Satyrs are now Sileni (more horselike)
-new race added, Naga/Nagini (half-serpent)
-Seaponies are Ichthyocentaurs
-Narwhals are Selkies (they're... probably extinct)

Schools of Magic
-Wizards channel magic with wands, typically not too powerful
-Mages channel magic with their hands

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Comment posted by 22 KM To Nerdiness deleted Sep 26th, 2022

Thank you for sharing your stories with the community. I wrote a blog post about some of them here: Realistic EqG Stories

I really like your writing style. Please, kept it up. Its very refreshing to see such a human and personal interpretation on these characters.

Thank you very much for the follow and favorites, means a lot :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch!:twilightsmile:

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Thematically, I write a wide variety of styles, but I write them all in past-tense third person omniscient perspective. I love to write slice-of-life, romance, emo angst, hurt-comfort, and sometimes even action-adventure-mystery-thriller, and some sense of comedy pervades all of them. I usually blend genres because genres are just an arbitrary social construct. I tend to write from experience and things that I know intimately, things I wish to have experienced, or just things that seem dramatic. I like to write the way you view movies with narration, as if I was describing what I see on the camera.

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