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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.


This story is a sequel to TFW You Find Your Crush's Nudes

Equestria Girls. Pinkie Pie and Twilight are out shopping for a party the next day. The carefree, happy mood evaporates when somebody is rude to Twilight, who is recovering from a medical issue. Twilight returns serve and attempts to tear the woman a new one, but when she's finished, Pinkie Pie is crying. Dismayed, the two leave the store. It's going to take a bit of intervention from a certain stone-faced older sister to let Twilight know that Pinkie isn't upset for the reason she thinks she is...

When the truth comes out, it starts in tears, but it will end in much-needed (and wanted) cuddles.


Takes place after TFW You See Your Crush's Nudes and offers negligible spoilers, but is a standalone thr3shot. NOT a Twinkie shipfic; SpitDash mention.

Rated T for mature themes, angst, a couple of naughty words, and nonsexual(!) partial nudity. Tagged for mentions of scars.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 10 )

Ugh. I can actually appreciate Pinkie's ridiculous awkwardness in the store, and I really like your Twilight. I'm never going to find another fic with these two.

That was really good.

Does that "incomplete" tag mean you have more chapters planned?

yay ^.^ thank you!!! and there's a couple decent Twinkie fics here and there maybe probably... have you checked any groups?
and yes, as I said in the description this is a twoshot and one more chapter is in development; I'm nearly at the halfway point.
and if you'd like to read more fics that take place in the same universe as this one, then all my currently uploaded equestria girls fics are prequels. they're all a part of an extended project I've got going on. and if you stick around, I have a chronological sequel to this one that is also heavily centered around twilight and pinkie (and applejack) in development right now.

By "fic with these two", I meant "fic with these two personalities". I've read a few really good Twinkie fics, but I feel like those were missing something. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, but I think it's vaguely some mix of this and We Are Okay.

I think I'll stick around and read a few of the prequels. I look forward to the next chapter.

Ooohhh I see what you mean... yeah, I've noticed that good Twinkie fics are few and far between. I just hope this is one of them even if they're not romantically inclined here.
And yay for reading more of my fics! And I hope these two fresh hot chapters right off the presses sate your hunger :D

Well I am not sure how realistic these situations are but even so I did enjoy this story as it was entertaining and interesting. I am kind of sorry that it is not romantic because I think you do a good job of selling that even though the characters are doing their best to let the other know everything is ok because it is not romantic. I normally go for Pinkie with Sunset with an EG story but on this story I am sold for her potentially with Twilight so good job.

I also enjoyed the nod to Pinkie and Dash in passing. That seems legit as well.

do you mind expounding on that realism bit? this was lightly modeled after and inspired by a few experiences that I and acquaintances of mine have had, but a worry of mine was whether it would come off as in character or not since this is the start of twilight's recovery arc which is pretty important to rarity's college arc for reasons I'm not bringing up now. I am glad that you did enjoy reading it though :3

believe me, I wanted to make it romantic, but the reason behind why I didn't is because, well... what I want to happen with the chronology doesn't fall in line with that, although I was contemplating an AU where they did end up together. (I'm more of a SunShy girl myself). and don't worry, the pinkiedash bit is actually being developed in its own fic ;P

That was really cute at parts. I'm not a huge fan of really physical friendshipping though. It's a decent fic overall, and a pretty interesting universe you have. I think the first chapter is still my favorite.

This very good, and I very much respect the skinship issue and context. I myself admit that I like hugs, and holding in general. Some find it odd coming from a guy, but that's just how I am. Few friends who know it, and family.

So,I can fully understand Pinkie and Twilight in that regard. Well written overall.

Is the Description intentionaly mis-spelled?
Why is it mentioned "Equestria-Girls" in the Summary, with nothing connecting to it?

:pinkiesad2:aww poor lil’ pinkie

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