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Technology Is Also Magic! · 1:37am Sunday

I made a promo video for my blog post, World War Equestria, Opening Moves.

I created the video with Lumen5, a web site which makes it simple to put pictures and text together into a pretty cool looking short video. I had a problem with the site not picking up the map image out of the Fimfiction blog, but the video worked fine after I uploaded the image directly.

Next, I may try to make a promo trailer for my story Teatime.

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How have I never heard of you before ? Your writing is fantastic. Awesome work I'm looking forward to seeing the next chapter of Tea Time.:pinkiehappy:

Huzzah, I am blessed with a follower?

2347039 Thank you for sharing "Visit" with us all.

And please feel free to take inspiration from any of those S7 ideas.

Thank You for adding, "A Visit By Sunset Shimmer" to your Favorites!


PS: Those are WONDERFUL ideas for S7 stories! I'm kinda hip-deep in projects ATM, but would you mind if I took a crack at one or two?

Thanks so much for the fave:)

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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